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  1. @NickersLarge that wasn't me playing as Jason in that video, that was someone I met on the PC version, he was part 5 Jason and I was vanessa on packanack small. It was a video of a Chad player who used a third party program to cheat death. I don't have any videos on my YouTube. I feel like I would be too Trash to compete.
  2. @NickersLarge I think it is messed up, and they're just that trash at the game.
  3. @NickersLarge I know, its so trash. When I know there's a teamer, i fix the car and run them over, and then after the match, call me evil, but i go on the mic and tell them that they're trash and should go play something else if they're gonna be doing that trashy shit.
  4. What is the real reason why these types of players work each other in F13th? It's gotten to the point where some people are uninstalling the game, stopped playing it all together, and others are getting revenge with friends or messaging players from matches they've played with, doing the same thing to the trolls? I've also seen teamers quit if they are getting teamed on by other players, and after the match ends going into a new lobby to play in.
  5. @DontZzz34 the counsolers need to play smarter to avoid being slashed next time. And you play however you please, nobody needs to dictate how a person plays a game. Dont ever respond to teamers messages as they're more likely to baiting you into a response that they will report even if you dont think your response violates the platforms policies.
  6. @DontZzz34Oh god, fucking salty bitches will whine about a loss, it's so embarrassing. Just accept the L and move on! Did all of them send you hate messages? Ignore it if they did. This video for an example, Xenofon1313 got teamed on to by the whole map, but he survived the whole 20 minutes. They were probably salty that they got killed by him when Xenofon was jason in a previous round!
  7. @HaHaTrumpWon I know right? It's stupid! When players call me names, I laugh at them! @Dragonfire82877 I don't pay attention to salty players, they get killed because of bad luck in rounds they play in!
  8. Have you finished matches as Jason, killing every player in the lobby, and have players call you a tryhard? Just because the Jason player has learned new tricks and gotten better at it, it doesn't mean you have to call them a tryhard? Lol, some people think I take the game too seriously and act like my life depends on it. Has anyone gotten called this when you're Jason and finished the match
  9. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow when I am playing jason, I do watch out for sound pings.
  10. @Seraphic King I use these perks on Aj, Deborah, Lachappa, and Mitch. And I do repair objectives. And damn 🤣
  11. Jason players, how do you catch a counsoler who is using level headed, home body, and low profile? Counsoler players, do these perks work for you because I've used these perks and never have gotten caught by Jason unless other counsoler players being chased by jason lead jason right to me
  12. @William Shatner As of right now, im not sure.You can try and tweet at Gun Media about this.
  13. @MortenMagnePal when i did it on the switch version, I was like wtf.
  14. Since the release of f13th on the switch, have you played multiple matches and had teamers on there? Me, playing 17 matches, only two matches, I only saw two people teaming. I've haven't seen frequent teaming on the switch version yet. I also saw that the Window Dive glitch came to the switch version, even though it got patched on ps4, x1, and PC version.
  15. @ExpertDual some trash bag told me on the x1 version said it adds a challenge, I'm like bitch its considered cheating. I've gotten offers from other players to team up with them, I said no and proceeded to kill them as Jason, they rage quitted.
  16. What I wanna know is why some people still team up with Jason in F13th? Honest answers!?I do agree it's ruining the game for those who want to level up, but it's getting out of control; making those who like the game uninstall and move on to other games. Have you gotten revenge as either counsoler or Jason and made the cheaters leave? Lol I have made them quit!
  17. @The Milwauking Dead it does count as new content
  18. @Daddy An AI Jason would behave the same as bot counsolers as he'll get stuck to sometimes, the AI would need to learn the timing of shift, stalk, sense, and morph and the right time to use it, he would also need to know when to slash or grab a counsoler
  19. @Daddy to get out of shift once you started it, you press Y again! An offline counsoler mode will get released eventually, but as everyone in the forums is saying, no. It's a bummer the lawsuit prevented future content from releasing.
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