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  1. It's not that I'm afraid to slash. I just find it boring when there is so many better kills to do. I've faced many groups of people. Been playing since release and I'm max lvl. I know all the weaknesses and stuff. I also play part 4 with the pickaxe. I just don't see how I haven't slash killed anyone and I'm at 72/113. It's annoying.
  2. Ps4 is mostly fine other then the odd bug here and there. They are tho bro. Still fixing bugs an shit.
  3. I haven't slashed someone tho. I've done it 72 out of 113 times. Those were all weapon kills after picking them up. It has to be broken or glitched. I don't quit games either.
  4. Maybe it was changed idk. Just might have to try it I guess.
  5. Idk bout that bro. I've never slash killed a counselor and I have 72/113 so it's not that.
  6. Whys that? Cuz you think the game sucks? Cuz you think the devs are not doing a great job?
  7. I don't slash kill tho. I find that very boring. Idk man.
  8. It says perform a weapon kill on a counselor. That's a kill with a weapon after you pick them up. Idk why it's broken.
  9. Yea I know it's one per match. But I still haven't seen it go past 72. I'm stuck at 72/113. I don't know if it's a certain weapon kill you have to do?
  10. Hey @ShiftySamurai the Jason badge for weapon kills is not progressing at all. Is it bugged that you know? Thanks.
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