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  1. Is anyone else having issues with the offline play? Twice in a row, the phone box is still not fixed and is sparking, yet the police show up and it's less than 5 min into the game. I also didn't get a notification that they called and my traps aren't being set off. I also immediately (didn't grab the knives in my shack, immediately left) morphed to a car to find it already finished and someone starting it. And this is all offline bots.... oh, and one of the bots somehow glitched onto the roof at Higgins Haven, but he definitely didn't start that way bc I was chasing him earlier in the match. Anyone else having issues with offline? I haven't dared to try online since it's free on the psn right now.
  2. This is how every game has been for me lately. It's so frustrating. I've played for over 2 hours and haven't successfully finished 1 match.
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