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  1. Mince

    Sweet Trap Locations

    I love placing counselor traps on objectives before the Jason gets there. I've gotten many Jasons this way. Once my friend and I were fooling around a bit and placed four traps in front of the car at Packanack. We actually managed to trap Jason a bit by running in circles around them, but he wised up pretty quickly. Otherwise, trapping the fuse and the battery + gas at the car is useful when I have time.
  2. I love seeing someone dancing around at the police exit get slashed to death. Particularly when you see knives fall from their corpse after they die.
  3. Mince

    Jason is weak

    I have not watched this entire clip. But I believe there is no way that the mask comes off in one shotgun hit. I simply have never seen that happen in all my time playing. Even if that Tiffany with the shotgun had some trifecta of damage-increasing perks for that one situation. Where is the footage from the beginning of the match? I have played in hundreds of matches where I've had to fight Jason tooth and nail to get the mask off. Most of the time that is not what I'm trying to do though, I'm just trying to survive. I also notice that you put all of your traps at the shack. This means you didn't put any of them on the phone or cars. So for the first 5-10 minutes of the match, nobody was doing anything to escape. Personally I just do not agree with the idea that Jason is weak. I guess I am 11 pages too late. But I don't see it having played the game almost since launch. The only possible counselor nerf I see being appropriate is being able to restart repairing until you get easier repair checks. You should have to complete whatever repair it gives you, so you can't cheese by on a low repair character. Maybe there are some other things out there, but I do not see Jason being weak. The notion of Jason hunting is absurd. In general the playerbase on PC is so bad that nothing gets done in most matches. A lot of Jarvis players have no idea what to do. Even when a kill is ready to be performed, there's a good chance of *someone* messing it up. Many Jason players are so used to counselors running around aimlessly that when two or three people actually do help each other and fight back, the Jason gets mad and claims they are overpowered or cheating.
  4. I would love a stat screen, and more stats kept in general. I wish the game would show you more at the end of the match, a sort of brief "highlight" reel similar to the loading screens in Left 4 Dead. For example: - Most repairs completed per counselor - Most Jason stuns and teammate saves per counselor - Time taken to escape (from shortest to longest, for those that did survive) - Least damage taken per counselor - Most drawers checked - Distance traveled during match I do wonder a lot of times what other players were doing during the match, this would help answer those questions. Having played this game since June of last year, it would be great to see how many repairs I've completed and teammates I've saved. But I doubt the developers themselves even kept track of this. GTA III had an in depth stats screen on the PS2 in 2001, so I wish more games did these days.
  5. Mince

    I'm waiting for new patches.

    Devs PLEASE do not change health spray spawns any more. I have finally learned where they all are again, after discovering the island spray on Packanack Small. We have had to relearn them after every major patch. That is all I ask of.