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  1. I don't want sympathy, I just want to know how to delete my f13 forum account....
  2. So, none of you will tell me? Kodiak was emailed 11 hours ago and NO response. Why would you guys want me to stay then? I don't want to. I want my account deleted. This is my email to Kodiak that was ignored.... would like to delete my f13 forum account. My comment had no vile language and it was removed. This is bullshit, especially when there are other comments on there that actually do and they also say things like " avoid gun media like the plague" etc.... So, I want to know how to delete my f13 forum account. HOW DO YOU DELETE ? I'm not making a scandal.... I just want to know how to friggin delete. Don't you guys find it weird that you don't get that option? I WANT TO GO How do you delete then so i can be on my merry way.... And by the way, no troll here , i just want to delete this damn thing
  3. I have looked in account and profile.... This seems to be a hidden option. I emailed Kodiak hours ago and no reply. I just want to be done with this. They censor speech when it isn't even foul, and call it "attacking Gun Media".... I want out , someone please tell me how to delete my f13 forum account
  4. This would be an homage to Gun Media and a slap in the face to all of us..... Steve Miller Band " Take the Money and Run" !!
  5. We NEED to be able to save our progress on our own machines for when they shut down the servers or else all of our hard fought progress will be shot to hell. I really have to believe that they will do this, but what do you guys think?
  6. Come on man..... Not only does new content end but we also seem to be losing things. Load screens are down to just the interior cabin screen. We are missing: The part 3 Jason by the campfire load screen, The part 2 Jason squeezing a dude's head in front of his shack load screen, The semi nude couple stabbed with spear load screen, The sexy chick in the lake load screen, and The Camp Forest Green load screen. Not only that, but this update also has missing sounds. I noticed that Pamela's laughter after the match is now gone. Numerous other sounds , like kill crunches and the opening cinematic has missing or out of place sounds happening. I know we've all taken turns bitching.... but DAMN, it's been out for almost a year and a half! We can't lose stuff..... We're supposed to be playing a near bug free game. I will give Illfonic some credit with this update.... It does run smoother, but addition by subtraction is horseshit. Please fix these things Illfonic. Please..... We have been MORE than patient
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