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  1. Hi Guys, its my 4th day in game and just got the “database login failure, verify internet connection” reset my router, checked my connection, restart my PlayStation but didnt work. Some say switching profiles work but that also does nothing..
  2. Its getting better right now for me.. about 5 mins.
  3. This is really annoying.. its like no ones playing or too many people are. How am i supposed to play now :’) im also EU.
  4. Just downloaded the game, EU server is dead also..
  5. Im new. Just started yesterday. Matchmaking took me at least 35 mins.
  6. Im new. PS+ Free download :’) and i want to play the game really bad. But i cant find any servers. Dont have friends who like this game except for myself. Is this game dead AF or is it just me? I played 3 games in 48 hours. Its making me wait hours to join a game. Why? Halp.
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