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  1. @masterkeef42o while it is annoying to deny the jason player the kill, more people are doing it because of the rage buff and jason helpers
  2. This is mine that I think will stop teaming, Disable party chat like in DBD, decrease one's chance of becoming Jason if they're queued together, have a automatic cheat dvr and it starts recording as soon as the game starts and if the game detects cheating in the game via people teaming with jason, it kicks the teaming counsoler and Jason out of the game. The cheat DVR would see if the counsoler is following Jason like a puppy dog demand him to kill others, and let him win, and the game would kick them out of the match instantly.
  3. @DontZzz34what I'm shocked at is that the Deborah player stayed alive that whole round, the other three people quit idk why, probably thought he was trash or not trying hard enough. I do the same if I am surviving the night.
  4. @Wolledclol it took me a while to realize that this was in the game and never knew about it til now.
  5. I got told by some people that this has been in the game since release in May 2017, but You drop either your weapon or inventory item buy your feet, grab it again, and you can get out of the sweater animation easily? Got inspired to do that by @hab007GE. Honestly, I've done this lots of times when killing Jason with the Tommy player to get out of the animation, stun him, and have the Tommy player press the on screen button. Surviving the night if Tommy dies or escapes, i use it at the last 5 seconds of the game, if his mask is off, stunning him where he's dropping to his knees repeatedly just for laughs. im pretty sure I've pissed of a lot of Jason players doing that.
  6. @Dunken I saw @hab007GE do the animation canceling in one of his videos and it inspired me to do the same.
  7. I might of put different perks on her in this video! At the time of that video , I ran medic, dads a cop, and thick skin on Deborah!
  8. @SirMang I swear half of the time, that perk is not working for me, idk if it's my game not working as it should or the game itself?
  9. I put it on her, half of the time, it doesn't even work, is it my game or the perks not working properly in the game?
  10. Honestly I have lots of times. One time on crystal lake small over the summer of 2019, running medic, nerves of steel, and thick skin on her. I also got the sweater and activated it at the 5 second mark, how I achieved that is that I dropped my inventory items by my feet, picked it back up getting me out of the sweater animation.
  11. What is your immediate reaction when you kill the host player in a non dedicated server game? Playing Jason, this as happened occasionally. Do you laugh it off, move on or message them saying they cant take a L, you trash?
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