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  1. TommysMightyChin

    Current state of the game❓

    @ZorroEU for you maybe, but I get games pretty frequently. Me and my friends would play on a Friday night regularly and clean through at least 10 games with 3-5 minutes searching for a new lobby in between. Full sessions too.
  2. TommysMightyChin

    Window Kills| Are they cheap?

    There is no cheap methods, they are all valid and Jason should always use the kill methods that are nearest and quickest.
  3. TommysMightyChin

    Any News on the updates?

    @NytmereZ yet people still play it devoutly. I truly believe if the people who post here didn’t care they’d stop playing.
  4. I’m not entirely sure I believe that, I think those that use the glitch or troll or team don’t care if they get banned from F13, in some of the more hardcore I’d say they’d do it more for the thrill of it. For sometime now I have seen gamer-tags which look completely random like “Is868495to” for example which makes me think they get banned and create new accounts and thus the circle carries on.
  5. TommysMightyChin

    Abusive Players

    This is just the online gaming community though, no matter what game you play there will be trolls. Even Minecraft has its trolls and the only thing you can do is mute them or sit in a party chat by yourself to block them out. Look at YouTube gaming videos/“culture” for the most part it’s all about embarrassing the other players and trash talking which is why you get children on voice chat getting on like utter wankers to emulate their heroes*. It doesn’t make it right though having others take out their political, religious, emotional, sexual and racial insecurities out on you. *Unless of course they are just a horrible person regardless.
  6. Terrible idea, patching the glitches would be better.
  7. I played in a bunch of sessions last night and had an experience which I think is the most telling of all, two guys were openly talking in the session calling everyone in the lobby “f****ts” and “c**ts” and how they were going to rape everyone in the session also. In the game this other player got onto the roof to which the two trolls started pissing and moaning “why do you cheat you’re ruining the game, just play it normally” and how they were going to report the glitcher on the roof. I believe there are people who play F13 and don’t cheat, troll or team. I do think that a healthy portion are a troll, teamer or glitchers but report others when they do the exact same. Which I think is a difficult thing when people report others, you just don’t know if the person who reports it didn’t spend that session or before trolling or teaming. To be fair if I had my way I would ban each and every one of you who call themselves a “pro” at this game, I die a tad of cringe inside everytime.
  8. TommysMightyChin

    Boat is near useless now.

    If we are going for real, I don’t know anyone who has a car that doesn’t keep their keys on them at all times near enough. Also if people have car problems unless they go to a mechanics they fix the problem themselves then and there or call a mechanic to them. It’s also highly unlikely anyone would travel to a camp for a weekend without a full-ish tank of fuel or in any cases leaving the battery/fuel/keys all at different spots around the camp instead of having it all together. Kinda unrealistic that there’s no shotgun shells about the map and it’s a one shell shotgun, given that it’s small town America wouldn’t most people or buildings have their own? It is kin...Oh what? It’s a video game? It’s a video game designed to be challenging and throws most realism out the window? YOU MEAN THERE ISN’T A 7FT 300LB COUNTRY MOMMAS BOY HURLIN’ MACHETES LIKE ITS A TWIG?! My life has been a lie... ...I can see where you’re coming from Yorga but if it was going for pure realism people would escape in the cars (you’d squeeze as many people in as possible) within 2-3 minutes or one slash from Jason everyone would be dead which might be fun as hardcore mode but not the standard.
  9. TommysMightyChin

    Boat is near useless now.

    I escape regularly by boat, even against perked water-types (like he’s a friggin Pokemon ha!)
  10. AJ; Thick Skin, Preparedness, Nerves of Steel. If I am lucky and Jason isn’t anywhere near me at the start I can usually escape within the first half of the match, but also does me decent in the later half if I have to hop my way about.
  11. Right now on Packanack there is a Welsh guy in his mid twenties or so I’d say talking to his balrog beast of a girlfriend about whose picking up the children from school and if work really did let him go early or he just came home to play video games. There was a lot of sheep noises and baa-ing but I translated the best I could for the rest of us.
  12. TommysMightyChin

    Just had a 150 Lvl player

  13. TommysMightyChin

    Current state of the game❓

    Not to twist the knife even further...but I have the best BT package also.
  14. TommysMightyChin

    Just had a 150 Lvl player

    @Dolemite yeah I’d say everyone’s general opinion of you would be “vaguely sexual”.
  15. This is something I’d genuinely like to know, which I’m aware asking for a guide about glitchs is no-no, I feel this one is beneficial to all of us who play as Jason.