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  1. I remember one match, can't remember which Jason I was, where it couldn't have been more than two or three hits. It was right at the beginning of the match and I encountered a Vanessa and maybe a Deb or Jenny at the car. They had the mask off inside of 15 seconds. I remember that one because it was so ridiculous. Another time I got the shack warning and went over there to find Tommy and a sweater girl together. Tommy hit me once, knocked the mask off, sweater girl did her thing and I was dead before I could do a thing about it. I might have taken some punishment before that, though. Then there have been other matches, as both counselor and Jason, where that thing is welded on there. The counselors are beating on Jason for 10 minutes before the mask finally comes off, if it ever comes off at all. That's awesome when it happens as Jason and frustrating as hell when you're a counselor.
  2. Bonker2468

    Funniest Experience?

    On Pinehurst I was Eric and found the gas at the top of the map, then went to fetch the propellor that somebody had dropped. Along the way I met up with a Vanessa that didn't have a mic and she started following. I normally hate that, but this time realized I could use it to my advantage. We got to the propellor and after some flashlight sign language she picked it up and off we went to the boat. On the way there, a Victoria started following us and I knew she was going to snipe a spot on the boat. After all the work we put in I wasn't about to let that happen. We'd damn well earned those spots. I fixed the boat, but tanked the propellor repair AND started squawking on the mic to another player being chased by Jason that we were fixing the boat, hoping Jason would overhear it. Sure enough, Jason comes along a moment later and scatters everybody. I was also letting Victoria and everyone else around know why I was doing it too. A minute or two later everyone has been chased away from the boat and is disorganized, so I start making a run back to it. What I didn't realize was that in the confusion earlier someone had actually started the boat, so when I hopped in and tried to crank it I just hopped back out again. That happened two or three times before I realized the problem, and in the meantime Victoria came running back to the boat. I was still pissed at her for trying to snipe a spot but no one else was around so I was going to let her on board. Jason was not far behind her, though. So in trying to pull away right as soon as she got in the boat I inadvertently left a second too early. She stepped off the dock and into the water and was drowned while I motored off and escaped. Total dick move on my end, even if accidentally, but the timing of it was so perfect that it was hilarious.
  3. Encountered a real jackass last night. Guy goes up on the roof almost immediately. I was just getting upstairs at the lodge when he and his buddy glitched up there, so I let him no in uncertain terms he was an asshole. Dude (he was a grown up) starts talking shit to me for the rest of the match, saying he's a twice-over Level 150 who has done everything else in the game, and I should let him do him and not worry about it. Except with a lot more F-bombs and salt. Calling me a bad player and a try hard and such while he's dancing on the roof. As an aside, he was playing as Vanessa. Go figure. They stayed up there the entire match. I tried standing in the tree line and sniping them with knives but was only able to land a few hits before I ran out. I decided to let every other counselor go while I hunted for knives. Had one of those moments of benevolence where I decided not to punish the people playing the game the right way while those fucksticks lived. Next match, the Jason spent about 15 minutes of the match just hunting down those two on Higgins Haven. God bless him. I think everybody else escaped but he made damn sure to hunt down those two and let them know it afterward. After I escaped I heard the glitchers talking about picking Packanack for the next round so they could go back on the roof and do their thing. The lobby crashed out before we got there, though. I can see maybe doing the roof thing once just to do it or to have fun in a lobby of friends. But seriously, what's the point? If you're that bored with the game why not just move on to something else?
  4. Bonker2468

    Best place to hide

    Depends how long you have to hide. If you're in a good spot in a house, like the Jarvis basement, Jason can easily spend several minutes tearing the place apart before he realizes you might be down there. And even if the house is lighting up on Sense it could still take a couple of minutes to thoroughly check the house, do a second scan of all the hiding places, and then a third more careful sweep of all the rooms to see someone hiding in a corner. If the player can be sneaky and find two good spots in there, it's even worse. You might still need to evade Jason eventually, but you can bleed A LOT of time off the clock and frustrate him.
  5. Bonker2468

