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  1. @The Milwauking Dead it does count as new content
  2. @Daddy An AI Jason would behave the same as bot counsolers as he'll get stuck to sometimes, the AI would need to learn the timing of shift, stalk, sense, and morph and the right time to use it, he would also need to know when to slash or grab a counsoler
  3. @Daddy to get out of shift once you started it, you press Y again! An offline counsoler mode will get released eventually, but as everyone in the forums is saying, no. It's a bummer the lawsuit prevented future content from releasing.
  4. I think people say the word Trash towards others to get under people's skin. But I would just mute and ignore them.
  5. And I have not seen any teamers or exploiters so far!
  6. @lostshadowz just plug in your headset and make sure it's on.
  7. So F13th came out on the switch, What are y'alls thoughts on the game being ported to the Nintendo Switch? Gameplay, Graphics wise? What I've seen is that when loading into the lobby screen after loading screen disappears, match start countdown starts instantly. Also the menu music is delayed when it goes to the loading screen for a few seconds.
  8. @DontZzz34lol I mean surviving the night against raged Jason's. My bad.
  9. @DontZzz34 I've done this lots of times against a raged jason.
  10. @SirMang I know some people were doing it because of that and to prevent the less experienced players from becoming Tommy.
  11. @TimDuke 01 nah you're fine. I didn't know it was in the game until late 2018. I'm like do people really do this to piss Jason's off?
  12. Since the rage buff happened, the suicides have been increasing. Is it getting out of control because every match I'm in, I see one, two, or the whole map suicide to deny Jason the kill. I've also had people suicide on me as Jason.
  13. @tyrant666 I saw that and I'm like damn
  14. Have you played matches were you're either jason or a counsoler or got called and called others Trash? I've gotten called trash for slashing, getting on the roof as jason killing glitchers, etc.
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