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  1. Came back to this game after months. I get 0 out of 8 kills as Jason And constantly die as counsellor It isn't fun anymore I also cannot hit Jason. I try, he grabs, I die, so have to use long range weapons which have one shot, little chance of hitting too, and no stamina recharge...
  2. Debuff Jason. His grab is ridiculous. I survive once every 50 games at best.
  3. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME. One match in two hours. It is really bad, just unplayable.
  4. I CANNOT PLAY THIS GAME. IT DOES NOT LET ME.I will send a pm with photos of how long my search times are if anyone wants, as they are too large to attach. I can barely find a single game. In two hours I have been in A SINGLE MATCH. I died. Great. Then after the match it came up, searching for lobby. FINE. The one I was in was perfectly fine, although full of experts. 15 minutes later, I give up searching and restart the ps4. I have been sat here since rebooting a few times just watching the searching screen. This BLOWS. I had no trouble before this. It is even worse that after each match it then goes back into this eternal searching cycle. Every. Single. Match. I am sorry but I am not wasting hours of my life at a time for a SINGLE MATCH. This is disgraceful.
  5. The servers are messed up. I cannot play anymore. I have been sat here TWO HOIRS AND PLAYED ONE GAME TOTAL. My photo is too large but this current search is still ongoing at 9:19. Greaat! Also I cannot join lobbies as it fails to retrieve the data or says the server is no longer accepting requests. This is atrocious.
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