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  1. Yeah i knew that. I haven't heard them though
  2. What the hell is going on with this game tooday? It's unplayable. It keeps jumping and skipping. Sort it out ffs
  3. Yesterday i made friends with a young girl on Mic. Played a few games with her. When it was her turn to be Jason she killed me just before I got to the car with the gasoline. I came back as Tommy, picked up the gasoline and car keys from my main's corpse, got dragged out of the car. The penknife gave me just enough time to start up the car then I reversed the whole way to the exit leaving her powerless to stop me. She then said she was leaving because of me lol
  4. Now let's see who the Crystal Lake slasher really is. Old man Roy Burns???
  5. I think Idiocracy. Do I really need to tell you how awesome it is? Lol
  6. Me fail English? But that's unpossible
  7. So I didn't know where else to put this but have any oof you heard a band called The Jasons? They wear hockey masks and play Ramones type songs about Jason. Tina's Got Telekinesis, Crazy Ralph Shut Your Mouth and I Don't Wanna Be A Mongoloid are highlights. 'I just wanna run away with you, take you by the hand and make love to you but if I did I'd have to kill myself'. Poor Jason
  8. Evil dead would be awesome. One person plays Ash, throw in a bunch of side characters and then one player is the evil and it needs to find a host to possess. Any player killed will become a deadite but ash has the chance to resist
  9. My name is Jason. My nickname was actually Voorhees when I lived in a hostel years ago but that's another story. Only bought the game last week and I bloody love it. Sucks about the lawsuit but I'm hoping you guys bring us something just as good in the future
  10. He doesn't fit the 'black guy dies first' trope because he's a kid. The don't kill kids trope is what saves Reggie
  11. I'm pretty new myself so let me give you some tips. Start with offline mode and go up against bots. Best way to level up in your first couple of days. There are three modes of difficulty. Start on easy and work your way up. Even on hard it doesn't come close to going up against real people but it will give you an idea of the layout and a feel for Jason's core mechanics. Then you need to get some perks with the points you earn. As for the gas can, if yoou don't know where the car is yet, leave it. Pick it up and put it down and it's location will be visible on the map. The other counsellors are represented on your mini map as white arrows until they're close by, at which point they become circles
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