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  1. Jenna from the 2009 reboot. She was the heroine of that story. I remember when she died while trying to climb through that whole in the ground.... the entire audience in the theater gasped and were all like "noooooooooooo!" I would much rather have had one of the siblings killed off than her. Oh... and Janessa from Jason X. She made me laugh a lot.
  2. They'd probably just finish the match up faster then, right?
  3. Have you read this somewhere?
  4. So... sooooo excited for this. Carpenter will do it proper. Anything can happen in the movie universe, but I don't see how they will continue any of the previous story lines, so I'd be willing to bet this will be a standalone, which I would be completely fine with. Unless.... Laurie didn't die from the stab wound and the fall in the beginning of Resurrection. Who knows? I'm a sucker for all things Halloween (I even liked H2). So, I'll most likely enjoy the hell out of it regardless of what the story is.
  5. Clearly, I would be the worst masked serial killer in the history of ever.
  6. What if Jason is just like, completely OVER IT, and wants to teleport TF out of there? Or like, can he hop on a boat or in a car with the counselors and chill with them?
  7. Now it all makes sense. Avoid trees.
  8. I know this comparison is a tad different since you could never actually play as the xeno, but did you play Alien Isolation? I thought the alien was soooo OP at first, but after a while it sort of made sense and made the game more challenging and scary to play.
  9. Imagine going through all the obstacles to get away from Jason and your demise comes from another counselor. I would be so upset, lol. It is a good idea though!
  10. I'm pretty sure I picked up Jason Takes Manhattan at my local video store when I was like.... 4 or 5 years old. LOL. I've loved Jason ever since.
  11. SOOOO much yes. I have been longing for an Alien: Isolation style Halloween game. One where you have to rely on stealth and hiding to evade Michael.
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