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  1. Frozen - 7/10. My daughter made me watch it with her, apart from the obnoxious and annoying singing parts. Its not bad tbh...
  2. @Freddie Mercury, @Slasher_Clone Thanks! As i was making my account, i thought " What would be a interesting and funny username?"... Magical Fetus came to mind, and i loved it! So yeah... That's how the name Magical Fetus was born.
  3. Just noticed a user called "Freddie Mercury" is on here! Definitely following him because Freddie is my bae! And i think its pretty funny.
  4. Big fan of the F13th series, favorite movie was part 3 and Final Chapter. I love to read Comic Books, i especially love the DC comics( sorry Marvel ). My favorite super hero is Superman and a close second would be Hulk. My favorite band is of course Queen! Pappa Freddies vocals just blow my mind whenever i listen to him sing. Freddies death was a great tragedy too music. Its unfortunate to hear that there will be no new content period, but. Shit happens i guess? Enough rambling from me anyways, i'm here and i'm looking forward to getting to know all of you.
  5. Everything as 5/10... Basically a female version of Kenny, because I'm a basic bitch.
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