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  1. So, I know what the problem is. Mcafee thinks Summercamp.exe is a virus. I thought I solved this problem a week ago, but after I installed the new Windows drivers and restarted my computer, I had the same problems all over again. I'm doing what I remember I did last time to fix it, but in the mean time, anyone have any thoughts?
  2. Technollogee

    Escaping Jason's Grab is Bullshit

    I play as Mitch Floyd. As that character, I have 9 composure. This, I thought, would be good, as it frees me from Jason's grab faster. Well, even if I free myself, it doesn't free me. The Jason picks one of his little kills, right as I free myself, and of course the game favor's Jason's power over mine. It's bullshit.
  3. So, let me tell you a little advice. You may want to watch a few guides if you are truly lost when playing as a counselor or Jason. I personally love the feel of being in a horror movie, and are trying to master the art of counselor as Mitch Floyd. I'll explain the concept of fuse box, as you get the fuse, but it won't mark the location as it's purposely supposed to be something you find on your own. For certain maps, it will be in Packanack lodge, or some other huge house. It spawns pretty randomly, always making it a fun challenge. Same with the other things, you need to form a plan. A map is essential, and you should get the Preparedness perk which lets you spawn with one. Items that have been found, and dropped show up on the map as icons, but the game heavily relies on you finding objects, as it should. You aren't doing anything wrong, you're just getting a little salty for not doing anything at all.
  4. I honestly think this mechanic is fine, with maybe a little nerf, it could be finalized and nobody whines about it again. I'm one of the few who enjoy counselor over Jason, and as I agree the stun can be OP at certain times, I feel it is a mechanic that well balances the game, especially for the 7 people that don't get to run around as a brutal murder machine.
  5. Technollogee

    Surprisingly Funky

    Hey, I was bored and looked through all Friday the 13th Themes, but stopped at this one. It's surprisingly funky, and I like it.
  6. Technollogee


    I don't really know, you could still hope.
  7. Technollogee


    Wait, so now matter how big of fans they are, they refuse to continue development due to it being a bad business idea? I've meet around 10 new players today, all saying this is their first go at the game. There's also a bunch of people who loved this game that would instantly play again if there were more content updates, but I guess it's just business.
  8. Technollogee

    I don't understand XP in this game.

    It's true, I really don't for one reason: Sometimes when I get a thousand XP, it covers half my bar, other times it covers a third. Total BS.
  9. Technollogee

    Database login failure

    What I did was when it said a failure, I clicked "play offline" then login, and it logged me into a level 0 account. Then I quit the game, came back, was still level 0, and after a few minutes I got my shit back.
  10. Technollogee

    Database login failure

    Yet it still has all my customization options equipped, I'm literally a level 0 again. Edit: It just fixed itself, I'm fine.
  11. Technollogee

    Database login failure

    Oh, fuckkkkkk. I actually did lose all my progress.
  12. Technollogee

    Database login failure

    oh, nice. Just lost all my progress
  13. Technollogee

    Hey there friends

    Well thanks for that little story dude, but I think I'm fine doing without.
  14. Technollogee


    🤩 Thank you.
  15. Technollogee

    Hey there friends

    Thanks dude! I don't like voice chat, as my voice is a little insecurity of mine. I've found people that use vc are some pretty cool people, and it's been a lot of fun playing with them.