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    Jason bullying

    Did Jason teleport in the movies? HELL NO He waited patiently and stalked his victims TELEPORTING JASON IS BS Did Jason shift in the movies? HELL NO This game is not based on the Jason in the movies...SO STOP DEMANDING THE GAME PLAY OUT LIKE THE MOVIES If there was a movie based on THIS JASON GAME..the movie would last 20 minutes or less...unless the CHEATING OVERPOWERED SAVINI is used...then 10 minutes or much less Every movie someone escapes... CONCLUSION... THIS JASON is OVERPOWERED ALREADY...so stop bitchn and whining...Yeah you Jason's GF
  2. Purience

    Thought Y'all Fixed This

    XBOX happens 1-25 games also not being able to jump thru windows/stun Jason with flare guns/fire weapons/ect