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  1. @mattshotcha Can't you simply set-up a zone to deal damage to the players going into it ? What if the fear, when it is too intense for the character, could make him run randomly around or having an "heart attack" effect ?
  2. What if instead of being stunned for so long, Jason was only stunned on his feets for a split second and slowed after ????
  3. The problem is that the Jason-Hunters Teams doesn't need to be good, they just need to be coordinated because the game mechanics are against Jason when he is facing an armed crowd of optimized killers... The problem with those Teams is still here, Jason is still outnumbered.
  4. Is a change in the game mechanics considered a new content ?

    1. F134Ever86


      Not unless it adds assets to the game.

    2. KenshiroHNK


      Thanks :)

      I think that the Fear Mechanics should be revised then.

  5. It happened to me at the police so I've gone through the tunnel in the other sense and I could leave the area normally. Jason grabbed when I hit the Police Area which triggered the glitch.
  6. That's true, except for the Jason's Teamkillers/ Trolls. Now they just avoid the permastun and the trolling to get the job done in less than 10 minutes.
  7. I think that: 1 - Jason should be removed from the map when Morphing. 2 - The system of Fear needs a rework. I propose to base it on the GURPS Fright Check table: http://bignose.whitetree.org/projects/gurps/house-rules.devel/fright-check.xhtml The interesting point is the variety of effects of fear that can make the PJs completely nuts and have physical and/or mental afflictions. @ShiftySamurai @mattshotcha
  8. Now they are trying to kill Jason within 10 mins. I used Jason Part 2 and I got demasked in 3 blows max... They should make Jason a better fighter.... And nerf the running...
  9. I literally died twice >< they were well organized and i couldn't do shit
  10. first time i got killed as Jason since the patch wtf
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