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  1. o ok i just posted it here hoping one of the devs would see it
  2. [Omitted by moderators - Please send this footage in at jasonkillsbugs.com] i saw this on pc so i went onto console to test it in a private game and i thought id put it on here so it can be patched
  3. yeah dragon the only way jason can get em is with throwig knifes or part 6 is spear
  4. ive sent in tons of videos of this glitch and it still hasnt been patched
  5. like every game i play i keep getting put in lobbys full of kids that wanna play team with jason like i was on the other side of the map and jason appeared in front of me and i was by no phone no car nothing and the kid told em where i was wish there was a age limit for the game
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