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  1. Screw the stats as a 6’1 229lb male you best believe I’m rocking the booty shorts and a pair of Adidas. Fuckin’ bring it Jason brah.
  2. OP, my initial reaction to the update was that it ruined the game but when I came back to F13 after playing RE2, I found to me that it doesn’t make a lick of difference really to my playstyle, who as an AJ main my matches are pretty much only 10 minutes anyway as that’s the realistic time I have to escape before I’m not as effective anymore with the Jason buffs. However this is all in the thought of the Jason being a legit good player, if you’re a poor to average Jason player it doesn’t matter what buffs are made if you don’t have the skills to win. Plus my belief changed in that now with things favouring Jason a bit more it feels so much more satisfying to escape.
  3. In the context of your post “new guys” in this instance are children, yeah you’re kind of a dick if you’re trash talking children, who act like children and think like children. Just because it’s a mature game doesn’t stop them playing it, kids have always done it. Nobody is asking you to be their babysitter that’s a role you’ve self imposed on yourself. I guarantee you nobody else on this forum has ever heard a kid squeak on the mic and thought “Oh time to be a babysitter!”. No, they mute them or the ones here who are more patient than I’ll ever be help them. Use a voice changer (LOL) good God man why? Why would they? You could still tell it’s a child from how they speak it would just be in this pseudo-deep-robot voice. OP has to be offering some sort of weak troll right now but on the off chance you aren’t, the answer to your problems lie within your own post! ”Quit being a bitch and stick it out”.
  4. While back got put in a session with with 5 friends and another random. The 5 friends were teaming with Jason cornering people and letting Jason kill them, I got on top of Packanack roof, to which after they killed the random came and stood out front and I could see they were all talking, ”Holy f**k you’re an actual n****r f****t, why are you cheating to win YOURE A P***Y BRO” I didn’t reply I just started playing the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme down the mic, which then they start screaming and I mean SCREAMING down the mic in a chorus of, ”YOU’RE AN ACTUAL F****T WE ARE TRYING TO HELP OUR BRO HERE JUST LET HIM KILL YOU, YA STUPID N****R”
  5. I was initially very critical of the patch update and my initial experiences of it weren’t the best either but after doing all I can in Raccoon City decided last night to come back to Crystal Lake and the surrounding areas for a stroll, a swim and a hearty chuckle. Last night l came to the realisation, this patch update really makes no difference to me, my friends or our playstyles anymore. I escaped by the cops, the boat, the car and even survived the night, in fact we did the boat and survive the night the most. We also had games where we were utterly stomped by Jason which eh! Whatever can’t win em all right? I play AJ religiously so with the right luck (and sometimes not leaning us to have to STN) we were outta there in under 10 mins, under 5 mins etc. Did we come across Jason? Yeah we did we either ran like blue hell, firecrackers or if right a weapon the side of Jason’s head. Most games Jason’s mask was off in the first half too which let us see a few JV deaths which really got me thinking. Patch updates really make no difference if the player on the controller isn’t very good, which I think there is a healthy portion who aren’t, hell Im not even good, I’ve just played enough to get lucky. All in all in closer inspection this patch made a Kentucky f*cks worth of a difference to my enjoyment and my friends.
  6. I am fairly critical of the patch update, I don’t think such a buff to Jason was needed and I’ve seen the “players complaining are more than likely kill teams/trolls” and I might be one of the outlaying players that isn’t, I try to escape by any and all means necessary as my preferred counsellor is AJ, fix/repair/escape by cars, boat, coppers or even survive the night. Ive played a few matches since the patch and where as I did escape it has to be said more people did leave within the 10 - 12 minute mark which did leave one counsellor left to survive. It also has to be said that I witnessed what I believe to be Jason teamers finding him and swamping him with attacks to get the rage up early. I said in another post that this patch has put the shoe on the other foot, from counsellors saying to poor/average Jason’s to “git gud” to poor/average Jason’s saying “git gud”. I have no doubt it is remarkably hard to strike a balance in a small community which is very vocal when it’s unhappy but I can understand why they did it, amongst complaints of Jason being weak (and kill teams) this also brings back (hopefully) a lot of players who left when Jason lost his balls. Much like with all changes of the game I’ll still play and still try my utmost to win, but with RE2 remake out taking up most of my game time, I won’t be stepping back into Crystal Lake until I’m done with Raccoon City.
  7. @Kodiak It’s genuinely good and does bring back a lot of horror to the franchise plus it’s good to go back to zombies. I’ve only unlocked the first infinite weapon after my first S rank playthrough. I’ve seen the others and want them badly, Im playing through the tofu set which is actually really fun. Along with the 4th Survivor time trial. The ghost survivors DLC being mentioned here and there is a fantastic idea, getting to play as Kendo, Katherine and a few others adds a new twist to things. Just seen a guy on YouTube speed run it in 59 minutes and 56 seconds I think it was? Thats insane! @badassgixxer05 it’s the first game I’ve bought in sometime and thoroughly loved the original RE2 which scared me as a child and now playing the remake which scares me as an adult is a phenomenal feeling.
  8. 100% this, I would be leaning towards this patch maybe thinning the already small player base. As the Jason’s before this who were genuinely good could tactically manoeuvre their way about the map and always had a plan B. Now they’ve essentially catered to the Jason players who moan about the 1 or 2 kill teams they come up against and all they have to do is apply pressure early game kill 1-3 counsellors and reach the 10 minute mark where Jason goes god-mode now. It’s a video game, there is supposed to be a decent chance of survival otherwise as a counsellor what’s the point? All this patch has done has flipped it from counsellor players saying “git gud” to mediocre Jason’s now being able to say “git gud”.
  9. @RustInPeace dying of an OG is a serious(ly funny) issue.
  10. The Pope, nothing scarier than going through the woods as a teenager and seeing the All-Padre himself scuttling through the bushes.
  11. @RustInPeace I really love that film, “I’m Gonna Git Ya Sucka” was another quality movie of a similar style.
  12. I agree, a small percentage of Jason kill teams has Jason players freaking out that the big man from The Lake is a wuss. Regardless of who he was in the films there HAS TO BE a fair chance for a councillor to survive otherwise this is just a dying simulator. The community will kill this game, not as so often blamed, the devs.
  13. I believe it’s the African one that flies backwards to keep the sand out of its eyes.
  14. This sounds like the start of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting “I’m a level 150 Jason (Hi Jason) and I have a problem”
  15. Have any of you muchachos bought it or are thinking of getting it? I LOVED the original RE2 (and games 1, DC, 2, 3, 4, RE1 remake and 7) and bought it yesterday, it is fantastic in my opinion really surpassed my expectations from it in terms of graphics, gameplay and ambiance. I came into it thinking I was getting a straight replay of the original but I was dead wrong. There are differences to the places you visit, when you visit it and a few boss battles. There is a surprising amount of fear of getting chased room to room from the Tyrant/zombies BUT as with F13 you get used to something chasing you like Mr Voorhees. I have played up until the NEST so I intend with my day off today to fully carry on and complete Leon’s game. Thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes?
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