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  1. Allegedly in cert last Thursday. Right before E3. Then nothing, except news soon. news soon. soon as we have word. you know what gets old? The whole "we're just such a small, earnest little group of devs.....and we're waiting on big bad MS." It's misdirection. They plopped this thing on someone's desk the day before E3 hit....and then keep saying how they're hopeful they'll hear back "today." Which, of course, doesn't happen. And displays the same degree of coordination as when they botched the Day 1 patch. So, on average, the game still crashes for everyone involved after 4 games, max. Still no quick matches. Still game breaking bugs -- like watch Jason fly across the map from firecrackers....but hey, who needs a functional game? New soon. After the XB1 community dies. I'm sitting there listening to people state it would be one of their favorite games if it worked weeks after launch. But it doesn't. So they're moving on. PS - anyone who wants to start platform bashing ...develop a rash or something. You're again missing the basic point.
  2. StuntmanSnake Respectfully, I'm tired of folks (and yea, I'm lumping you in this group based off your post....you may be a great guy, but the response is a poor one IMO) acting like the devs deserve a medal. You wouldn't accept this from any other service provider or retailer. Analogy? Here it is.... Say you pay a plumber $$ in advance. He comes in to install a sink, but leaves you standing in a puddle of water from a broken pipe that ruptured almost immediately after he's "done." No further damage to your house, but the damn thing is just sitting there. His excuses: #1 He meant to use the right materials, but he just couldn't coordinate things (ala the day one patch) in time. He figured "meh, good enough, I'll come back to that later." And he didn't disclose anything was the case here until someone called him out on it. #2 He didn't know so many people would be using that tap. He only expected three people, when you actually have a family of six. He had plenty of data -- he just couldn't plan ahead. #3 He's just a small contractor. He's doing the best he can.......cry me a river here. Small or not, he said he could deliver and his mission statement was "everything must be perfect." A week after he was supposed to be finished, he's giving you vague promises about when he'll have what he needs to REALLY give you a finished product this time around. He keeps telling you "news soon," and in the mean time you're getting to hear from people saying "can't you see how hard he's working?" and "that other supplier is just as screwed up, so what's the big deal?" Same timeframe, as you're wondering if you wasted your money entirely, he tweets you a picture of some yummy cake another customer sent him for all his effort. I didn't just buy a copy for myself. In good faith, I also bought two copies as presents for my brother and a friend. I've invested more than $100. The devs aren't heroes. They're working soooo tirelessly because they need to fix a mess THEY CREATED. They couldn't plan regarding servers? Really? They couldn't coordinate a day one patch to bring the Xbox out of a pre-release build? Their recommended solution is to engage in private matches, when these STILL time out 50% of the time? They never saw Jason lose the ability to swing a weapon, or witness a car's driver inexplicably be displayed as sitting in a tree? Counselors disappear in a lake? The game is NOT playable in its current state (but my money is fit to go into their bank, isn't it?). Less than half my rounds actually finish. And they allegedly delayed this thing by seven months to ensure the multiplayer was fully developed. I am not overreacting. They have not done their job, and they have not met their commitment. Their tweet is tone deaf and offensive.
  3. Right. So Xbox has no ETA on a truckload of patches except promises of "news soon" and "we hear you"..... So....at noon today....ever attuned to the tone of their community, flaunting some staggering social skills AND displaying their usual skill at handling social media/providing transparency..... The devs posted a photo of a mountain of snacks sent by some dude to sustain them as they tirelessly(?) work towards further nothing. I know I'm just a console player. I still paid money for the damn game. I still get timed out of 50% of the private matches I'm pulled into. I still see sessions that don't time out simply crash to my home screen (if I don't shut them down because Jason is stuck in some crippling morph screen bug). I still have a pre-release build because Gun and company botched coordination of the Day 1 Patch. I'm still getting empty promises from a team who, by showing all the goodies they're getting as a undeserved gift, are also displaying they are totally tone deaf to the people who still can't fully play the game. At this point, my only emotional investment in F13 is to see that my $ wasn't totally wasted. Once they have this thing running properly (if they do), these guys can just disappear for all I care. I will NEVER buy anything else they produce. Rant over.
  4. Guys, the game isn't coming out any time soon. If the devs really believed they had a multiplayer game so close to completion in the fall of 2016, as they constantly maintained on twitter and their site and other social media....remember when they told us to get ready to see those charges hit our cards?....then why was there a "feedback / lessons learnt" beta in December, months afterward? They weren't that close, knew they weren't that close long before the announced delay....but kept maintaining that fall 2016 line well into October, when it obviously wasn't going to be true. And when fans were asking them to come clean. Similarly, I don't buy the sad tale of no early access or console game preview version because they're so small in terms of staff and resources. Other small, indie devs have offered something through those programs -- some suck, but others are good. This was a viable option and it wasn't pursued. Neither can I buy the "we can't develop multiplayer and a single player aspect at the same time" reason for the delay -- because the multiplayer version was supposed to be all but wrapped up back in the fall. If it was so close to completion, it absolutely should have been possible to close out the multiplayer version and then continue with the single player portion. Now, we're into March. End of the month closes "early 2017" with the first fiscal quarter ...sorry, that IS what defines early 2017...and there's no release date. But they still maintain the same sort of stance they did back during the fall of 2016. Early 2017 is all they tweet. Stay tuned and more news soon. But the only news that comes out is about yet another panel discussion. And the horrors of console certification. I had high hopes. And I believe the devs had good intentions. But their communication plan sucked. It continues to suck. And while I see folks say "take as long as you need, I'm your most biggest fan ever" all I can do is shake my head. Because that's just fanboy posturing. Gets you a bunch of thumbs up and cyber "attaboys." What over the past year has given you any sense that things are going to proceed as are being communicated?
