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  1. Was wondering what was going on. I was just in a game & noticed that little internet icon thingie popping up & it hasn't done that since we've had dedicated servers. Then a minute later "you were kicked. Host has left the game."
  2. The teamers are annoying, but still not as bad as the 5 or more people who used to do nothing but chase Jason around the map in every match. As a counselor-only player, I love the rage update. People are actually fixing things again & the person chosen as Jason doesn't leave immediately 8 out of 10 times anymore.
  3. I still can't hear anyone on Xbox & they can't hear me either. It's been like this since the update with Victoria. Hopefully, this will be fixed in the next one.
  4. Connection time out is the worst it's ever been for me on Xbox. Every other game it was happening to me last night for about 2 hours. This morning it's about every 3rd or 4th game.
  5. Alessa


    Hi guys! I read here all the time so I finally decided to register. Huge Jason fan since I 1st watched the original movie with my Gram when I was 5. ? I look forward to talking Jason with you all.
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