    Sweet Trap Locations

    Good kill squad or bad, though, putting those traps on an objective would not have done me any good. In fact, I think I did trap the phone and one of the cars in addition to the stairs. I was still in a position to be killed until those traps came into play. And, yes, it was a bad kill squad that made a lot of mistakes. For all but the most elite among us (which I am not; I'd rate myself an A-minus at best) a good, coordinated kill squad means death no matter where you put your traps.
  6. Bonker2468

    Sweet Trap Locations

    Packanack stair traps claim another one. Last night I was Roy and got the call from Mother that someone was in the shack. Tommy slipped past me and sweater girl stunned me, but I peppered them with knives all the way back to the lodge and used up a couple of their sprays and a PK. When we got there, they were joined by three other counselors and I thought, "Oh shit, here we go" as they started trying to beat me up. They got a few licks in and so did I, but Roy's mask was thankfully glued to his face. They were mic'd up but pretty uncoordinated and after a minute they started to panic and head for the lodge. I'd placed two traps at the base of the steps earlier, like I always do, and somehow nobody ever saw them or tripped them even though every single counselor left alive was on the scene and we were a good 10 minutes into the match. The traps caught two of them, including Tommy, with one of them even angrily saying, "Who left a trap on the stairs!?" That was pretty satisfying. The trap got Tommy limping, and by this time my mask had been knocked off. I followed them all inside and finished Tommy off with two slashes literally two seconds before they hit the sweater. So, even though it wasn't protecting an objective, trapping the stairs definitely helped me thwart a kill squad. Hardly a waste.
  7. Bonker2468

    Sweet Trap Locations

    Those are my favorites. They try to play the stunny-stunny game, thinking they're badasses, and then they run right into the trap you left for them and are easy pickings. It's like seeing some super smart kid spell "cat" K-A-T at the national spelling bee.
  8. Bonker2468

    Sweet Trap Locations

    Well, obviously if you run into someone with Medic/Thick Skin/A pocketknife it's not going to work as effectively as it could. Nothing will. You can usually walk around the side of the cabin and catch them before they have a chance to spray or even break out of the trap, though. Maybe use a shift to make sure you get there. Then you grab or slash them down to finish them off. The element of surprise, since they're usually not expecting to step in that trap, gives you an extra second or two as well. And even if they're loaded to the gills with items (which, let's be honest, is not always the case) you're still trading a trap for a med spray and pocketknife, plus taking damage from the broken side window if they decide to try and loop you. That's not a terrible trade.
  9. Bonker2468

