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  1. @HuDawg and that is probably why people cant complete matches, gain xp points because of trash players like that. Also I announce over on the mic to players that just joined that we have teamers in the lobby, they know on the spot and I message the Jason play to go after the teaming trash bags. Shit I even had to do like this in the video I'm about to share.
  2. @Wolledcdo you think they ever get tired of doing that? I would be saying to those Jason players"keep practicing on offline mode until you get comfortable knowing how Jason plays", that goes for the friend to?
  3. I would like to hear your opinion on this, as this is still an ongoing problem, my reason some counsoler players still team with Jason is because either they're bored of playing normally, thinking this is funny and they want to ruin peoples fun. I mean if you're already leveled up, I don't see a reason to remain playing f13th and ruin peoples games. Plus you make enemies by doing this and will cause the whole session to do the same to the troll until they quit. Side note, the teamer will suicide if you're Jason because they know there an automatic target
  4. Did they become counsolers, and you or the victims became Jason
  5. Damn lol this Jason was trash. Did the losers leave after the match was over, sending harassing messages to you and the host or did they stay and one of the victims became Jason and had the whole session only target the two trolls?
  6. I got a video I posted from tonight. The debs and Jason were pretty trash at it to. Every player in this match knew those two were teaming. The Kenny and Adam took the car so she wouldn't run players over.Unfortunately the tiffany and other vanessa had to sacrifice themselves so Deborah wouldnt ruin the sweater kill, she had a weapon on her and i was afraid she would mess it up, yeah, me and tommy ran to the police exit, I got out of the sweater stun animation dropping my inventory item by my feet and grabbing it again, gave him a nice tea bag, got the trash Jason to his knees and tommy got the kill.
  7. @masterkeef42o it would take forever though to YouTube take down every exploit video if that would to ever happen.
  8. @masterkeef42o if a player is exploiting every match, it means that they're trash at trying to survive as a counsoler.
  9. @Fair PlayIt is, I've seen some players perform it in game, I would never do that in game, that's not me.
  10. Playing As Jason, have you ever seen counsolers get under the stairway to avoid death when they've set the bear trap in that corner? Do yall think that needs to be patched? Sharing AtomicDesolator's video on the forums so they can see.
  11. @WolledcThis was before the rage buff, and the ability to stop players from becoming tommy jarvis if they suicide. The mitch in this video was intentionally doing it to troll Jason and deny him the kill, so this Deborah player was doing everything to prevent him from doing it. He probably did it to end the match quick and so he can become Jason in a next round.
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