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  1. @DontZzz34 damn. I've been called trash for slashing, but I just ignore, mute, and play how I want!
  2. @SirMangDamn people get mad over how a Jason player plays Jason? Then resort to calling the killer Trash or Garbage? They need to shut that salty mouth up.
  3. @badassgixxer05Oh lawd! Maybe a form of flirting for that Jason player😂
  4. @SirMangLmao, I bet some people are like wtf when a Jason player does this.
  5. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow he did let me go to go hunt down other players and went back to normal gameplay, when it happened to me, I was like wtf.
  6. That happened to me once the end of 2017, I was vanessa on Jarvis house, fixing to get into a cabin, and all of a sudden, a part 7 jason shows up grabs me and spins me around. I watched this video where this guy playing as Savini Jason is demonstrating how to get on the roof on Packanack. He gets up there, grabs the Kenny player, and starts spinning him around and around😂
  7. Ctfu, has anyone been in a match where a Jason player would grab you and just spin you around in circles? I find it funny and weird. What is their motivation to do that? For their own amusement or just to troll you?
  8. so i watched FoldingEnd's video on Labeling players as trash or garbage. And I agree what he said in this video. Has the toxicity gone too far for the f13th community in general? It makes me laugh that some players, rather it be Jason or a counselor player still call others Trash, Garbage, Trash bags, etc. With all the hate that's going on, its driving some players experienced or casual away causing them to not play the game anymore. People need to calm down and have fun, not make other players online experience miserable.
  9. If Gun Media would start banning again, then people wouldn't have to deal with trash players ever again.
  10. Oh a week ago, I was Jason on Crystal Small, there was these teens who were both Adam( and teabagging random players)and they were accusing me that I was teaming with a kid who was tiffany and killed later on in the match, which I don't do that trash; Then the teens proceeded to call me a teaming trash bag when they both got killed. The second match, they ran me and the kid over in the 2 seater and made they new Jason player rage quit, that players feelings got hurt. third match, the whole map gets revenge and the "trash Adams" got slashed by a part 5 Jason player which he agreed to kill after I messaged him to team up on them two jerks, them two didn't really put up much of a fight. In summary, people need to get a reality check and calm the fuck down.
  11. I know and it's awful. They die within that time because they're playing their character wrong and doing stuff that's gonna get them killed.
  12. @Survivaland it's not making them any better at the game. If people would take time to know the game better, they wouldn't be doing this trash to people.
  13. Ever since the game as been out for two years, I myself have been a victim to teaming and been seeing other people being victims due to Jason helpers on YouTube and on game. Personally, I think it's ruining the game. I think the best way to deal with teaming and cheaters is to fight back, join lobby with a friend or two and stop letting them trash bags upset you, have the confidence to fight back! I think disabling party chat would stop that, what would be other ways to stop teaming?
  14. @F134Ever86 I think it's pretty trash that some PC users do this.
  15. @Slasher_Clone they probably played the game regularly, died alot as a counselor and as Jason. And got so tired of that, they resort to this thinking it will make them better, but actually you're not!
  16. @Slasher_Clone I agree also. If people are using this trash on the PC version, what's wrong with them?
  17. I've seen videos on YouTube where PC users were using cheat programs and installed a cheat script in their game? The 255/10 script, so every counselors composure, stealth, and strength was very high, while their luck, speed, and stamina was a ten.and the wallhack, where you can see everything on map as counselor and Jason. Do you think those people should be banned
  18. In matches you people play in, which characters do see the most that team up?
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