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  1. I don't think they are currently, but I'll add another voice hoping that they're able to do that in a future update. Playing the Bots can get a little boring, to the point I've started doing my own mini challenges like trying to find all the knives on Packanack before the time runs out or I kill all the Bots. Being able to tweak the settings would really enhance the offline mode. It'd almost be like creating an infinite number of play modes, which will be even more important as the online community eventually dwindles and the inevitable server shutdown looms in a year or two.
  2. Of the original four, I think Chris did do the most "damage" before actually finishing off Pamela/Jason. Pamela was kind of beating the crap out of Alice before she got sloppy and lost her head. Ginny led Jason on a chase through the woods for a couple of hours, but didn't really stand and fight. Trish bashed him in the head with a TV, but mostly was on the run and would have been killed if it weren't for Tommy showing up. Chris stuck him in the head with a knife, hung him, and I think whipped him with a 2x4 before putting the axe in his head. She probably would have died as well if Ali hadn't come around, but she would've made Jason pay for the kill.
  3. All great tips. I'd add that you should try to keep track of the counselors and who's working together. • If there are only one or two females in the lobby, try to take them out first. No Sweater Girl, no kill. • If you can tell there are 3-4 people working together, and 3-4 randoms, take out the randoms first. That lessens their ability to coordinate, as well as the chance one of the group will return as Tommy. • Be aware of whether Tommy is already back or not. I've gotten whacked a few times because I got the shack alert, morphed over there thinking it was a single person and not realizing Tommy was in the game, and Sweater Girl is there with Tommy. By the time my powers recharge to escape, Tommy one-hits my mask, SG stuns me, and it's all over. • It can be hard to identify a kill squad the first time you jump into a new lobby, so if you get a round or two as a counselor and realize that's what they're doing then be ready when your turn as Jason comes. Don't even worry about trapping the car or phone. You can worry about those in due time. If you're fortunate enough to smash the right power box early, do break down the doors at the Tommy house and trap them. It might get you a kill or at least alert you that they're up to something. • Pay attention to trap placement at the shack. Unless they glitch over it (which is a whole separate discussion of bullshit) they'll have to get rid of a pocket knife to take it out. If you place it wrong, though, they can just step around it. Inch forward just before you exit the shack until the icon lights up to get it as deep into the doorway as possible. Then, if you want, throw a couple more in front of it. Get them to use their resources or damage themselves. • Always slash and use knives when fighting groups. Never grab unless you're 100 percent certain you have clearance to get off a quick close quarters kill (head punch, throat slit, one of the head crush kills). • In the same vein, make sure you have one of those quick kills equipped.
  4. On Packanack I like to morph to the main house and drop two traps at the base of the back stairs leading to the main road. It usually catches somebody, at some point in the game. Same with the doors to the phone house. But yeah, for the most part my first 2-3 minutes are spent morphing around the map, collecting knives and trapping objectives. It's almost worse if I start encountering counselors during that period because it distracts me and leaves the objectives unprotected. That's especially true if I run into a group of two or three who are working well together and protecting each other. They can easily draw my attention away from the objectives, and all of a sudden it's 5 minutes in, nothing is trapped, and some Deb is about to fix the car and phone while I'm having trouble with Chad and Vanessa. If I make it through the first couple of minutes without running into a counselor, that's fine. If I get my prep work done in peace then the counselors likely haven't done much of anything either. Then I can take a deep breath and the fun begins.
  5. Parts 3, 5, 7 and 8 take less than 10 seconds pre-rage. Didn't test it post-rage. Parts 2 and 4 are 40 seconds. Parts 6 and 9 and 20 seconds.
  6. I don't think He's Back can be heard on the radios, but if you watch the credits at the main screen it plays over those.
  7. Even if Jason isn't showing up on the map, you can also tell where he is a lot of times by paying attention to the behavior of other counselors. If you look on the map and see a white circle running around a cabin for an extended period of time -- say 15-20 seconds -- but never stopping, that's a sign Jason might be in that area. If they're starting and stopping it means they're probably checking drawers and there's nothing doing. And if you see two or three circles running around all willy-nilly in one area, with no real obvious purpose, it almost certainly means Jason is there with them. If a counselor is actually heading somewhere in open country, they usually move at a steady speed in straight lines, and you can usually figure out where they're headed. If they're moving fast (and way too often this tends to mean moving fast directly toward you) with no obvious destination then they're likely being chased.
  8. I thought if another counselor sees him, he'll show up on your map as well. I've been on the other side of the camp and had him show up on my map when he was chasing someone. Also, does Tommy have a constant visual on him? Same deal as above, where I've been completely on the opposite side of the map, he wasn't necessarily near anyone, and he was showing up.
  9. I'll occasionally leave one of the doors on the phone house open, but put a trap in front of it. At the same time, I'll take down the other door and also leave a trap there, and bust out the windows as well. The broken windows funnel counselors to the doors. Then they see the open door, think it was just left open, and don't pay attention to the trap. It can also come in handy later on, when they get in the cabin without setting off the trap (via another door or window) and lock the door. You break it down and go in, they do a quick stun and try to run past you and run right into the trap you left 8 minutes earlier. It's all about playing some mind games and lulling them into a false sense of security. I usually only try that on the phone house and a couple of other high traffic cabins, though, like the one in the middle of Jarvis House and the one by the northern car on Crystal Lake. If you're not playing the trap game, though, there's really no reason not to chop them down other than it takes time that's better spent on hunting counselors or trapping objectives. There are a lot of doors on any given map, and at 5-10 seconds per door it adds up quickly. Also, a side thought: Why can't Jason open barricaded doors when he's inside a cabin? I know he's a little slow in the head, but he can't be dumb enough to think it's easier to chop down a door than simply lift up the 2x4 locking it. You should be able to open them with the QTE just like counselors can.
  10. I'll sometimes be chasing someone and they accidentally (or even not accidentally) lead me to someone else who is running the same direction. I like to shift pass Counselor A and go for Counselor B because B is usually not paying attention or aware I'm near and can be more easily caught with a shift grab. It might look like teaming to the person who got grabbed, but it's actually a good strategy. Depending on the distance and situation (if you're limping or clearly out of stamina), I could see someone running past someone else to go after you.
  11. I like the circles. Even though it helps teamers, when I'm lone wolfing it also allows me to know which areas to avoid. For a trained eye, you can also tell where other counselors are going (like the car or Jason's shack) and start heading that way if necessary, and where Jason is even if his icon isn't popping up. When you see two or three white circles running around a single cabin, it's a good indicator Jason is there and you can take a minute to get some stuff done.
  12. I always love the shift in attitude in a lobby when a Jason kill goes south. Reminds me of the Monty Python Holy Grail bit with the killer rabbit. As soon as Jason isn't stunned, there's that moment where everyone goes from supremely confident to yelling, "RUN AWAY!"
  13. They can still see the little voice icon pop up on the screen and know you're around as well, right?
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