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  1. Played for a while couple of nights ago, managed to get a good string of games and there was this 3 man kill team that mopped up Jason, after Jason, after Jason. However it all changed in an instant when a better Jason came into the lobby and killed everyone in there effortlessly. Which I have to say I quite like about F13, it is a decent mix. You escape within 5 minutes, survive the night, by the boat then your murdered. One way or the other wouldn't be much fun imo.* *unless you adore a constant cakewalk or a steep, steep, vertical learning curve.
  2. Played some rounds myself last night for old times sake and seen someone glitched into a bookshelf, someone doing rock climbing and also one I've never seen before (and wouldnt have a clue how to do) but being in trees? Either in the middle or at the tree top on a branch*. *Infuriating but impressive.
  3. One and three are arguably not teaming. One can be a sign of tactical player as can three. Two can be a sign of a lazy player and/or your dinner is ready in the oven and you gotta run to get it out before it burns however number two seems to me to be the most "teaming" like option.
  4. Couldn't care less, I feel it's all been made into a bigger deal than it needs to be. However should it take me then so be it! I have had a good run.
  5. If I am in a game with teamers/trolls, depending on the general level it, I do go full bore and empty the clip! I will run you over, I will troll you. Apart from that I play hard and fair.
  6. You have the right to do so, we all do. We all have the right to express our thoughts on here within the confines of the rules set. That doesn't mean though that we have to agree/like what you say though. Also if you fixed your sentence structuring that would help yourself alot I think.
  7. Sub 5 minutes definitely for myself, think though it would be closer 2-3 mins though, if i get the luck of spawn and parts, with someone like minded getting the other part, easy peasy.
  8. The irony that your name "Strigoi" in Romanian mythology means a troubled spirit that can drain vitality/life from its victim and it's the very thing you're doing to this forum.
  9. The more posts like this that OP makes I'm genuinely starting to think they're a troll. You can't find something in one match, so they have clearly removed it. What if you can't find the fusebox to fix the phones in a game? Do you automatically come here and think; "Please bring back fusebox They've been removed from game, cant find Should be at least six every game" "There needs to be more machetes", welcome to Friday The Machete, Machete the Thirteenth, Machete Voorhees. There doesn't need to be more of them, I do feel like they're going for some semblance of realistic mixed with the films and you just dont find machetes everywhere! No, just no. You want 5 axes and 8 machetes in the name of balance. No, just no. It's such a simple troll, acting the simple man.
  10. You know if I had posted what you did, I'd probably try to say I meant something different too! In your original post the sentence doesn't follow from that your disgusted at the state of the game, more you're disgusted at all these foreigners playing your beloved American icon, Yikes! I took your comments at face value and quite frankly, you saying "snowflake" is all I need to know. Good luck and have fun!* *In english speaking lobbies with no foreigners of course.
  11. Even if they were never added, people would still teabag you by spamming crouch. Also that isn't true that EVERYBODY who uses them are trolls.
  12. Gaming isn't about playing to having fun that much anymore man. I don't really know when it turned this way either, in arcades in the 80s if you played a random person would they have trash talked beside you the entire game? "Hey dude, you're bad kid scrub f****t, learn to play boi". Like I remember playing my PS1 and PS2 with my buddies via split screen and whereas we did tease each other we didn't disregard each others mothers or try to out the other person as gay because they didn't score a goal. I think online games (and social media unfortunately as it is fairly anonymous) just offers people an outlet to be as toxic as they like with no real repercussions, a warning, temporary ban etc. If the scum of the internet talked the way they do online, in real life on the street they would get beaten up. If I'm honest as someone who played CoD/Halo in the early days in those infamous lobbies, probably the most shitty/snidey/pathetic community these days is Rocket League. Holy good christ that community is teeming with scum, I remember this one player was typing "f*g, go kill yourself" etc and I beat him and typed for him to go f*ck himself and I got reported with a temp ban on messaging. Which irritates me, if you're going to give it out you must be prepared to take it, as Qui Gon once said, "theres always a bigger a fish!" In summation, sorry you're having a shit time man, hopefully you find good people on here to play with.
  13. I am a fan of the dance emotes, if a Jason has been tunnelling me the entire game, if I smack him down, a little dance emote to piss him off so he makes more mistakes which increases my chance of survival. The dance emotes have also given me funny moments of the game, hearing the music playing outside a house, peering in through the window to see 5 counsellors busting moves. Or seeing three teamers dancing beside Jason only for the player driving the car I was in to run them all over is also pretty funny to me. Even if you took away the dance emotes or made them zap energy, people would spam the crouch button again and again. Baggin' or Dancin', people pick yer poison!
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