  5. January? No. March earliest for any release, per Kickstarter update. I bet May. Nope. Done. I wasn't going to get any free content as I already paid $60 plus for disc and DLC. If the game comes out when now estimated I'll pick it up at a store. Maybe. If not, no big. But for now, no, they don't get to hold on to my money for another six months. Canceled 10 minutes ago. Best wishes to all. You may think it's a silly move. For me, it's the principle. If the game comes out in any form in the spring, then hey, there you go. If not, why would I maintain a console pre order with no beta and nothing "free" in terms of content? Makes absolutely no sense.
  6. I can't do anything until tomorrow, so I'll think about it between now and then. But if I'm being melodramatic....from my POV simply saying "ok" without reservation gives a pass to a vendor who described one path from the start, then just changed his mind around the time he initially said he'd deliver. My customer would have my a-- if I did that. Why am I supposed to say "gosh, ok." They took my money when they planned to. While I get to wait for N more months. It's ok not to be thrilled. And it's ok to consider just saying nope. So either way....I'll sleep fine. End of the day, it's a video game. Either I'll cancel or I'll justleave the order in place and step away from the forum, twitter, the kickstarter updates, etc...and then one day my physical CD will just appear. Again, I wish them well. But this wasn't handled the best way.
  7. Yea. I guess I'm the exception. I wasn't one of the early, early supporters but I committed money ($90 or so) several months ago. I was fine with the scope of what they said they were going to deliver. I was ok with hearing no beta for console. Now, there's still no beta for me. There's nothing along the lines of the "Fall 2016" product they said was locked down and headed our way. Not until sometime in early 2017 (I'm a manager familiar with how to phrase tentative delivery dates that could mean the end of March). And the super duper add that is supposed to make this worthwhile isn't until next summer. No thanks, guys. If you're content to wait, all the power to you. I'm not disrespecting you. But to be honest, I feel like I got screwed. When the wife says "your birthday present (bought last spring) gonna get here?" I can look and say, sure, and still relevant 9 months after the fact. No thanks...... I read all the updates. I watched the streams. I looked at photos of Randy talking to school kids. I got excited when they stated charges are going to hit your cards because that meant release was looming. And yesterday I got a message that "our window is still Fall 2016." All of that....just wasn't true. My excitement has faded. And honestly, it was a lesson learnt at taking developers at their word. Any additions were going to be future content. They stated that flat out. Now they've changed their minds. It leaves a bad taste. I wish everyone well. Hope the game is a success. Jeesh, look at the anticipation documented online. It will be a success. But it's not something I'm going to support. I'll be forwarding my order details to the site and confirming that I want to cancel. That's all I had to say. Disappointing news.
  8. no, no, this was originally in general discussion. If you guys can't take any ribbing, that's on you. Nothing inappropriate about it.
  9. My kids would love Crash. Hope to see it on a current platform.
  10. Never mind - Answered my own question.
  11. As of 23 June they're at $980K. I have to think the game will break a million before release. Hopefully we'll see what changes have been made to the stretch goals list this week. "Knock Your Block Off" maybe? That was only $25K from the Twitch objective. And pre-orders have seen the game clear the $950K milestone by that much and more.
  12. Just finished Layers of Fear. Highly stylistic -- but to me, boring. I don't get the walking simulator/psychological horror games like this and Among the Sleep etc... Fans will say it's "terrifying" because the story and atmosphere are disturbing. But I don't think that's enough if there is absolutely no way the player can lose/die and there's no real threat to the Avatar. Soma was a milder example. You could, in theory, die in Soma -- but the threats were few and far between. Am I off target? I read once that horror requires terrible things happening to characters you can empathize with. It's not the whole thing, obviously. But the point is, there has to be a real and tangible threat to someone you identify with. And in video games, you should (most of the time) empathize with whomever you're controlling as that's YOU in that environment. If nothing can happen to you, then a gloomy house is just a gloomy house. To me, Alien Isolation was a horror game done right. Amnesia. Outlast. The first REs.
  13. I asked on Twitter and the devs said "news soon," which is fair. But if you folks had your choice, how would you want to see in game communication between counsellors handled? In the spirit of the movies, I don't think you'd have the preppy guy able to coordinate with the girl next door all the way across the map. But what would be the alternative? Is proximity chat even a thing? Radial menus that let you choose a dialogue option - would that be a possible answer? I'm not pretending to know. Just curious as to others thoughts.
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