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  1. I don't agree at all about there being a limit on cop escapes. If you get to the police you deserve to escape. There are plenty of obstacles to calling the cops, no need to add any nerfs. Just remove police escapes if you're gonna do that, imo. I've been in plenty of matches where the cops are the only escape, Jason is in rage mode and he is chasing me across the map. If I'm able to fight my way to that police exit I deserve the win. By that same thorn any player that is also camping at the exit also deserves the win. So I do agree something could be done about people standing around. If counselors camp in the same small area for an extended period of time (I.E. same house, or right in front of the cops) their fear should increase or Jason should be alerted to where they're at.
  2. Looks like the quickest escape I've done is 2 minutes, 42 seconds.
  3. Rather than putting Savini Jason up for sale, as a PC player I would greatly appreciate them putting the console-exclusive clothing set for sale. It is in the game files, but since the game never had a disc release on PC it is unobtainable. And compared to the backer-exclusive clothes which I don't think they would sell either, I don't think there would be the same backlash, since the console clothes are still available to everyone who buys the game on disc to this date.
  4. Interesting find. I started playing June 10th according to my screenshots, and I do have a few of the old limping animation. It's such a small change. Here is what it looks like now, what pretty much everybody is used to. You wouldn't know unless you compared the two. This is a little detail I never noticed. Guess that makes since, given how the original animation was there for less than a month, and we've had the other one for over two years. While we're at it, I still remember retro Jason was supposed to be launched with his own unique kills. 😅 But hey, at least the fuse and other items don't glitch in the ground anymore. Among many other changes...
  5. Agreed. They should have allowed PC players to legitimately obtain those clothes. I would gladly bought a DLC, or even bought the game again on physical media, just to get them. The outfits, especially Tiffany's bird shift and Deborah's blue striped sweater, are much better than those crappy Halloween costumes and swimsuits.
  6. I would love it if another company bought this game and worked on it again one day. However I disagree that they should expand on the single player. They'd be much better off focusing on multiplayer imo. That is what the longevity of the game comes from. I'm not sure if they would pick up where the old devs left off, like finishing Paranoia and Uber Jason, or if they'd start in a new direction. Probably the latter. If the gaming industry continues in its current trend, Friday the 13th will return as a free to play battle royale game with microtransactions.
  7. For the last month or two it's been impossible to find US servers. The game sits there searching for a server for 2-3 minutes until eventually it drops me in an EU, SA, or AP server. The last time I played, it was actually taking over 6 minutes to find a server, and it was just putting me in local servers after all that. I'm thinking there are only a handful of US servers left. It makes it very hard to play this game, and I don't know why it's like that when the playercount is under 300 most nights anyway. I never want to play on anything besides a US server, the ping is too bad and there's no excuse given that the servers used to work much better. Of course, back when they let you pick your region, US servers were full of angry players from certain other countries, but that has now subsided for the most part.
  8. Been trying to play this game tonight and it keeps putting me in local servers. It tries to put me in a lobby for about 4-5 minutes, then it drops me in a game where the host has no ping, clearly local servers. I was having the login issues earlier too. I guess it really is gone.
  9. A lot of perks have always been useless, like anything to do with swimming, hiding in tents, etc. I'd argue perks related to stunning also have limited use after the last patch. I used Sucker Punch most of the time previously, but now the perk doesn't do anything after the first 5-10 minutes of the match (can't increase stun chance on Jason after he's in rage). I'm sure some people here have passed 1 million CP and have nothing to spend it on with the crap perk system. I have 600k myself.
  10. Speaking for the PC version which is at 244 players as I speak (well below the 300 threshold to have the playercount hidden on the Steam community page) I would say it's pretty dead compared to its old self. The only thing deader would be something like Bloody Good Time which usually has zero players. The line about there still being servers is questionable. It takes a very long time to get a US server in quick play. Most of the time I am thrown in a EU or SA server and have to keep retrying. No new content can be added, not even a tree, a rock, or a new Jason and 6 kills that hackers got to play fully completed in public matches. However, new boat sounds, new Jason mask icons for rage mode, and an port to an entirely new platform which will require its own coding, UI elements, hardware support, etc, is not considered new content and is perfectly fine. I am not saying this because I hate the game, it's the opposite, I am upset because I enjoyed this game very much. I hate to see this fading to oblivion while far inferior (imo) games retain their popularity. My post count on this forum is not indicative of how much I've played this game.
  11. They did at one point. Message related on July 11th when I was in the salt mines and tried to join a friend's game on PC.
  12. I have 141 matches down as Jason. I got the "Head Counselor" achievement for 1000 counselor rounds on October 9, 2017. So based on that ratio, I probably will never get those two Jason achievements, sadly. Even if I am generous and said I could get six Jason matches a night with Jason preference on, I would have to do that for 143 days straight to get the achievement.
  13. I agree with the OP. I've played the game since a week after launch, so I remember lots of broken things in this game. Items getting stuck in the ground, counselors not being able to stun Jason, rubber banding on cars, too many knife and spray spawns, etc. However, not being able to stun Jason in rage mode really does limit the game a lot. I guess the devs just intend for the matches to be short once Jason gets rage, since it's next to impossible for counselors to survive for long periods of time. Like others have said, if you are the last person left alive, you will be very lucky if you can hit Jason once and get your stamina back. Most of the time you will get grabbed immediately. People might say it was broken when baseball bats could stun Jason through the door every time, but I think a more reasonable change would have been to make it so the stun chance goes down throughout the rest of the match. If Jason gets rage within the first five minutes because people are hitting him, the remaining 15 minutes are pretty much wasted, there is no way the game can go on that long. Perks that increase stun chance and stats like luck just become irrelevant. Why would I use a perk that gives me more stun chance if it only works for 1/4 of the match? It was a weird way to indirectly nerf Sucker Punch and the luck stat. The argument is there that you should be repairing stuff and escaping in the first five minutes. I don't know what platforms are the most common on here, but for me, random lobbies on PC are devoid of any teamwork. I always try to repair objectives in every match, but I get tunneled by Jason 90% of the time. Most people find car parts and leave them in the houses instead of bringing them to the car. If Jason has trapped every car and is tunneling after you, while other people are sitting in homes or crouched in the woods, it is very difficult to repair cars. A lot of my repairs over the last few years were done in the last few minutes of the match. I've gotten away in a car with literally about five seconds left. I've also been slashed to death by Jason with five seconds left. Neither of those scenarios will ever happen again because I'll be dead long before that. If the devs never intend to change this, I can predict the vast majority of people will just disconnect if Jason is about to kill them in rage mode. The salt mines haven't worked in months either.
  14. They probably don't know how to fix it. We will have to contend with getting Fox and Lachappa every time someone is slow to load in.
  15. I love placing counselor traps on objectives before the Jason gets there. I've gotten many Jasons this way. Once my friend and I were fooling around a bit and placed four traps in front of the car at Packanack. We actually managed to trap Jason a bit by running in circles around them, but he wised up pretty quickly. Otherwise, trapping the fuse and the battery + gas at the car is useful when I have time.
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