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  1. When I got the game at release I’d only play 3 and 8. I prefer playing as Jason unless I’m going against a fight crew multiple games in a row. Now, unless I’m doing random just for fun I exclusively use part 9 with the pig splitter. I feel that people think he sucks because of his 3 traps. While they are not ideal I do the same thing every match. I double trap the phone, and then I keep the last one to either retrap the phone, or put it on the Tommy power box. Early game I morph around and break doors and windows to the big houses as I’m taking out power boxes, and most importantly I collect knives. I’m pretty good with the spawns for them. I generally won’t even go after anybody unless I end up morphing right on top of them. Once I get my shift though it’s on. The distance it has is fantastic. It’s so far and fast that I catch people out of my sense range, and once I get stalk it’s the best. Since it has such a short cooldown i usually always have it up, and I feel people don’t realize how good it is. I’ve had so many people run into my arms just standing around corners. 9 is also very good at catching cars. Since I have so few traps a car is bound to get started and I love chasing them down. I always want at least one of the cars to start because if I stop His only issue is groups of good players. Since he doesn’t have the + weapon strength it can take a lot of hits to make a thick skin limp. I’ve had the game since release and I don’t know what + stun resistance is. I get stunned just as much as every other Jason which is pretty much whenever I am attacked. Other then that though I love him, wish he didn’t look as rotted though.
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