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  1. They can help on Jarvis House as well. It's often easier to swim to the islands on either side of the map where at least one boat part (or the boat itself) usually spawns. It's not a long swim, but it is long enough that it leaves you exposed for 10-15 seconds each way. Had a thought as well for an improvement to the largely useless East Listener perk. What if you kept the stamina boost aspect of it, but it also turned on all the radios in the camp when you turn one on? It would give Jason multiple "ghost pings" of sound to chase after and might make it useful in the end game.
  2. It was on PS4, so I think it was just a glitch. The three weird things that really made me say "What the ...?" were: 1) The mask. It looks like a pre-Uber Jason X, which makes me wonder if that was buried in the game's code somewhere along with Uber Jason. At the very least it's not like any other mask I've seen in the game. 2) The sleeveless arm. I guess that's part of a counselor skin, but I'm not sure which one. 3) Usually these mashups only appear in the cutscenes. Usually at the end. This one was this way the whole game, from opening cutscene through game play and right on to the final cutscene.
  3. I know we've all seen FrankenJasons before, but this one seemed especially odd. Saw it during a PS4 match last night. It's obviously mostly a Part 2 and 6 mashup, but is that a pre-Uber Jason X mask? And what's with the bare arm? Also, from the rear, it looks like Jason is trying to give himself a pat on the back.
  4. Somewhere in the woods on Pinehurst, there's Eddie and Tina's make out spot. I've passed it a few times but forget exactly where it is. Somewhere in the southwest part of the map, I think.
  5. Bonker2468

    Is Jason too easy to kill?

    It all depends on the group of counselors, IMO. If you get a group who knows how to kill Jason and sets out with the intent to do it, then yes they will probably do it quite easily. Even good Jasons have a hard time defending against that. The other 97 percent of the time, when you have a mix of skill levels and people who aren't necessarily trying to kill Jason, then it's not all that easy. In fact, with a group of inexperienced players it can be like herding cats trying to walk them through the process without screwing it up. I think most people go for the kill if the opportunity presents itself, but don't necessarily start the match with that in mind.
  6. I can't speak for the rest of you, but I know I've suddenly become a much better player now that a lot of new folks have come on board ... lol I used to just kind of give up once Jason locked on to me. Lately I've had my moments where I've been an all-star. Led Jason on a chase from one end of Pinehurst to the other to run out the clock with AJ once, and another time successfully evaded him for 3-4 minutes with an out of stamina Eric. Even I could see the mistakes I was making along the way, but they didn't pick up on them. Afterward, the newbies were giving me props in the lobby for a good run, which it was, but all I could do was shrug my shoulders and say, "Aw shucks, guys."
  7. Bonker2468

    victoria sterling outfit

    The counterpoint to that argument is that her general averageness is a good reason to use her. She's not great at anything, but she's not particularly bad at anything, either. And, as gtdjlocker311 mentioned, she can go grab the sweater as well. She's probably not a widely used counselor because most people like to play on either extreme end of the fight or fix spectrum and she's somewhere in the middle. By the time she's unlocked, people also seem to have found their go-to characters and don't waver far from those. I'm a Level 150 and rarely play anyone other than AJ or Eric. I think the only time I've ever played as Tiffany was to get the trophy for playing as all of the counselors.
  8. This is me. I've suddenly become a decent and more confident driver of late by discovering that "pulsing" the accelerator button works a lot better than holding it down. But I'm still not good enough to go cruising around the map and through the woods to find people, especially without being able to call up a map to see where they are. If you're on the road and Jason isn't around, I'll try to stop. If you're there when the car gets started, I'll wait for you to get in. But for the most part I'm trying to get from Point A to Point B and not deviating from that course. Sorry for the double post. Forgot about the rules and was answering two different thoughts.
  9. It usually spawns in one of the cabins toward the southern end of the map, near where the boat always spawns. If it's not in one of those three clustered together at the bottom of the map, then I head to the ones just east of the cove and often find it there. I might have found it in other places from time to time, but that's where I look first. The gas is a different story. That seems a lot more random.
  10. It's definitely easy to overlook. I've learned the spawn locations and go into cabins looking for it, so I can usually find it now, but that certainly was not always the case. I've had some matches where it shows up on the map, though, which means someone picked it up, probably thought it was some weird weapon, and dropped it when they couldn't swing it like a weapon. Frankly, I prefer people to drop it. That's one more avenue of escape open to me when the shit inevitably hits the fan. The boat is a guilt-free escape route, too. The car, you're kind of obligated to pick up people or at least stop for them if you can. The cops, you might ought to stick around a minute and provide cover if someone is heading that way and you're able. The boat? Screw it, man. If you're not at the dock when it starts, that thing is G-O-N-E gone and no one is going to blame you.
  11. Even as an experienced player, I've started doing that. Lots of newbies don't seem to recognize the propeller, or know what to do with it or various car parts. Or they hoard the keys. I figure my odds of escaping via the boat is better than the car most of the time, since I only need two parts and can usually deduce where the propeller is going to spawn. So unless I'm right next to a car when I find the gas, I'm taking it to the boat first.
  12. I'm in that same boat. I'm finding myself doing anti-meta things and taking chances like leaving cars and even the phone untrapped because the new players don't really understand how everything works yet. Or screwing around with counselors a little more before killing them, since even a Vanessa with a knife isn't impossible to overcome right now. Or, as a counselor, not freaking out when I spawn at the phone house or near a car, because Jason doesn't grasp how important it is to control those objectives. Or sprinting more than I should. All in all, it's kind of made the game more fun. I got tired of obsessing over whether this group of opponents was a bunch of Jason hunters, or seeing that Level 150 Savini and knowing I'd be lucky to last three minutes. Now I see a lobby full of sub-Level 10s and feel like the grizzled veteran who's seen and done it all.
  13. Bonker2468

    Jason X and the grendal map

    Whatever line of work you're in, there are times when you do a task and for reasons beyond your control it ends up being a waste of time. Something changes to make the project obsolete, or the boss decides to go in a different direction, or a lawsuit pops up that puts everything on hold. It sucks. It really, really sucks. But it's not stupid, it's just part of life.
  14. I don't ever video my matches, so no clips, but this one was pretty damn awesome. Playing a match on Packanack tonight, I arrived at the Lodge right at the start to find a Vanessa and a Tiffany looting together. Before entering, I had set two traps side by side at the back entrance. Vanessa stuns me, and they run out together -- right into the traps, at exactly the same time. I recover, run out the door, and slash them both at the same time. They're still alive and limping away side by side, so I give them one more slash and catch them at the same time again to get a rare double kill. I don't think we could have coordinated that any better if we'd tried. I think it's only the second time I've pulled that off, and the other was when I was fighting a group of counselors and blindly slashing for my life. Only thing better would have been if they'd been the same character for a true twin killing.