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  1. What glitches have y'all seen that came back with the recent game update? What I've seen the most is the car rubberbanding.
  2. @gmintz09 I bet so. When i see stuff like that, I think trash childish player.
  3. @Top_Cat wtf lawd... some people take a game like this too far. Some now are starting to do this to teamers, Ddoxing them.
  4. @Fair Play it is, I saw something on Reddit that some are starting to do that to scare them. My immediate reaction 😐
  5. @GeneiJin But wouldn't you be stuck under there if it were attempted?
  6. Are people really Ddoxing Teamers? because if this is true, people are taking this way too far, they should know thats illegal if you publish someone's home address, bank details or other sensitive personal information on any social media site or the forums? and looking at hacking charges, they would face a maximum penalty of 10 years of prison and a $250,000 fine.
  7. @The Wolf with that Toast I remember Mad Eye Yokai, his f13th tips and tricks videos were great. I've seen slash and cast for their f13th news updates.
  8. @SirMang I heard about both them. Methodicalize had so much beef with GameplayGuru because of Guru glitching and meth rage quitting if he dies or gets grabbed. TracyDoll, she's a sweet girl who's just having fun, but I've also heard that she cheats with her friends if she's Jason, idk if that's true or not.
  9. @keepthebeat929 oh, I found myself all the time on this game. And those videos weren't deleted, I've kept recordings of matches I've been in with streamers and YouTubers.I've been in some of @hab007GE videos to.
  10. @SheriffGarris1986 most teamers will reply with, "we're already max level and bored", "I dont care" if you explain why its ruining the game, and most times they'll think you're butthurt when you argue with them in the messaging app.
  11. And this guy to. Stoiker Kalei who plays the pc version. He doesn't play f13th anymore due to him being aware of teamers and glitchers. He was a very good player winning matches as a counsoler and Jason. In this video, he made a teaming part 4 jason and his helpers in that escaped in the 4 seater rage quit. You'll see who was teaming at the end of the video on the top right corner of the video. He did have a tips and tricks video though.
  12. Have you ever ran into and played a match with a YouTuber or streamer that you know and have watched their videos? PS4, I've ran into Jyester( guy with voice changer and talking cheeseburger in every video) and Stephen Cukoo( Cukoo Games)? Xbox, JoeyFiggz8 on Twitch?
  13. @Wolledc that's a good idea. it would stop the counsolers from trolling at the police exit.
  14. Lol what do you think in matches when cops have been called and you see a counsoler just waiting there and not escaping just yet? Half of matches I've been in, I've seen them wait until Jason comes and trolling Jason while he's there just dancing on, teabagging, stunning him? I'm like "Escape already". I feel like they're doing it to mess with Jason.
  15. @masterkeef42o probably through the Playstation message app. These kinds of players dont know how to handle a loss properly, so they think messaging the player with expletives and anger will make them feel better thinking it will hurt your feelings, but you have thick skin and just laugh it off. When I see messages like that, I see anger issues and sensitive.
  16. @HaHaTrumpWon they're doing that because they're mad that they've lost and proceed to say vulgur things to get you to react back to It, making themselves feel better. Hell, I gotten communication banned 5 times on Xbox Live because I was cussing players out for glitching or working with Jason. I dont do that anymore.
  17. @FridayThe31st oh you're doing the right thing by deleting and reporting those messages. Those kinds of people need to go outside and get some fresh air. Yeah it's not worth getting a communication ban.
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