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  1. @Fair Playyou got people who have no clue what to do, usually new players, and the high levels help out as good as they can for the new players
  2. Some people don't take video games too seriously, and others suicide to deny the teaming Jason the kill, if I were to be in a match as a counsoler and with teamers, I'll just run them over in the car!
  3. @NickersLarge that wasn't me playing as Jason in that video, that was someone I met on the PC version, he was part 5 Jason and I was vanessa on packanack small. It was a video of a Chad player who used a third party program to cheat death. I don't have any videos on my YouTube. I feel like I would be too Trash to compete.
  4. @NickersLarge I think it is messed up, and they're just that trash at the game.
  5. @NickersLarge I know, its so trash. When I know there's a teamer, i fix the car and run them over, and then after the match, call me evil, but i go on the mic and tell them that they're trash and should go play something else if they're gonna be doing that trashy shit.
  6. What is the real reason why these types of players work each other in F13th? It's gotten to the point where some people are uninstalling the game, stopped playing it all together, and others are getting revenge with friends or messaging players from matches they've played with, doing the same thing to the trolls? I've also seen teamers quit if they are getting teamed on by other players, and after the match ends going into a new lobby to play in.
  7. @DontZzz34 the counsolers need to play smarter to avoid being slashed next time. And you play however you please, nobody needs to dictate how a person plays a game. Dont ever respond to teamers messages as they're more likely to baiting you into a response that they will report even if you dont think your response violates the platforms policies.
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