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  1. Honestly. They did a great job implementing morphing, shifting, and the run/walk mechanic with alive/undead Jason's. Not much I would add. (I would, however, get rid of the Rage buff.) Maybe instead of the Weapon Swap that we got, each Jason could have come with two or three weapons exclusive to that Jason. They could toggle through them either on the map or prior to character select. Would love to have seen Part 10 (Pre-Uber) and Part 11 (FvJ) added to the game.
  2. If memory serves, Gun issued a patch fix that "corrected" items spawning near the objective every time. Not 100% sure if I am remembering correctly though. Jarvis House and Pinehurst that rule of thumb is definitely not accurate. I try to go for the boat almost every match if I can. I find the propeller as far away from the boat as possible more times than not. Back when the game came out there were fan maps that showed all possible spawn locations for each item. But I think Gun mixed them up so much/upped the spawn locations so that its harder to list them.
  3. If so, that's a lot more locations than the other maps. Definetly a lot more work for an objective that is always present on those maps. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  4. Is there a map or definitive list of all possible Propeller Spawn locations for Jarvis House and Pinehurst? Its the only item I have a hard time finding. I have seen it spawn in certain areas once and then never again. I always thought there was a finite amount of places the Propeller could possibly spawn.
  5. They just need to make it tougher for Jason to get to Rage. Or put a timer on it. Rage at 3:00 left in the game. That's enough time for a skilled Jason to take out bully players. Enough time for skilled councelors to escape his clutches.
  6. Update: I played a little over 20 matches on Monday, told myself I wasn't going to sleep until I got a Jason spawn. Ended up not happening. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled over night. The next morning my first two matches were Jason and I got him a third time later on. Don't know what was going on but I estimate close to 80-90 matches total without getting Jason. Either way, its fixed now. Thanks for all of the help and advice from everyone here.
  7. I remember the ticket system seemingly worked really well when first implemented. But has not been behaving the same for me as of recently, obviously.
  8. I will try it tonight when I get off work. I did try switching it from Jason to None for a while. No dice.
  9. Beginning to think that somethings wrong with my account. Either that or everyone has Jason Preference on PS4. It sounds like I am exaggerating but I havent been able to play as Jason for a very long time.
  10. I must have played well over 50 matches this past month and I have not gotten to play as Jason. Its really making it even harder to get to 1000 Matches Played. My Spawn Preference is set to Jason. Anyone else having trouble with their Preference settings? Hopefully tomorrow during The Beyond stream I can inquire about the supposedly implemented ticket system.
  11. Its not really for those who have been playing since day 1. Its for collectors and those who either havent played it yet or dont have the DLC. Ill probably pick one up once it doesn't sell well and gets marked way down in price.
  12. Even with -Water Strength Jasons, its still risky if the player knows what they're doing and are aware of the boat. Spawning at the exit boat exit instead of at the boat itself can prevent councilors from leaving easily. All it takes is knowing the boat is on the water. It may be a small change but makes a a big change in gameplay. The boat is my favorite escape objective and its already hard enough.
  13. Maybe have Jason be able to pick his mask back up if he kills whoever is carrying it. Or something as simple as reducing his stun times each time he is hit with the same weapon type.
  14. Never really dug Packanack Small compared to the original. The small maps were fun at first but I don't like playing them much anymore, other than Higgins Haven Small. The atmosphere is great on that map. I really only play the regular size maps because the boat is an option (as well as Jarvis House and Pinehurst). I have like 50 escapes left for my boat badge. Not to mention the Jason boat badges. But now nobody will use the boat because of the patch. So we will be stuck on Packanack Small fpr all eternity.
  15. The boat has always been inaudible unless Jason is near it. The developers have even stated in the past that it was intentional due to the boat being easy to catch.
  16. Thanks, long time lurker. From my understanding, Jason can only hear the boat start up if he is near it.
  17. Finally made an account on here to say this. It will ruin the of the balance it the game! The boat works as a high risk/high reward system. The boat is already the toughest escape option to go for depending on most circumstances. Either way, its a nice option for stealth players to take advantage of and easy enough for Jason to stop if he is constantly checking the progress of the boat. There is nothing broken about it. Please reconsider. Love you guys.
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