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  1. @F134Ever86 I think it's pretty trash that some PC users do this.
  2. @Slasher_Clone they probably played the game regularly, died alot as a counselor and as Jason. And got so tired of that, they resort to this thinking it will make them better, but actually you're not!
  3. @Slasher_Clone I agree also. If people are using this trash on the PC version, what's wrong with them?
  4. I've seen videos on YouTube where PC users were using cheat programs and installed a cheat script in their game? The 255/10 script, so every counselors composure, stealth, and strength was very high, while their luck, speed, and stamina was a ten.and the wallhack, where you can see everything on map as counselor and Jason. Do you think those people should be banned
  5. In matches you people play in, which characters do see the most that team up?
  6. @Vanessaismymain it sucks to be a victim to that. The community is getting bored and some people dont have remorse, so that's why they do that. But I get revenge by running them over in the car or play as Jason and have the other victims do the same thing to the cheaters until they rage quit.
  7. Last night playing with coordinated counselors, I'm Part 4 Jason on Higgins Haven I'm chasing down the last counselor during the 2 minute warning which is a Vanessa in the main cabin, slashed her even though she was blocking, the match ends and the guy gets on the mic and proceeded to call me a trash Jason. And I got 8/8 kills. Lmao I took it as a compliment. People can play the game however they choose and need to stop dictating how a person plays.
  8. @TimDuke 01oh okay. What if the slow characters have on marathon and restful?
  9. @TimDuke 01im talking about when it's at a police exit or when they don't grab at all.
  10. I've been a victim of this a whole lot and gotten revenge as Jason and counsoler.but honestly what leads to teaming? I personally think it's ruining the game and the fact Gun Media is not banning these people is what is making people pissed? It's making people not play the game anymore.
  11. As I've played the game since June of 2017, why do some Jason players resort to slashing instead of grabbing? I've always wanted to know. Are they worried about getting stunned or what?
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