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  1. I have never been a fan of the rage buff, but I am in the minority. I feel that the buff eliminates the latter two thirds of the game, makes it impossible to survive the night, makes all perks related to luck and stunning useless. Before the buff in January 2019 I had hundreds of great escapes near the end of the game, and matches where I fought Jason alone until the timer ran out. Never did I take part in "Jason pinata parties" and I have barely seen any of these since I started playing the game at launch, I feel that the PC community must be different from console, with less teamwork and Jason hunting on PC, as I have always had a different experience than most of you. Killing Jason was never my main objective, I always fought to escape in a car, boat, or cops. The only time I would kill Jason is if I had a friend in the match and we were being so ruthlessly tunneled that we had no time to do anything but grab the sweater. I also played my share of Jason matches before the rage buff and never thought that would be the solution, although I saw different ways to buff Jason back then, and could still see them now. However, it's just rambling on my part at this point. The devs responded to me soon after the rage buff and confirmed they would never change it. Haven't even been able to play the game in months due to hacked lobbies. And they are archiving this old dusty forum soon...
  2. I have a VPN as well. Do you have a certain region that you play in to find lobbies that aren't hacked? Or is it just a guess?
  3. This is a limitation of Windows. You cannot listen to sound and use the microphone from bluetooth headphones. This is what I found when I tried to use bluetooth for the same thing. To my understanding there is no work around.
  4. I would agree with most of these, but I don't think the part about only finding 3 pocket knives per match is correct. There might be 3 pocket knives inside drawers, but more pocket knives can be found at campsites and at other unmarked locations around each of the maps. Jarvis House in particular spawns them on coolers, barrels, places you would never guess. As for "A player muted in game chat can still hear you talking.", people who say this probably refer to when you mute someone in lobby, then other players join the lobby afterwards, it resets everyone that you muted. Even though the symbol is still there you can hear them and they can hear you. You have to remute the person to get it to take effect. The developers released a patch to "address" this but the mute is still broken.
  5. My understanding in the past was that if Jason was demasked by a bear trap, you would be able to kill him, but the mask would still be on him. I don't think this is the case anymore, I've seen Jasons step into traps and the mask falls off right away.
  6. Here is one thing that I think is underrated... finding health spray. On every map there are static health spray spawns that are there every single time, such as the lifeguard station on Packanack, the bathrooms on Jarvis House, log on Higgins Haven big, etc. It is amazing how many people run past these and don't know about them. You have such an advantage if you grab these at the start. If you have Medic equipped for two health spray uses, you can effectively get six health spray uses at the start of the round. Health sprays used to spawn in every bathroom, then they changed it and put them at campsites and random static spawns in the map. Now they are at very few campsites, but the static spawns probably won't change anymore.
  7. There was a way to do this on PC. It was a text file that you modified in your game directory. Once your game got past the intro it would put you on whatever map you typed in the file. You could switch characters with the press of a button, and even switch between Jasons and place unlimited traps. Originally people were using this to access the Grendel map, but that was patched out quickly. However, in my memory you could still do this for some time and play on the eight released maps. I have no idea if this is patched, and I could not find any information about it (it was originally on the Reddit). I don't think it was bannable in any way, since you could not join an online match with it, nor have any real gameplay, it was just walking around in an empty map. Pretty much it was just a standard file supported by Unreal Engine that launches a map as soon as the game is started, for debug purposes. Does anyone else remember this?
  8. That is the same thing that happened to me. All my old perks gone, but the CP is back, plus bonus CP. So I'm thankful for that.
  9. I had the same issue with my perks reset. My level is unchanged (was already at 150). The perks that you see still in the slots have no effect, they are just for show. So until they fix your account, you are stuck playing with no perks just like me. I sent an email about two weeks ago, which understandably got pushed to the side while they are dealing with the hacking. If I don't hear something back in a week or two I'll email again. You should do the same.
  10. Agreed! Some things you just don't appreciate till they are gone. Now I do miss being able to play the game, even with its problems. One problem being that my CP and perks were wiped out a few days prior to the servers breaking down. 1300 hours on Steam and playing since June 2017, never had an issue with perks until then. Even if they do bring the servers back I doubt I'll see my perks again.
  11. The game appears to be busted on PC still. Cannot join a match at all.
  12. Are the time-out errors fixed? Playercount seems to have rebounded.
  13. I am surprised there is not a sale, even a 25% off discount. The playercount on PC really does pick up every time they have a sale.
  14. Wow, I had forgotten all about Tommy's lines when he spawned in. It really has been years since they were heard in game. Would be nice to see these restored in a future patch!
  15. Ah yes, how I could forget those blue circles posted on social media every week.
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