    Sweet Trap Locations

    As Jason, I love it when counselors try to hide in that cabin. They think they're slick by waiting for me to break down the door, then hopping out and running into the lodge. If I see them in there and have a trap to spare, I'll put one outside the high window before walking around, breaking the lower window and then breaking down the door. They invariably wait for me to get through the door before jumping out, and then they land right in the trap where I can walk or shift around and finish them off. You can do something similar on the small cabin across the street. People often try a similar tactic there. Other favorites: • The back stairs at Packanack • The door to that cabin on the northern part of Crystal Lake next to where the car always spawns. Whenever there's a battle for the car, counselors often run in there for a break or to look for a weapon. It's a good high traffic area with a controllable entrance/exit (only one door), and once the door is broken down they'll never use the windows. • The cabin in the middle of Jarvis House, just south of the two main houses. The phone and/or car often spawn there, so it's another high traffic area. I like to trap the objective and then the doors. Sometimes I even leave one of them open to make it look more innocent. • Toward the end of the match, the door of any one-room cabin that I've cornered a counselor in. I like to keep one trap in reserve, if possible, just for this purpose. Counselors love to trap their side of the door, wait for Jason to break in, and then run around him after he steps in their trap or they've stunned him. In their haste they don't often see the insurance policy I've left on the doorstep. I understand the logic that you should only trap objectives, but to me that's a little nearsighted. Any trap that's successfully used, especially if it leads to a kill, has been well spent. Deterring objectives is a good use for them, but still only one use.
  10. Playing a round last night on Packanack (on PS4, as Roy), I grabbed a Jenny alongside the car in the northern part of the map. I didn't have room to do a kill and she ended up breaking out -- in about 3 seconds. It seemed quick, but I didn't think too much of it since I did have to walk her into some open space. After a brief chase I grabbed her again and she broke out almost instantly. Couldn't have been more than 1-2 seconds. She didn't have a knife, it was a straight breakout that was faster than even Tommy. Faster than anything I've seen in a year of playing the game. Thankfully, they weren't very good and didn't run. I slashed them down a few seconds later. So my question is, was this a hack of some sort? Could a Legendary Escape Artist perk and fast fingers alone, maybe combined with some sort of No Fear build, have allowed them to break a grab that quickly? This was the same round that I had to deal with a rooftop glitcher and a counselor who was apparently hiding under a bed for most of the match. So I'm not putting anything past that group.
  11. You do have to carefully put down two traps side by side, which is a good chunk of the trap budget for most Jasons and means it's hard to trap both sides of the lodge and still have any left over for other objectives. Put them too far apart and they're easy to get around. You can also get into the trap of laying traps -- if you do it just right the first time, you can put another one or two down and effectively retrap it. I usually trap the road side of the lodge because there's more foot traffic in and out of that door, especially if a car or the phone spawns there. The plus side is that roughly 95 percent of the counselors never think to look for it, and even if they do you can often get them to run into it anyway if you put a little pressure on them.
  12. I know some of the perks transfer to Tommy. I use My Dad's A Cop with La Chappa, and if I die and wind up calling the cops with Tommy I still get the reduced time.
  13. Love, love, LOVE catching people on the Packanack stairs. Always set two traps at the base of the back steps that lead onto the main road, and almost always catch somebody in them at some point. If it doesn't kill them, it sure slows them down. Sometimes they'll try to spray and another quick slash stops that right quick. Last night I was chasing a Buggzy around that main room. I'd set my traps outside early in the match, but never broke the door. After a couple rounds of Ring Around the Living Room I broke down the door. After he PK'd me, he took the bait and ran out -- right into the traps. He got a little ways up the street and was starting to spray himself when I finished him and the match with a throwing knife from about 30 yards. Felt like a damn boss.
  14. I think the single-player challenges have what you seek. As for the waterborne tactics, I like using that one too. It's especially effective with Part 7 or 8 on Pinehurst, where you can move around in the water from one end of the map to the other nearly at shift speed. It's good to use while Morph or Shift are in cooldown, or just to save those abilities for when you hit shore again. Put on Stalk and Sense, cruise along in the water between the main house and middle peninsula until you find somebody, and then be ready to go for a shift grab when you close in on whatever counselor isn't paying attention on the shoreline like a crocodile snatching up an antelope. You can do something similar on Higgins, but it's not as effective on the other maps. Jarvis, Packanack and Crystal Lake (ironically) aren't really laid out right to make it useful. Those maps either don't have enough important stuff along the shore (Jarvis and Packanack), or the shoreline isn't well-suited to amphibious landings (Crystal Lake, which has that weird and annoying fence next to the boat house and a ton of room and cabins inland for counselors to flee to).
  15. I cleaned out a lobby the other day, going 8/8 with five grab kills, two slash kills and one via throwing knife. The knife one, there was a group of three counselors in a cabin early in the match and I just kept flinging them in there through the window. I think one of the slashes was finishing off a limper, and another was Tommy. Afterward, some dingus -- he must have been Tommy -- sarcastically says, "Why don't you grab somebody once in a while?" I pointed out to him that I got five grab kills that round and he comes back with, "Like I said ...?" Morons gonna moron. I prefer to grab kill, everybody does. But I'm not going to let a group swarm me or Tommy troll me when I can get my licks in, either. Part of being a decent Jason is assessing and adapting to the group you're facing. If I can slow down a Vanessa, Chad or Tommy by slashing, I'm going to do it. If I can finish off a limper without breaking stride, I'm going to do it. If I need to cut down a group that's ganging up on me, bet your ass I'm doing it. And in none of those situations am I feeling bad or cheap about it. That's what that particular round required me to do to succeed. I doubt any of the assholes complaining were feeling bad about chain stunning or tea bagging Jason.