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  1. I also like Buggzy and with him I’ll use epic marathon,epic sucker punch and legendary restful lol.
  2. Who is your favorite counselor and what perks do you use with them? Mine is AJ and I use epic level headed, epic home body and legendary preparedness.
  3. I do use my mic and emotes and they still follow like I didn’t do anything and when I try to lead Jason to them Jason always targets me and ends up killing me.
  4. All theses new players are ridiculous I swear every game someone follows me everywhere I go when I’m trying to be stealthy and they get in the way when trying to run from Jason is there anything I can do about it ?
  5. I guess so and like everyone said we just got to wait maybe if we are lucky while in middle of beating red dead 2 they’ll finally decide to give it to us
  6. I don’t even know why I’m so tied up on it by the end of this month red dead 2 will be ready and that’s all I’m going to play till I beat it lol
  7. So the guys on YouTube showing tweets and messages from horror inc and gunmedia and what not about how lawsuit is affecting the game are liars and the proven tweets and messages were false is that what you’re saying bro @Dragonfire82877
  8. I’ve waited long enough the lawsuit is over so there’s no excuse for it not getting here soon
  9. I don’t get why they can’t they can’t finish where they left off before the lawsuit miller only owns the rights to Pamela kid Jason and camp crystal lake nothing else so it’s not like they’re breaking the agreement they made in court by finishing content that was already made. @Dragonfire82877
  10. I’ve blown up they’re twitter and Facebook with the same question all day today and no response I’m not asking for too much am I ?
  11. When will be receiving Jason X and the grendal map now that the lawsuit is over ?
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