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  1. TommysMightyChin

    The Canadian server

    Played the Canadian server and the Jason kept apologising for everyone he killed, this Jason also had a Leafs jersey and a hockey stick...threw pucks and not knives also.
  2. TommysMightyChin

    More buggy lately?

    One of the few times I’ve felt I was truly fugged playing as Jason was when the big weapons glitch kicked in and I seen Tommy hurtling down the road with a 12 foot baseball bat. My first thought was “where the hells he gonna put that?!...oh”.
  3. So I was just playing a few games there and I was Jason, I was chasing this one guy who had like a sparkly firework affect behind him while he moved, I then managed to eventually kill him. After this every door I smashed, every counsellor I killed had this bursting into flame effect happening. Sort of like the Halo party effect when you killed someone. It only lasted one game and I’ve seen this once or twice before but it never happened to me directly, are these glitches or hacked effects or am I missing something?
  4. TommysMightyChin

    New Mode idea (Not new content)!

    Map as in the setting of the game, not mini map. Even on regular multiplayer if you play enough of Jason you can guess where he is as a counsellor.
  5. TommysMightyChin

    Is Jason too easy to kill?

    Is it easy to kill Jason if you run in a co-ordinated group who have strategies? Yes indeed. Is this the majority of players? No. The process to kill Jason is simple but not everybody does it. Regardless if your level 127 an organized group of players half your level will still beat you. This sounds like you ran into one and got fugged repeatedly.
  6. TommysMightyChin

    New Mode idea (Not new content)!

    On a small map everyone would know Jason’s spawn points (if not random) you could pinpoint even on a small map where to hide to waste the most time. Even with grab and slash with no sense you could immediately run away and hide, I count a victory for Jason as completely killing all the counsellors. I don’t think this would be achieved in this game mode. It would be the same as Slashers though, you can sneak past the killer and hide, especially on the meat plant level if you hid well, the killer would run straight past you and could run to the other end of the map killing more time. Towards the end of me and my friends playing this we just tried to survive the full 5 minutes and never shoot the killer as it got boring once you were given a gun.
  7. In my personal opinion, almost none of these changes would make the game more fun, for hardcore or public matches (they might in an RP setting however). Forcing specific roles onto characters and onto players, would create an even smaller community of players. At the minute whenever someone new plays for the first few matches they complain Jason is OP, they can choose the character, roll perks but still cant play well. If you force selection on them (this character has already been chosen) there is more things for them (all characters) to learn which creates a mountain of a learning curve. I’m going to guess you would make it only one character per map so you wouldn’t have a fleet of Chads coming over the hill. People already leave the game whenever they don’t get to be Jason I’m sure if they didn’t get to play as their preferred character they would leave also. You mention that a player (in an RP) setting could help Jason but Jason could kill if wanted, we already have these in multiplayer and it ruins the game entirely. They are teamers and deserve a place on the pedestal next to old Ma Voorhees herself. Im gonna go out on a limb here, if New content is a no go then honestly I’m pretty happy with the game. It’s fun, the objectives are clear and it’s set out in a way that makes sense. Every character is different and has their own special skills, every character can escape, every character can fight back, every character can repair which is fair. Counsellors can run away from Jason but some are fitter and some are faster, some are neither and some are both. Apart from these, it then relies on luck of drops, skills of counsellors and the skill of Jason.
  8. TommysMightyChin

    New Mode idea (Not new content)!

    Yes but in your original post you said Jason would have no powers, regardless of a super small map or a 5 minute time limit it still sounds like it would be a nightmare for Jason. You could kite Jason around the two cabins for 5 minutes or since you say a lot of hiding spaces, Jason would rarely get the victory. There would be nothing stopping getting a character with high strength to just batter Jason over and over again with one of the two weapons. Was it the Slashers mode on GTA5? A very fun game mode that many people didn’t play, I remember there being this big map that had on the bottom floor labs, middle floor was a landing then a big stair case up to the top server room. Always would run to the top of the stairs and hump down the middle.
  9. Level related perks is a fantastic idea! It rewards players to get grinding to reap the benefits! I don’t mind minor tweaks to Jason but for the most part he should be kept as is, not a fan of the idea of changing him so much or limiting his abilities. Undecided about perks having negatives in general or even having as many tiers for them.
  10. TommysMightyChin

    New Mode idea (Not new content)!

    Hardcore for who? That suggested mode sounds like it would be over before it started for whoever plays Jason. A five minute time-limit with Jason not being able to sense would result in people hiding in the far corners of the map even if it would be a super small one. As @Ahab says it sounds like an extremely easy mode for counsellors which would make the normal mode hardcore.
  11. TommysMightyChin

    Which Jason do you Main? (Statistic Poll 2018)

    Concept /shmoncept. You were being pedantic.
  12. TommysMightyChin

    Which Jason do you Main? (Statistic Poll 2018)

    No worries, take a break and come back to it after a while. It is a toughie!
  13. TommysMightyChin

    Better Tommy Selection

    When I come back as the chiselerd-chinned-wonder, the plan is always to help other players. However that statement is based on a server full of decent friendly players who are doing their best to survive the night. I have came back as Tommy in a server(s) full of people who have ran me over, team with Jason, smack talk on the mic and generally been trolls. Now Forum I know I should rise above it and I try to breathe my “so be it” mantra, so if there is one decent player I will do my best to assist them but usually those players just leave and I’m left with the trolls. So, you better believe in that instance my Tommy is gunning for self interest, fast and furious-ing my ass over the exit or Miami vice-ing that boat out into the briney deep.
  14. TommysMightyChin

    Which Jason do you Main? (Statistic Poll 2018)

    Gimme some of that Roy Burnhees action counsellor-fam. Don’t even know why to be honest, just the one I’ve the most success with there is no outliers other than that.