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  1. @mattshotcha Hey guys. Don’t forget each Friday the 13th that half of the world has west of the International Date Line. Meaning we get on the game each Friday the 13th all excited only to find it hasn’t been switched on yet ☹. Switching it on Thursday before you go home means it will be available actually on Friday rather than Saturday for all those players who are not in the U.S.
  2. @mattshotcha Hope we have double XP this weekend. Remember it is Friday the 13th in Australia already 😉
  3. Thanks @mattshotcha and the team. This is the best patch for a long time. The AU Servers are connecting again, finding a game is MUCH faster, and there are no new show-stoppers introduced. Obviously there are still issues like the knife/car which you are looking into, but a really really good release. Well done guys!
  4. @Hennifer02 Hey mate. You need to @ the persons name to message them
  5. I appreciate the reply @mattshotcha but I fear they are telling you porkies. I have spoken to many dozens of players over the last few months and always make a point to ask them if they have ever got into an AU Dedicated Server lobby since it went down 4 months ago. In every case I have been told that the AU server is no where to be seen. These include power players totaling hundreds if not thousands of hours of game play from every State in Australia, day and night and the AU has never been available (I personally have tried everywhere between 7am and midnight). So ‘technically’ they may be up, but no one is accessing them. I understand that this is going to ‘require some doing’, but it has been 4 months now. How much ‘doing’ does it need? They need to move us onto the AP or even US server until they get their ‘doing’ sorted.
  6. @mattshotcha Hi mattshotcha. As I am sure you are aware, the AU servers have been 100% down for PlayStation since August. The other region servers that went down at that same time have been restored but AU has never been recovered. Worse still, there has been no redundancy to put the AU users onto the AP or US servers hence getting into any game other than a party with friends is virtually impossible. Now that 5 months has passed with no action, can you give me a detailed answer on what is being done and what the path forward will be for Australia and New Zealand customers?
  7. @Somethin Cool But as you said, "the ways they're accomplishing them keeps changing", hence they will keep finding new glitches you, I and the Developers are not aware of. Make the roof a place of death and the problem is solved for good.
  8. By the way, thanks @mattshotcha for at least replying to people's posts. It's a good start.
  9. @Somethin Cool I wish I could believe that they are almost there, but after 2 years and now this much anticipated release, cheaters can still get on the roof using the exact same method they used prior to the patch. In my mind that is just another massive fail on behalf of the Development Team and the Testers. I have 0% confidence they will be able to resolve this issue by plugging holes. I share you concern re the car/knife thing, but maybe when they release a Instant death option for the roof they could try something crazy like …. Test it! Once I again, I am a software tester myself and if I let something like this go through to production I would have lost my job.
  10. I just posted this on the Jason Kills Bugs site: Guys seriously? Update to specifically fix the rooftop bug and within minutes people are back on the roof. Solution. Rather that trying to plug all the holes in this bug, simply make the roof surface instant death. If someone steps anywhere on the rooftop their character instantly dies. If they do stick around until the end of game, the cause of death should show as “Cheated”. No one goes on the roof by “accident” so no collateral damage. By doing this you no longer need to (unsuccessfully) plug holes in the roof glitch. As a software tester myself I can’t believe how bad the testers must be. But this solution is an easy fix. Then it doesn’t matter if there are 1,000,000 ways onto the roof, you don’t have to plug the holes, just let the cheaters die. I REALLY hope a moderator reads this and passes it on.
  11. Good - Dedicated Servers - Awesome. Finally it is throwing me into games!!! Had a great night with no dropouts Bad - Boat making sounds?! What the hell. Change that next update. Bad, bad decision. Bad - You can no longer look at your Map whilst climbing out windows. That really sucks. Who thought that was a good idea?
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