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  1. Well, I'm not going to make it easy for them. If they do kill me I don't get bent out of shape about it. Either they played well enough to pull it off despite my best efforts, or I played like crap and opened the door to give them a chance to do it. Either way, I get mad for about 5 seconds and then tip my cap and ready up for the next match. My point was, if you're in a lobby primarily filled with a team of killers and any one of them are capable of playing the roles needed to pull off the kill, then it's kind of a Catch-22. If you try to play stall ball and not kill anyone, or be selective, then they're just going to complete objectives and escape. If you take the bait and kill the ones begging for it, then they'll get one of their guys back as Tommy and go for the kill. It all boils down to the intent and make up of the lobby. If the lobby isn't focused on going for kills for one reason or another, you don't have to worry about it too much. If the lobby is a group full of bored 150s who want to do nothing but kill Jason, then you're going to have to fight like hell and pull out all of your tricks to survive and hope it's enough.
  2. Good advice. It's important to remember that you've got 20 minutes to get them, and it doesn't matter if you kill them with 10 seconds or 10 minutes left on the clock. They'll have their fun, but usually all it takes is one mistake (sometimes two or three if they have a PK) and you still win. Keep them moving, keep the pressure on, snipe them with knives or get them limping when you can, and eventually you'll get them. Had a guy the other night who ran me around for 6 or 7 minutes. He did a good job and gave me fits, but I eventually got him to finish clearing the lobby. Afterward he was talking shit about how he ran me around the whole match. All I said was, "Yeah, but I still killed you, right? So I still win."
  3. The one issue with this is that, even if you see through the strategy, it doesn't matter if there are only one or two randoms in the lobby and the rest are in the killer group. Jason's goal in the game is to kill people. At some point, you have to kill somebody or else you're conceding the round either way. If you pick and choose too long they'll complete objectives and escape anyway.
  4. I've often spawned at the main house on Higgins and found three med sprays there before anyone else showed up (on the front porch, top of the stairs, and then either in the upstairs bathroom or a drawer). If I'd been running Medic that would have been six at the 45-second mark of the match.
  5. A tactic I've had some success with is turning when the counselor swings so that they hit Jason in the back instead of the front. I'm not sure if it's actually a thing or just happy coincidence, but I rarely (or at least not nearly as much) get stunned when I'm able to take the hit that way. Then I'm also able to turn back around and counterattack or grab.
  6. I did that twice in a couple of the earlier patches. Once, I was fighting a group of counselors in a cabin and pretty much slashing blindly during a brawl. They were all clustered together, and I must have hit them all the same number of times because three of them went down in one swing while a fourth ran for the door. The other time was much cooler. I set two traps on the roadside stairs at Packanack Lodge, side by side. Two female counselors were inside. I chased them for a moment, one of them shot me with a flare, and they ran for the door. Both of them hit the traps at the same time. I recovered, followed out the door, and they were limping away still side by side. I slashed once and they were still standing, so I slashed again. The second slash finished them both off. Because of that, I assumed you could always do a two-fer with your weapon. It was surprising when they announced that as something new in the last patch. It was just always really hard to do because most counselors don't line up to get slashed like that.
  7. On the counselor side, I definitely think about going for the kill more often. Once Rage hits, if nothing is fixed and there's a ton of time but not many counselors left, it's a more viable option for victory than trying to run out the clock or fixing something. Other than that, I was always focused on escape first so not much has changed on that front. I try to stay alert to what's going on in the match and adjust my objectives accordingly. With Jason, I don't freak out as much about the early-game piƱata parties. They hit me, they hit me. It'll put me in Rage faster and then it's game over. That sometimes puts me in danger if the mask comes off early, but I'll deal with it. One thing that still makes me curse is when a group of counselors STILL somehow finds a way to stun me with every hit while I'm in Rage -- bust through the door, step in a trap. Grab a counselor after shrugging off a melee attack, they have a pocketknife. Close in on another counselor, somebody snipes me with a shotgun. When you're supposed to be invincible, that's aggravating.
