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  1. Part 2 - Pig Splitter and Pickaxe Part 3 - Machete and Regular Axe Part 4 - Machete Part 5 - Machete and Regular Axe Part 6 - Fire Axe Part 7 - Regular Axe Part 8 - Machete Part 9 - Pig Splitter and Spear
  2. I think the baseball bat only stuns 99% of the time if you use a sucker punch perk. If you don’t use that perk, the chance of a stun is lower even with that weapon. It has happened to me before in some matches and I have spectated this occurrence with other players as well. The chance for a stun without sucker punch is, let’s say 4.6/5.
  3. Don’t all the counselors have the same dialogue? I know that Tommy has a few more unique lines, but some of them are the counselors’ also I believe.
  4. Seriously? I still have all my perks and CP despite the issue. ???
  5. I believe everyone who has experienced this issue is stuck at level 0 and not able to level up.
  6. I played one match of offline bots earlier to see if I level up from 0, I was still at level 0.
  7. Oh for this game, definitely. I just thought that there may be some correlation between this issue and the player’s network. Maybe not.
  8. The thing is, some people are experiencing it and some are not. Pretty ironic.
  9. I am playing on Xbox One right now and it seems that multiple players are experiencing this issue. I thought I was the only player with the issue. An explanation and quick mend is in order here.
  10. It is not a bad idea, although Jason will not be fooled by the radio if the player knows the map well and has been fooled before.
  11. What difficulty did you set when playing offline bots? The situation could be correlated with that.
  12. The Free Kick, Fire Axe "Backstab," and Machete Stab seem to me some of the most satisfying kills to to do, especially to a troll. The knife kill where the counselor is repeatedly stabbed in the neck and stomach and and the "Bird Brained" kill are enjoyable environmental ones. Maybe slashing would be enjoyable too, as especially trolls stack up those pocket knives.
  13. Is the outro now playing just Pamela talking without laughing or is there just no Pamela voice at all?
  14. I mostly main part 8 as he's the most balanced Jason, but sometimes I would also play as Roy or part 6. Now that Roy's shift has been fixed, I will start maining him more as he will be an even more useful running "Jason" especially with his increased stalk and extra throwing knives. Surprise stalk kills will be easier to execute with Roy now because of the shift fix.
  15. Waiting and playing another game or playing a few rounds of offline bots may help, this has solved the issue when it has happened to me.
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