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  1. A good Jason player should always be able to get a good Vanessa, depending on the clock. But a room full of good Vanessas can get pretty demoralizing, no doubt. And not all of them will get their due all the time and thats ok. A balanced lobby of all-different coordinated counselors at high skill level is tougher than seven uncoordinated Venessas though. Though sometimes it only takes a couple to ruin morale.
  2. Fumble? What is this? They don't have to explain anything to anyone who got their hopes up for no reason hinging on a personal fantasy based on rumors that had no merit. For all we know, they wanted TCM and didn't even attempt Halloween, the deal made was the logical direction for them. TCM and Halloween are two branches on the same tree, why would anybody be upset over this news? What a joke.
  3. @mattshotcha I peek in here off and on the past two plus years and want to say thanks for being on top of shit as a community manager. Through all of the ups and downs of this game (and there were a lot of ups and a lot of downs) Friday The 13th The Game still is one of the best experiences I have had in video gaming. So cheers to Friday the 13th, to horror fans, and to you Matt, for putting up with all the toxic bullshit and still talking to the fans. It was a wild ride, I will still be playing no matter what!
  4. I probably played an average of 10 hours a day the first five months. I take intermittent breaks to do other stuff, whether its work, reading, hobbies, etc. I probably average about 4 hours a day when I get back into it though. I need to crank these amateur numbers UP! lol.
  5. I think the regular sized maps are perfect. (Crystal Lake, Packanack, Higgins Haven). I think that should be standard size. But I also think a large map and small maps are also necessary for variety, but the small maps shouldn't be variations, they should be their own unique map.
  6. Same gameplay but just improved with revamped Perk System, more items, extra escape plans, ect. Maps Crystal Lake (Legacy) Packanack (Legacy) Forrest Green Shepard House The Lazarus Voorhees House The Grendel Jasons Pamela Voorhees Part 2 Part 4 revamped Part 6 Part 7 revamped Part 10 (Pre-Uber and Uber skins) Part 11 (FvJ) Remake (Sack and Hockey Mask Skins) Heroes - You should be able to select your Hero like you do your Counselor and Jason. Tommy Jarvis Tina Shepard Creighton Duke KM-14 Counselors Obviously some returning counselors from OG game. Plus some new counselors based on slasher archetypes as well as some more actual characters from the films. Some ideas for characters from the series: Mark (NES) Crissy (NES) Rob (Part 4) Reggie the Reckless (Part 5) Megan (Part 6)
  7. I don't have The Final Chapter achievement but got the PHD in Murder within the first six months. I remember having to make an Excell checklist of every kill, in both environmental and weapon/grab categories. I ultimately had to go over it three separate times. It finally popped on one of Part VII's Machete Weapon kills. Super crazy, but its something you actively have to seek out and cant achieve very easily naturally.
  8. Been playing since launch, The Final Chapter seems so far out of reach. As a PS4 player, idk how many matches as Jason I have played. Who here has it and how many hours do you think it took you?
  9. If someone hasn't readied up, then they are simply not ready. Its only 3 minutes.
  10. I used Preparedness my first 20 or so matches back in the day, but does become increasingly obsolete once you know the lay of the land and spawn points.
  11. I guess you're right. I try to run Counselors with Perks that try to help them in their areas of weakness as opposed to situational. You never really can guess what kind of situation you will be in, so it's nice to be as well rounded as possible in each Stat, IMO. I have ran A.J. since launch with Medic, Thick-Skinned, and Marathon/Light Foot. Was thinking about branching out and experimenting because while I know each Counselors 'role' in a match, I am utterly unfamiliar with everything else. So was just thinking of how everybody runs each Counselor to compare and contrast.
  12. Outside of the meta, (Medic and Thick-Skinned), what Perks do you think are the most important for each individual Counselor?
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