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  1. Thanks FP, I started with the challenges, which are fun, but decided to stop at the 6th one once I realized I needed XP to unlock other Jasons, something you can only get playing offline bots. It's been fun for a while but now feels monotonous doing the same thing over and over to get a little over 1000 XP at a time on one of the smalls; the larger areas take too long. I finally unlocked part 2, but really want part 4, hard to believe I'm only 25% of the way there. Feels like filling a bucket using an eyedropper. I wish the bots mode rewarded XP based more on creativity or stealth instead of trying to snag spazzing counselors. It would be more movie-like that way too. For unmasking, maybe it could happen in rage mode, perhaps when you burst through a wall, or grab a counselor who has a knife?
  2. I had played F13 once, before offline mode was introduced, once as a counselor and once as Jason. I had no clue what I was doing, which I'm sure irked everyone else in the room. I just waited for offline mode to come out before I returned to F13. Call me lame (go ahead, it's ok), but I'm a 50 yr old who isn't accustomed to the new norm of always online play, and prefer not to. I just don't like the random-ness of it and the arbitrary behavior of other players I don't know. I am an F13 enthusiast though, which is why I'm asking that the devs introduce a way for offline players to see the content that only occurs in online sessions, namely unmasking Jason, but the other stuff as well. If making 'realistic' Jason AI is not doable (to play offline as counselors), perhaps there could be another way to do this offline, maybe having special environmental kills or locations that affect Jason & counselor skins?
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