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  1. It is only my opinion you pea brain...
  2. No no no... I was surprised about it... And shared how i felt about it... Crying is when you say "you need to buff jason because i got killed"... No
  3. You are right... I don't even play mp games that much cuz all my free time goes to practicing drums... So yeah
  4. Someone who has played 2 years straight.lol.. Bots are too stupid to even be a challenge so can't practice that way either
  5. If all the players are complete potatoes
  6. I don't know maybe prevent tommy to spawn or more hits before the mask flies off... Im not a game developer so i don't know.
  7. You can say what you want but i think that it is way too easy to kill jason Cuz it is way too easy.
  8. I find every day this game more broken... Wtf only 2 People... This proves that jason is as dangerous as a muppet. Im almost done.
  9. I have seen them but remember that we have 20 Min to kill them all and that is REALLY short timeframe for that
  10. Dude if u do that grab animation there is no dodging or blocking that hit
  11. I know that i get use to it but i just hate that stupid game mechanic with a passion
  12. Wise words man can't argue with that
  13. Jason should be a ultimate killing machine that cannot be stopped but that stun mechanic is bullshit... There is nothing you can do about it... In this game playing as a jason is a curse more than anything and i hate it... It should be the other way.