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  1. @badassgixxer05 did they quit after the match was over and was hate messages involved? Lol
  2. @glowing ooze ROFL. Did they send hate after the match was over?
  3. @hab007GE vanessa flatting a teamer? ROFL. Dont let people steal your profile as their own. Some people are stupid and will do anything to get you banned.
  4. @UberJAson45 omg. Were they counsolers? And you told the jason that they were teamers and to only go after them two?
  5. @UberJAson45 ROFL damn... did they leave the game after the match was over? If a Jason player needs help, that just shows that they're trash as fuck and probably didn't take time to learn how to play Jason.
  6. @YouAndYourFriendsAreDeadLmao. I messaged the jason player from that match I was in and he said, they weren't. I'm thinking that's a lie, the chad was telling him where everyone was, didnt run over anyone. And the chad just escaped in the two seater. What character were you?
  7. What's your funniest surviving against teamers moments? On Xbox One, For Me, I'm playing on Higgins Small, being Vanessa, finding out a Chad and a part 3 jason were Teaming, I survived the whole game against them and after the game ended, they both left the game after I got on the mic and told them they were trash. The chad player was in party chat telling the jason player where every player was. But he escaped, didn't run over players.
  8. The jason player played the game normally at one point and told him or herself that they're trash as fuck as jason and think this is the way. They've just haven't invested time to probably learn how to play him right.
  9. @bryanp3692 indicating that the mic isn't white if they're not talking in game chat, maybe in party chat, looking at profile and at join party( will show who's in it) or have no mic.
  10. @Dragonfire82877 it's so trashy that they get away with this. I can see why veteran players stopped playing the game, because of cheaters.
  11. I know the Devs aren't doing anything about this right now and not banning people. So knowing that it's a huge problem for some. But what would it really take to stop people from Teaming on this game?
  12. @DontZzz34 lmao, yeah it is a strategy for some players. I can see why they do it.
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