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  1. Yesterday I jumped lobbies 33 TIMES and was Jason ONCE....ONCE!!!!! I believe new Jason's get picked 1st...as I saw the 150 lev Jason's like me...not getting picked time and time again Escaping is so easy against a veteran Jason, as a counselor I could do it blindfolded...it's not fun anymore Jason however is always challenging against a group of veterans...esp a few Vanessa's with medic perk/toughness/ect I uninstalled it today...
  2. I've been playing since day 1 jackass I already suggested to make being a counselor MORE FUN...open your fkn ears
  3. The current system is a FAILURE Proof is that every match...EVERY match has 1 or 2 drop outs after they're not picked as Jason...and me too Like I have stated before...the IQ/Experience/ect level of counselors who play now is WAY TO LOW A beginning Jason can get 8/8 kills easily now The few veteran counselors who do play...MOST would rather be Jason I see more veteran players leaving after not being picked as Jason...then ever before This game should absolutely have a better matchmaking system...it's a lazy design I take polls in my lobbies and almost ALL the people have set their preference to Jason!!!!!! Meaning..... IT'S FUNNER TO BE JASON...so FIX YOUR DAMN GAME TO MAKE IT FUNNER TO BE A COUNSELOR
  4. so far every veteran counselor is running medic perks...it makes throwing knives weaker...I have to hit them 6 times with knives and slash them 4 times...it's to the point now where TOMMY is almost un-catchable with a veteran running him
  5. I thought the EXPERIENCE BOOST OF 2.3 was a good idea for helping noobs get some better perks...us veterans already have everything... so it didn't help us It should stay 2.3
  6. The logic is: As they near the exit for the cops...a knife will allow them to escape Maybe you need to have killed over 1313 counselors and played over a 1,000 matches as Jason...LIKE I HAVE to have an opinion that matters Nooby-Doo
  7. I SLICE & DICE more than ever before...now I seldom grab...why take a chance they have knives...it's not as fun as grab kills for sure but...
  8. THIS is why I ONLY play as Jason now...teamwork? the noobs don't kno the meaning...Competitive? ahhh no, not in their vocab...THEY are only good for 1 thing now.... BUTCHERED BY JASON
  9. Had a very frustrating experience tonight with a counselor... Everyone else was dead With 6 minutes to go...VANESSA jumps thru broken windows OVER 20 TIMES! After grabbing her once (she of course had a knife too)... Every time I hit her with throwing knives/broken windows ...she just keeps using a healing spray After the match she said she has 3 legendary medic perks (gives her an extra spray per can and 40% healing) So she had 2 cans to begin with(4)...and a knife, then luckily found another can(2) in the house I chased her in, then grabbed another can(2) off a dead counselor outside THIS needs to be fixed ASAP (what an exploit)
  10. I thought it might be cool to have all the players who strictly play as Jason (mainly the ones who kill all counselors/very experienced), to tell THEIR story --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I play as PART 5 Jason only (wearing bloody clothes) I use sheers and use these 4 killing styles 1. Rip off their arms 2. Rip off their head 3. Stab them from underneath their jaw then stab them in the side of the head 4. And my favorite...CLIP OFF THEIR ARMS AND HEAD...like scissors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My tactics start with setting a trap at the phone fuse house, then ripping off the doors there, then grabbing any throwing knives there, then destroying the nearest light fuse box Then I set traps at the 4 seater car then 2 seater car/or boat (5 traps total) Next I search for throwing knives, break off doors near cars, and destroy all light fuse boxes I usually don't kill anyone for the first 3-5 minutes (unless they jump in front of me) Also I'm learning to act like Jason a lil when it comes to using STALK and waiting patiently behind bushes or walls then ambushing them to hear that scream I have found new love for this game by being Jason 100% of the time...There's always room to improve and get better...to be a perfect Jason is hard, maybe even impossible to kill everyone 100% of the time...but it's sure fun to try NOTE TO JASONS: There are groups in private chats all working together to kill you...they sometimes even use all the same counselors... i.e. Chad or A.J. specifically - my advice for dealing with them is to kill the girls who head for the sweater 1st...then use stalk and wait for them to break up into smaller groups...collect at least 15 throwing knives...then ambush them from afar with stalk...DON'T GET CLOSE
  11. I have stopped being a counselor due to the outright idiocy and/or lack of experience of others. They can't give this game away now...the servers are at an all time low (waiting 5 minutes for a game sunday night 10/28) Sooo...I've been JASON now ONLY...if i'm not picked I leave game and wait again EVERY game I wipe out everybody ...sometimes 10/8 because of the grab not killn glitch Only being Jason and slaughtering everyone is fun now... too bad too...I used to enjoy being a counselor working with other good counselors NOTE: if you see me online please try and kill me...it's the only challenge anymore
  12. Would be nice to have LEVEL MATCHMAKING...nothing gets me more excited than a lobby full of level 150's (I kno it's gonna be epic fun)
  13. As I always play Tiffany...I'm a runner who rarely fights unless trapped in a bathroom or if another counselor is grabbed near me and I have a weapon What are you?
  14. WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE IN TROUBLE... Do you attack Jason? Do you run away? Do you act as a decoy? Do you heal them? Do you watch them die with joy?
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