  8. The only thing P4 Jason has going for him over P3 is +Destruction, right? Shift, morph, traps and water speed are all worse. How on earth is he above P3 on any list?
  9. Oh, I play "normal" against regular lobbies. Finish off kills right away and don't employ any particular strategy on who dies first. It's just whoever I come across. This group, though, I know from playing with them what their sole mission is and that they're good at it. They're calling Tommy right away, have a Buggzy with the right perks to go on kamikaze missions against Jasons and damask him before he can do anything about it, etc. So against them, I don't even care if I get 2/8 and six or seven people escape. If I don't die, it's a win in my book. The last couple of games I didn't even trap objectives. I used them all at the shack to try and change up my strategy.
  10. I've recently started playing occasionally with a group that's a kill squad. It's fun when you're a counselor, but not so much when you get picked to be Jason. Going in knowing what they are and their mission, though, changes the way I play entirely. I'm trying some strategies to play defense and avoid the kill, which is really my only goal with that crew. One of them is slashing a Buggzy -- who was attacking to quickly demask me -- to the point of limping and then letting him live. I want him injured but not dead because I know that guy is a talented player who will come back as Tommy and make my soon to be short Jason life even more of a living hell. I figure if he's limping around I can at least make him hunt for a spray at worst, and finish him off easily later on at best. I'm basically trying to get him out of my hair for a bit. He was giving me some grief for that tactic last night, though. So is that bad etiquette? Am I being smart? Being an asshole? Being a smart asshole?
  11. I'm not sure about pity kills, per se, but I have definitely given myself up a number of times if I don't have a reasonable chance of survival. Like if I'm the last one as Eric or Deb, nothing is fixed, the parts are all scattered, I have no sprays or knives, there's 10-plus minutes left and Jason has found me, what's the point of running around? Let's just call it a day and move on to the next round.
  12. My favorite is the boat. There's something about the thrill of trying to put it all together undetected, hoping some dipwad doesn't pick up the gas two houses away from the boat and haul it across the map to the car that already has gas in it, and then the actual escape where if Jason sees you you might get one chance to juke him and escape. I've even started strategizing my boat escapes, too. I usually can tell where the parts are now. So after I pick one up, I'll cruise through the places the other is likely to be and if it's there, just leave it there without picking it up so no one else sees it on the map. The gas especially. It's maybe a dick move, but it drives me nuts when people pick up parts and either intentionally or unintentionally do stupid things with them. So the boat is my favorite. The cops are probably the most common and the one I look for first, though. As others have said, it helps everyone and it's an insurance policy if all else fails. I think it also puts pressure on Jason, because now he's on the clock instead of being able to take his time and set things up. He also feels the shame of not protecting an objective. It flips the momentum of a round.
  13. Have a sliding scale for success. There's no shame in not wiping out every lobby you come across. Sometimes you only get 4 or 5 out of 7 and a couple of people escape while you're chasing down someone else. Sometimes a great match is simply not dying against a coordinated kill squad. I had a match last night against one of those and I was happy to get a 3/7 before going down. Understand how the match is playing out, and adjust accordingly so you can do the best you can in that given match. It's kind of like football -- sometimes you score a touchdown or win 35-3, sometimes you punt eight times in a row and lose 35-3. The good thing is, the next game is only a few minutes away.
  14. Maybe it's just my personal strategy then. If not the kill, then I know I've been going for the sweater more, whether as a crime of opportunity or a conscious decision to grab an insurance policy.
  15. Maybe this is anecdotal, but I've found myself trying for the kill (or at least thinking about it) MORE since the latest patch. I always think escape first, but there's a point in every match where that isn't going to happen. Objectives aren't fixed or people left without. So my next move has been to grab the sweater and see what's up. If Tommy is in play, and Jason is tunneling a counselor or two, and nothing else is found or getting fixed, then the only real options are to kill Jason or die. Might as well go down fighting, right? At the very least, the sweater can be used as a weapon during Rage. It hasn't always worked, but it seems like the past week I've put myself in position to at least try for the kill more than I ever did before.
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