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  1. any glimpse of hope with this money swallowing snakepit? I need that pijama skin pack asap
  2. nah I'd rather spend my money on a game i know it will last longer than this
  3. well, you can thank that to the extremely useful loading screen "tips" from this game, such as: chad's a mamma's boy but he'll never admit it, the one where they mention how much money they made with this game, etc.
  4. woah what were the devs thinking with that horrible outfit they made for victoria, i know the game is 80's themed but jesus christ, i was expecting way more than that especially for the max lvl required counselor in the game, and now knowing that there wont be any future content i know i won't be playing her very much, what a let down
  5. luckily i saved the video where the bug that doesn't let you interact with anything happened; (I saw 2 things that happened that may have triggered the bug) 1-) I shot jason with a flare gun and immediately tried to open a window next to me, you can tell im bugged because I'm still carrying the flare gun after firing it 2-) After i shot jason and during the gun drop animation, just in that moment my character stumbled while i was heading to a window next to me
  6. I've been experiencing these 2 bugs a while ago while playing counselor, I've noticed that the locked camera thing happened to me while i was trying to close a door right next to another door; And the bug that doesn't let you interact with anything happens random or i haven't seen what action triggers it. Did the devs already adressed this?
  7. hi everyone, I'm kind of new to this game and recently im getting this error when i try to log in (ps4) I've tried switching accounts, allowing all access at the parental control setting and of course resetting my router and nothing seems to work, any idea what can i do to fix this?
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