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  1. I'm always thrilled to see more horror movies doing their thang now a days. However, at some point it has to end right? Michael must be in his 60s approaching 70s. Goddamn, is their gonna be a point in the next two movies where Michael's power walking his way after someone then has a heart attack due to old age?
  2. Towards the end of the height of this game I had a list (very friggin sad list may I add) of around 50 or so gamertags who were cheaters, glitches or teamers, I reported who I could at the time of course. I found that list a few days ago, spent a couple of nights playing some F13 and to my surprise I came across some names on the list. There is no point to this story apart from 1. At one point i was sad enough to have a list and 2. Cheaters can and will thrive and survive in F13.
  3. Summer of Heat is an absolute choon! It has made it into my walk to work playlist. Every now and then I casually take in my surroundings juuuuust to make sure JV ain't coming up on me.
  4. Any of the ones who run usually catch me out. When I play as Jason I love to hassle and kill as many as I can early game then stalk the remaining counsellors. Sort of like “I’ve disappeared and you don’t know when I’m coming ba...AND YOUR DEAD.”
  5. Bro I can barely think about what I’m doing tomorrow without an existential crisis so 4 or 5 years? IF I’m still alive then sure absolutely high def the fuck out of it!
  6. @HaHaTrumpWon dude that’s really cool! Very nice indeedy.
  7. Came across a player whose name was another way of saying “iHelpJasonWin”. True to form they lived up to their name by trapping you in corners, blocking exits and opening locked doors for Jason to enter. What a colossal turbo wanker!
  8. For me, I’ve escaped by boat the most and find it the easiest and the guys I play with aren’t Jason players or Jason killer players. Here’s how I’ve tiered mine; 1. Boat - easiest to me. 2. Survive the night - possibly the most fun for me, my friends and I call it the “time limit title” whoever survives the night claims the title until defeated by Jason. 3. Cops - always fun having to break for the exit and seeing Jason standing there in the distance. 4. Cars - yeah it’s cool but a pain with randoms. 5. Kill Jason - I’m not that style of player and is the choice I least go for.
  9. Maybe not character development but it laid out what was going to happen. Drogon destroying the throne was fairly cringeworthy to be honest, this dragon knows what that is and the significance it holds? Did Dany hold picture cards up of the iron throne and saying “dracarys” over and over again? No thanks. Not a fan of most things in your original post, apart from Bronn being a Blackfyre. Each to their own.
  10. I don’t believe zero sense. It’s referenced throughout that Targaryens are mad as rats piss and since everyone finds out about Jon being a Targaryen, then Danys madness comes out a bit or it starts to drive her mad. In fact watching the show when Jon stabbed Dany, with the way the camera was for a split second I genuinely thought Dany stabbed Jon, flip the expectations a bit.
  11. PC has been told to be a bit scarce, I’m not overly sure about Xbox but as I play on PS4 it’s fairly decent can usually play 7 games in a row before having to refresh and play the next 7. If there’s some PC players on here ask to join them?
  12. I’ve played both but I still prefer F13, it just has that certain level of charm that DBD just cant replicate.
  13. After an absence from here and gaming for a while, I returned to play on Friday with my usual cohorts and within 10 minutes or so got sent a message “You are a f****t, bro what the f**k I’m reporting you for team killing you cuck”. That message completely negates the fact he was teaming with Jason running around like a faithful dog trying to block people in. Now did I run him over for teaming with Jason? Absolutely! Do I regret it? Nooooooooooo! I have missed this game a lot holy hell. The levels of salt in this game are so high, it will be preserved forever.
  14. Screw the stats as a 6’1 229lb male you best believe I’m rocking the booty shorts and a pair of Adidas. Fuckin’ bring it Jason brah.
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