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  1. I like it! I dont know how else to describe it other than a bare bones mode. Its back to basics, Jason has no abilities, Counsellors have no perks, the map isnt on and it's your skill/luck that helps you survive. I like to think it would be fun but maybe on the flip side matches could be boring a little as Jason might not see anybody the entire game and the counsellors might always win. Teamers could still exist though as all they'd have to do is die, then scout them all via the cameras when dead.
  2. Is it the medic perk that gives you two uses of a first aid spray? I use that sometimes so I only ever keep one in my inventory then two knives. If I come across the fuse for the cops call then I swap it out. Play the OBJ: Spray, Knife, Fuse Survival*: Spray, knife, knife. *If I can find a shotgun then that's me for 20 minutes I typically survive the night.
  3. It's already fairly easy to kill Jason with the counsellors we have at the start but imagine being a Jason player and seeing a squad full of 10/10 every stat characters. It would be a challenge to the hardcore Jason characters out there but for the "just for fun" players it would cause them to leave reducing player base, maybe. However I do like that idea though having some character available at L150 it would incentivise people to stick at the game!
  4. Hold the fuck on. Buggsy in a wheelchair!? Holy hell my sides! I need to see this and I know it's a ban worthy offence but please let me at least once see a server full of Buggsys in wheelchairs scooting about the map. Edit: I just watched Buggsy wheelchair on YouTube, my sides are in orbit thank you forum.
  5. I loved that too, it was really cool to see the victim be absolutely strapped to the teeth and be ready to deal with Michael.
  6. Isn't it usually guaranteed on most if not all maps that one part for the boat/cars is always in one of the immediate houses nearby? The propeller is a tricky one especially on bigger maps and cause its smaller its harder for the eye to see. I usually find it on the small coffee tables.
  7. Man! This is a damn good idea, I actually wish this was in the game now.
  8. This place is fairly doom and gloom and we know this game is chugging along in it's late, final girl with a bloody mouth and burnt nipple developmental stage but how about a thread of some the things that we do like? I know this game and PARTS of its community is fucky but at the same time, it kinda adds to the charm a bit for me. No game has made me saltier than F13, no game has made me cheer as much when a bunch of other randos take down the best slasher of all time! Getting wiped by a Kill Team in the first 5-10 minutes of a game as Jason was humbling as hell, I'm not the greatest at the game nor even average but getting whooped like that? OOF! Escaping by boat, car, cops and surviving the night at times with a sliver of health as I watch AJ slugging those goth boots and punk ass over the finish line for the cops, does give me a sense of achievement. Playing against a Jason and his little teamers (and when it was available) getting ontop of the roof in Packanack (i swear only to out manoeuvre the teamers...) having my counsellor do the running man to a chorus of "hacker, cheater, f****t, people like you ruin the game!"? Priceless! The random neon glows, the car getting launched into orbit, counsellor carcass getting flung to the far reaches, perks not working how theyre supposed to and the abuses there of all add to the charm for me. While I'm here, I tried Dead By Deadlight and it doesnt compare to F13 in anyway, yeah it maybe polished, yeah it may have a bigger playerbase but the game just isnt as fun, theres no touch of character that slight edge to it you know? In mild summary this game is fucked and I love it for it, yeah wondering of what coulda and shoulda been can make you annoyed but hell I've gotten hours upon hours of entertainment, laughs and salt out of it. Now forum, which parts/memories of the game do YOU love?
  9. Depends on the people you're playing with in the game. If it's a game of normal people, I'll stop and let people in. If it's a cesspool of toxic people then I stop for no one and run anyone over in my way.
  10. If counsellors won everytime it would be boring, I like the fact I dont survive everytime makes the times when I do all the more sweeter.
  11. I'm always thrilled to see more horror movies doing their thang now a days. However, at some point it has to end right? Michael must be in his 60s approaching 70s. Goddamn, is their gonna be a point in the next two movies where Michael's power walking his way after someone then has a heart attack due to old age?
  12. Towards the end of the height of this game I had a list (very friggin sad list may I add) of around 50 or so gamertags who were cheaters, glitches or teamers, I reported who I could at the time of course. I found that list a few days ago, spent a couple of nights playing some F13 and to my surprise I came across some names on the list. There is no point to this story apart from 1. At one point i was sad enough to have a list and 2. Cheaters can and will thrive and survive in F13.
  13. Summer of Heat is an absolute choon! It has made it into my walk to work playlist. Every now and then I casually take in my surroundings juuuuust to make sure JV ain't coming up on me.
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