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  1. @HaHaTrumpWonI would've sent him game clips of me surviving the night as a counselor. That would've prove to the Jason player I ain't trash.
  2. @DontZzz34I used to fight Jason with her to help the fighter characters Adam and Brandon players to get the mask off, that was before the rage buff. Before rage buff, I had sucker punch, swift attacker, and friendship on her. Post rage buff Now medic, nerves of steel, and thick skin. I was
  3. I main with vanessa. So with her, I have to play her smart now since the rage buff.
  4. Three days ago,Played a match with only three counsolers,I had the person that was part 4 jason call me trash for getting killed by him. He couldn't catch me, then when he finally did, he Then messages me after the match saying that I'm trash and you're bad. I just ignored him!
  5. Have you ever played in matches with you being a female counselor where you're the last one alive, make it to the 2 minute warning, and at the last 5 seconds, use the sweater? Even If Tommy hasn't been called, just doesn't want to kill him, or rather escape? I've did that to so many Jason players, it probably made them salty😂
  6. Girl, I played with people who were eager to kill Jason. And they did succeed, and some of the Jason's ruined it by rage quitting.
  7. Ah okay, and since the rage buff took place, half the Veteran players left to.
  8. They do it to make themselves feel better and not suffer real life consequences.
  9. @jade I have a learning disability to. I took a long break from the the game due to the increased toxicity from the community. But yeah some people in quick play are either coordinated players or cheaters.
  10. @DontZzz34that's so true. One,they don't know what they'll get into if they keep it up.
  11. This was a month ago and on Crystal Small, these two Adam players who were teabagging random players accused me of teaming with a tiffany player, who I killed became Tommy then got killed again. They thought I didn't touch the tiffany player. When I killed the two Adam's one of them PM me and called me, also the tiffany player "Teaming Trashbags". They were mega salty when I killed them Third round later, the whole map on pinehurst agreed to team up on the Adam's, first couple of seconds, part 5 Jason slashes them to death, as I go to them and tea bag their trash ass.
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