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  1. Had a new glitch today that I'll attribute to the environmental kill glitch. Playing on Crystal Lake, Jason grabbed me in a cabin and I glitched out of a kill (it looked like I kicked out at the same time he went for the kill) and escaped, but apparently it still counted me as dead. I got to the boat, started it up, and was zipping through the lake when I respawned as Tommy. Everyone else was in a car and escaped while this was going on, and I respawned at the northern campsite. I swam out to the boat where my Deb was still sitting in the driver's seat. It let me climb in, but I couldn't go. There were even two yellow arrows on the map for both of us. I've been playing for a long time now, and that was a new one.
  2. It's funny because, as Jason, I can't begin to count the number of times I've had a full speed, super powered axe swing cruising toward a counselor's head and had it stopped in its tracks because 110-pound Deb apparently beat me to the punch with a fire poker by a hundredth of a second. In other words, this stuff evens out over the long haul. Try not to suck.
  3. This is a very minor thing, but I noticed you also can't emote now as you escape to the cops. Always liked doing that little victory dance as I crossed the finish line.
  4. You see a glitch. Clearly, I see the new Slim Goodbody Jason skin they're releasing for the two-year anniversary.
  5. That would definitely be the best option. I was originally thinking some sort of invisible wall that keeps you from going up there. But that wouldn't stop the method people seem to be using these days, so if that's not fixed then it's still just as bad. If the roofs were just another area to access normally, that wouldn't be so bad. For counselors it's a risk/reward area, sort of like trying to escape in the boat. Good place to hide, but you either badly hurt yourself if you jump off or have only one narrow exit if Jason gets up there with you.
  6. The way it works is, say you have a team of 3-5 players. One player works to get the mask off of Jason and then sacrifices himself once the deed is done. At the same time, another person suicides. Somebody else calls Tommy and you keep a Sweater Girl in reserve. The suicider won't come back, but he still counts as one death for the purposes of Tommy's arrival. So if you do it right, you have your two dead pretty quickly and can control who comes back as Tommy. I've seen groups use this method to get Jason kills inside of three or four minutes.
  7. The one thing with that is, there are already plenty of players and groups that suicide on purpose. It's part of the strategy to get a quick Jason kill, and some just like to do it to troll. So making the roof a killzone would keep people from spending the whole match up there, but it would also give people a neat new way to suicide. I'd almost favor an easy and obvious way for both counselors AND Jason to get up there, like some sort of ramp or ledge, than making it a killzone. Like on Packanack, maybe take out part of the balcony railing and patch in a bridge to the edge of the roof to create a path up there. Then counselors can go up there, but Jason can easily pursue them at any time.
  8. I can live, and have lived, with a lot of glitches in this game. But the current one with the environmental kills is maddening. Every. Single. One glitches out. Had a match tonight where two different kills, in two different cabins, in different parts of the Higgins Haven map left me standing there giving a toast to the counselor instead of throwing them on a hook or ventilating them with a butcher's knife. If there's one glitch that's going to drive me away from this game until it's fixed, that's it. I despise the whiners who complain about every bug as "game breaking," but this one is as close to that as it gets.
  9. I figured as much. I've been playing for a long time and hadn't seen it until a few weeks ago, though. So if you haven't seen it, it's new to you.
  10. There are no boats on the bots but, oddly, you'll see a counselor running around with the propellor now and then. They will fix the phone and car, but it's rare that they try to escape. I had one start the car last night (a Tiffany) and decided to see if she would try to escape. She sat there the entire match. Tommy got called and eventually ran to and got into the car, and Tiffany still just sat there. She finally got out when I smashed the car, then ran around a cabin and tried to get in the back seat. Silly Tiffany.
  11. This one is on the southeastern edge of the Pinehurst map. Counselors are able to get between a fence and some rocks down there, into an out of bounds area. Jason can't hit them with weapons or knives. It's almost worse than the roof glitches in that way. Saw this for the second time in a couple of weeks tonight. First time was an entire lobby going back there. Anybody running into this one or seen it? Anybody know if Jason can get back there as well to counter it?
  12. This. Slash them down to limping and then let them go. Especially if it's a Buggzy that can't carry the sweater. Leave them alone and go after the women. When fighting an obvious kill squad, throw all of the rules out the window. Trap the hell out of the shack and leave objectives alone. Mix up your targets and tactics. Keep them off guard. Troll the trolls. As for the original question, it's definitely frustrating to deal with but I'm going to say it's fair. Everybody's gotta die some time. If they want to make it quick, that's their prerogative.
  13. Not an exploit at all. Once their intentions are clear that they're all about the kill, anything that prevents that (other than going into the lake, of course) is fair game. They can still fight you and win if they're good enough. You're just picking the battlefield and not them. One thing I think might make it harder to kill Jason is to allow him to use traps indoors, and not just outdoors. Then you can trap the interior room to the shack as well as the entrance and make them use up knives or sprays to get to the sweater. It'd also change the dynamic inside of cabins. Traps could be easily spotted and avoided there, but there are certainly bottlenecks and windows in smaller cabins where Jason can do some significant damage.
  14. Tunneling itself doesn't annoy me. I'm sure I've done it my fair share. You get locked in on one person, feel like you're wearing them down or close to finishing them, and next thing you know they've gotten a couple of stuns in, looped a few windows, you got a bit sloppy and two or three minutes have passed. There's still times where it's like, "Really, dude? Go find somebody else to mess with." Had one once where Jason chased me through FIVE cabins on Packanack -- early in the match, not when it was one or two people left -- and even passed up one or two to keep after me before I finally was able to shake him.
  15. Just an informal poll (minus the actual poll) to see what are the most common and rarest kills everybody is seeing these days? A while back it seemed like everybody had head punch loaded up, but I haven't seen much of that one lately. Asphyxiation/Choke still seems to be popular, though. Of the environmental kills, I think the Door Smash and tossing them through a window are probably it, since there are so many places to do both and it can be hard to get off a weapon kill in some of the same areas. On the other side of things, I never see the graveyard fence kill. Nobody ever gets caught there. The Swirlie is pretty rare, too, since it's hard to get someone in just the right spot.
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