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  1. That'd be great, thanks! My steam user is toddsies.
  2. I've noticed that whenever i go on Twitch everyone is playing from either one hahaha. Just blows for PC. Your servers are the American ones though, right? That was a change in the game i disliked, that we're no longer allowed to access to other places servers. I'm stuck in Europe server.
  3. I'd love if they did that and got more people to play on Steam since the servers are practically "dead" at this point. Been trying to play for weeks and there's no one there. It sucks.
  4. I'm not sure which platforms you are using but i live in Europe and have the game for PC. It's been impossible to play the past days. Lobby's are always empty, and it just sucks. Did the game die for this particular platform? I see people on Twitch using PC and playing just fine. Extremely annoying.
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