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  1. GamingNerd93

    When a player calls you trash

    @Slasher_Clonesorry about that
  2. GamingNerd93

    When a player calls you trash

    Yeah when people leave the game like that, it's because they don't wanna lose, some even take their win/loss ratio seriously.
  3. GamingNerd93

    When a player calls you trash

    That's horrible. Ignore people who call you trash, you're doing your job. They shouldn't be rushing you, that's why Jason's slash. Plus if a counselor drops a pocketknife, that's proof right there
  4. GamingNerd93

    Introducing Myself

    @Dragonfire82877 ah okay. My PSN is Sonicfreak93 and GamingNerd93 is my Xbox Live gamertag.
  5. GamingNerd93

    Introducing Myself

    Hello, I'm GamingNerd93. I started playing F13th July of 2017, I was bad at it at first, but my best friend showed me how to play, and over time, I gotten better, I was aware of all the exploits and glitches people were doing at that time but I didn't do them. I played the game like a normal person. My favorite counselor to play is Vanessa, other times I like to play as Deborah and Jenny. I do play this on PS4 also.