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  1. Here is one thing that I think is underrated... finding health spray. On every map there are static health spray spawns that are there every single time, such as the lifeguard station on Packanack, the bathrooms on Jarvis House, log on Higgins Haven big, etc. It is amazing how many people run past these and don't know about them. You have such an advantage if you grab these at the start. If you have Medic equipped for two health spray uses, you can effectively get six health spray uses at the start of the round. Health sprays used to spawn in every bathroom, then they changed it and put them at campsites and random static spawns in the map. Now they are at very few campsites, but the static spawns probably won't change anymore.
  2. There was a way to do this on PC. It was a text file that you modified in your game directory. Once your game got past the intro it would put you on whatever map you typed in the file. You could switch characters with the press of a button, and even switch between Jasons and place unlimited traps. Originally people were using this to access the Grendel map, but that was patched out quickly. However, in my memory you could still do this for some time and play on the eight released maps. I have no idea if this is patched, and I could not find any information about it (it was originally on the Reddit). I don't think it was bannable in any way, since you could not join an online match with it, nor have any real gameplay, it was just walking around in an empty map. Pretty much it was just a standard file supported by Unreal Engine that launches a map as soon as the game is started, for debug purposes. Does anyone else remember this?
  3. That is the same thing that happened to me. All my old perks gone, but the CP is back, plus bonus CP. So I'm thankful for that.
  4. I had the same issue with my perks reset. My level is unchanged (was already at 150). The perks that you see still in the slots have no effect, they are just for show. So until they fix your account, you are stuck playing with no perks just like me. I sent an email about two weeks ago, which understandably got pushed to the side while they are dealing with the hacking. If I don't hear something back in a week or two I'll email again. You should do the same.
  5. Agreed! Some things you just don't appreciate till they are gone. Now I do miss being able to play the game, even with its problems. One problem being that my CP and perks were wiped out a few days prior to the servers breaking down. 1300 hours on Steam and playing since June 2017, never had an issue with perks until then. Even if they do bring the servers back I doubt I'll see my perks again.
  6. The game appears to be busted on PC still. Cannot join a match at all.
  7. Are the time-out errors fixed? Playercount seems to have rebounded.
  8. I am surprised there is not a sale, even a 25% off discount. The playercount on PC really does pick up every time they have a sale.
  9. Wow, I had forgotten all about Tommy's lines when he spawned in. It really has been years since they were heard in game. Would be nice to see these restored in a future patch!
  10. Ah yes, how I could forget those blue circles posted on social media every week.
  11. For new maps they going to add the Lazarus boat from Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan in some form. That was posted by a few people who somehow got access to development versions. Unsure if it was a new standalone map or more of a virtual cabin-type experience. KM-14, the android character from Jason X, was supposed to be added, presumably as a Tommy Jarvis stand-in for the Grendel map. You can find it on the F13 Game wiki, or you can probably bring up Steam Community right now and see less than legitimate videos of her. https://fridaythe13ththegame.fandom.com/wiki/Kay-Em There is other new content that was mentioned, but no development was seen in any leaked builds. You were supposed to be able to customize cars and change their colors at one point, mentioned by the devs in 2017.
  12. Thanks for the update Dream Warrior. Seems like the glitch is still around. Wonder if the developers can comment on it.
  13. Wanted to provide feedback for the recent patch. Players are still assigned random counselors in matches, despite the patch notes saying it was fixed. I go in a lobby, I wait several minutes at the loading screen, I get a character that I didn't have selected. This is on the PC version.
  14. New patches for this game are welcome. Fixes for the random counselor glitch and Jason throwing knives at the car are much appreciated, since these have been very annoying bugs for some time now. As for the mask buff, we will have to see how it plays out, but hopefully it will satisfy the playerbase. I think the mask taking longer to come off might actually help my playstyle, since I can save that stun for Jason until later in the match. Personally I do wish there would be some change to the rage buff. I have played the game since June 2017 and have seen all periods of Jason being too powerful, counselors too powerful, glitches that have come and gone, and everything inbetween. Jason being immune to stuns after the first 5-10 minutes of the match changed the game significantly. I saw many changes that could be made on both sides, but did not anticipate the rage buff. Perks like Sucker Punch and counselors with higher stun chance really became less important. From what I've seen over the last year and half, a LOT of people just leave matches when they're killed or right before death, meaning by the end it's only one or two people left with the Jason. And while it does make sense that you can't fix everyone not playing the objective, counselors who play to complete objectives and escape are further penalized. With all the new players from the sales there are many people who do not put in car parts or fuses, they just walk around until they are killed. Jason players typically chase after one or two people who are repairing cars and fuses, and tunnel them till death. I never saw the kill squads that everyone talked about, but I am playing on PC, I guess it is different from consoles. If all players did objectives, the rage buff would make sense. But as it is now the game can be much more frustrating than it was before the buff. I do agree with suggestions others have made, such as making firecrackers and flare guns stun Jason in rage mode, or letting Tommy Jarvis stun Jason in rage mode. Alternatively you get a very small stun chance (25%) that keeps going down until the end of the match. And I could suggest a nerf for counselors to balance it out. Counselors should not be able to keep retrying a repair to get less skill checks. This way a Vanessa cannot easily get a five skill check repair, for example. They must repair that item and move onto something else for it to change. But I do not know what is possible programming wise. Good luck with future patches, hope to see more.
  15. I don't agree at all about there being a limit on cop escapes. If you get to the police you deserve to escape. There are plenty of obstacles to calling the cops, no need to add any nerfs. Just remove police escapes if you're gonna do that, imo. I've been in plenty of matches where the cops are the only escape, Jason is in rage mode and he is chasing me across the map. If I'm able to fight my way to that police exit I deserve the win. By that same thorn any player that is also camping at the exit also deserves the win. So I do agree something could be done about people standing around. If counselors camp in the same small area for an extended period of time (I.E. same house, or right in front of the cops) their fear should increase or Jason should be alerted to where they're at.
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