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  1. I’m a new player and I suck at this game so let’s just get this off the bat. I have played about 8 matches or so. I had one match as Jason and that sucked. The rest were as counsellor and that sucked as well. I’m not even sure where to begin here. As a counsellor you don’t start with a map so this sucks already for a new player. You are pretty much running around blind trying to find items for the car or boat etc. Let’s say you find the gas can but you don’t have the map, now you spend your time running around with the gas can in your hand trying to find the car or boat without a map and for a new player, this fuckin blows. There’s no guide or direction. Not even a flipping compass. Now, let’s say you have the map, it’s still pretty useless if you have the phone fuse. I had a map and I had the phone fuse but when I opened the map, guess what, it doesn’t tell me which cabin has the fuse box ugh. I probably ran around 5 different cabins to find a fuse box and nothing and then Jason killed me. As counsellor, I probably have opened up about 50+ drawers in these 7 matches. I got a pocket knife twice, phone fuse once and the map 3 times. Where the hell are all the car keys and other things. I found gas twice. Nothing for the boat and no car keys and phone fuse box. As playing Jason, it blows but yet the Jason’s I played against killed the majority of the councillors including me. My first problem with Jason is that I really had a hard time just finding the counsellors. The map is useless as they don’t show up there. They don’t highlight at all at any distance. All I get is a pinging circle in the distance but I have no idea where it’s coming from cause the pinging don’t show up on the map and it doesn’t even tell you the distance so how am I suppose to know where I should morph to. My other problem with Jason is it just takes way too long to knock down doors like the counsellors are long gone. My other problem as playing Jason is getting stunned, why is this even a thing?. I managed to get a kill as Jason but like 6 escaped cause I just had way too much trouble finding them. For a new player, this game lacks any direction or guidance. The first couple matches were fun as it was new but then the game started repeating itself every match by I couldn’t find items to escape. No map for a few matches as I couldn’t find one. Getting killed every match. Also, every match when as a counsellor, I was with a bunch of other new players as we just ran around trying to find items and notta but funny how I play as Jason, everyone as counsellor is a pro as they find the items so fast and easy and escape. Wonderful. The idea behind the game is good but it’s poorly executed.
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