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  1. I just love Minecraft! It's the best way to kill some free time for me. I even installed the pocket edition on my smartphone. It's still the same old sandbox with blocky graphics but it runs even faster than a PC version. There is a big amount of mods for it as well. Does anybody like Minecraft here?
  2. I didn't like Venom movie at all. This creature should be ugly and scary and in this movie Venom was cute. It was totally not what I expected.
  3. Hahaha, this cosplay reminds me how my husband wore on the last Halloween. We ordered him mask on Amazon. Clothes we found from his old stuff. He has long hair to shoulders so he asked me to style it. It was so funny to do it with my hairbrush, I even ordered one for him after, because he liked it. We sit together and read reviews on this source. He didn't look scary and all kids play with him and laugh. This Halloween he decided to be the guy from Hellraiser... I don't know how it will finish, because obviously, I will need to do all his make up, but I hope to make something really scary this time.
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