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  1. I don't understand why the paks file can be so easily exploited despite an anticheat. Savini comes with a variety of hacks. I commit suicide when Savini is Jason and I observe as a spectator. They all have infinite sense, morph, and shift...
  2. As long as the Russians or Ukrainians are not going to invade the US no action will be taken. The proof is that there is no communication about it to appease our anger. The ban is useless because it became unmanageable and therefore a waste of time. Already that it's been a year that the dll unlocks all dlc with impunity and that it is not patched ... I made myself a macro alt + f4 that allows to leave the game when Jason uses infinite shift. You have time to leave in one touch when Jason grab you. To use just for cheaters of course
  3. This is because you play on the US server. When I put my vpn on the US server everything is fine.
  4. It's on the EU server I bet ... I see that every day. Savini dll and Jason with infinite shift. It becomes an epidemic. I noticed they are all 150 levels. Strange to risk their account lvl150.
  5. If only this could happen to those who have the dll...😒
  6. New content is out. Oops, sorry it's only for cheaters.
  7. There is a very good way to know if a Savini is legit or not but I will not say it. And I only see non-legit Savini. Anyway if to banish the few remaining players is THE solution rather than patching that I have nothing more to say. Good game everyone.
  8. ahab When you have 1 or more Savini 1 lobby on 2 pc it shock me. When I see the same players with their bloody Savini for months I wonder who is banned? The seller of the hack on Ebay removes his sale after 28 hacks sold and sells it again to avoid being spotted. Is he banned from Ebay for months that he practices this? This problem is not a priority maybe or well ?
  9. Many lvl150 have the Savini hack. Yesterday there were 3 in my lobby. Banishing players is not the solution, too many players own this hack. The anticheat program should prevent the game from starting.
  10. The developers have to patch this flaw because it's sad that hackers take advantage of what we paid. Thank you for your reply makred78.
  11. Hello, same question as makred78, I have the backers clothes but never received the code from those of the pc physical copy, except Jason bloody. I see players with these clothes, often Russians and I would like to receive mine. (Sorry for the mistakes I often read the forum but I am French and translate with Google translation).
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