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  1. Yes that's basically it, I think Roy has one of the lowest stun resistances and this was the Part 5 Jason which is why I was even more confused.
  2. Damn I've legit been playing this game for over a year now and didn't realise strength wasn't related to stun chance. That's changed my perspective a lot now.
  3. I love when I'm playing as Fox with 7/10 strength and have a baseball bat which is 4/4 stun and then when I hit Jason it doesn't stun him and I die. I'm sorry for ranting about all these little bugs in the game but it's annoying me.
  4. Exactly, even when I know they're going to kill me I let them get their xp because they outplayed me and I accept it, it's just childish when people rage quit.
  5. Ok so in the past day I have nearly killed Jason twice, one of us has the sweater, one of us is Jarvis with an axe or machete and his mask is off. But as soon as Jason sees what we're doing he rage quits... it's genuinely annoying and immature.
  6. It's been made like this to discourage counsellors from using it, before the update it was the easiest escape route since you only needed 2 parts and Jason couldn't trap it... it's more balanced now in the fact that you have to wait until Jason is preoccupied before using the boat. Anyway, I don't think it's that big of a deal since only 2 counsellors can escape in the boat anyway.
  7. Damn. I got it all wrong, I really need to check with my sources next time, thanks for the info.
  8. I'm probably going to get screamed at by 100 hard core forumers who will say this image should be in a different thread but I must prove Jenny's thiccness
  9. I mean, the way I heard it it was Miller who started the lawsuit, but I guess that's not entirely correct, even so it annoys me that he had to get involved in the game and basically ruin it for everyone who plays.
  10. Jenny got twice as much meat on her booty than that skank we call Tiffany Jenny = true thicc queen
  11. I literally hate Victor Miller for this stupid lawsuit just let myself and everyone else keep playing the game, you made enough money from the F13 films stop being so greedy. Unpopular opinion?
  12. And I know this is off topic as it's not my most recently watched horror film but Hush is definitely my favourite horror film, I love the constant suspense, fustration and adrenaline as the main character has to defend themselves. The best horror movies are the ones where people actually fight back, there's no fun in watching a bunch of idiots die one by one...
  13. Leatherface - 2017 Its basically a prequal to the Texas Chainsaw Masacre film and I absolutely loved it. It's more psychological horror and action mixed in with some gore but it lacks atmosphere and up front horror which is fine by me as I think some modern horror movies overuse these techniques. This is also one of the few horror movies out there with a strong plot and a very likeable main character who you are constantly rooting for, therefore this film deserves a 9/10, not full marks since I hated the ending
  14. I know, but if I were realistically rating myself regardless of how much it added up to that's how I would score it, which is why nobody would want to play as me.
  15. A lot would probably have low stats, mine would be too, if I had to give myself stats it would be something like this: Composure: 6 Luck: 2 Repair: 4 Speed: 5 Stamina: 5 Stealth: 6 Strength: 2 Nobody would wanna play as me if I were a counsellor and it's probably the same with most devs lol
  16. Most people at gun media are probably desk jockeys like me with low everything and nobody would have wanted to play as them lol. My stats probably would only add up to about 20
  17. I think you have the right idea with balancing all the stats out as much as possible, it's down to personal preference but I'm not comfortable playing as counsellors with low stealths which is why I hate Vanessa
  18. I thought I'd make this post just for fun, what would your ideal counsellor stats be? Obviously it has to obey the 35 point rule and you can only give a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 1 for each of the 7 stats. Of course the idea of character customisation being added is extremely unlikely but if it ever were how would you customise your counsellor? Mine would probably have a high repair, running stats and a decent stealth, that would be OP and best for solo escapes. It would look something like this: Composure: 4 Luck: 1 Repair: 7 Speed: 6 Stamina: 9 Stealth: 7 Strength: 1 Personally, I think that Stealth is the most important stat since the overall goal is to survive and the easiest way of doing this is by not being found in the first place. Stamina is my second most important stat since if you do get found you should have a high enough stamina to actually get away and evade him. Then I think repair is next since without this stat you just have to rely on your teammates to escape and this isn't the safest option. I don't really value speed since every counsellor can still outrun Jason, stamina is more important as it determines how long you can run for, however I dislike playing as slow counsellors since if you are in a group and suddenly Jason starts chasing you all it's best to be the fastest one so you can get away and allow one of the slower teammates to die instead, so speed is my fourth favourite stat. Composure comes in at fifth since it also helps you to avoid Jason's sense and nothing is more annoying than playing as Chad where you literally step outside and your whole screen goes black... however I think the composure stat isn't as important as most of the others since it's main use is to break free from Jason's grip, yet even playing as Jenny with a 10 composure you can still get grab killed 9 times out of 10. So while composure holds some value I think it only matters if it is extremely low, a composure of 4 or 5 is probably better so you can use your points on more important stats while still having some fear resistance. Then I'd say strength is the next most important. While a strength of 10 means you can stun Jason with literally any weapon I think once again points can be better spent elsewhere, in my opinion you should flee Jason and not fight because it's much less risky, and even if your only option is to fight you can still play as Deborah or Jenny and stun Jason with a baseball bat, frying pan, wrench or pipe most times or every time with non-melee weapons, and it's not like baseball bats and frying pans are uncommon. Then luck comes in as my least favourite stat, like I said, I don't think it's smart to fight Jason and therefore it doesn't matter if your weapon is vulnerable to breaking, even if you do want to attack Jason it should only be done once or twice at a time and inbetween times you can just find another weapon in a cabin. Those are my thoughts, what are yours?
  19. There's a lot of annoying glitches like this in the game at the moment, it sucks like hell but probably won't be fixed due to the general decline of the game. I've had glitches where Jason has shifted through closed doors, where my counsellor has not been able to interact with any items and even where I've spawned but I'm viewing the game as part of loading screen, so I can't actually view my counsellor. It's annoying but I think the game is still worth playing as long as it works most of the time.
  20. I seriously enjoyed reading this and I'm sorry for being so late to reply to the thread but I just wanted to say that your ideas are amazing, especially the possesion one. However, I don't think the Betrayal idea would work since the only real stat that helps when counsellors are fighting EACH OTHER and not Jason is strength and maybe stamina and speed. But apart from that all the other stats would be nearly useless, so i feel like if this was added everyone in the game mode would just play as Bugzy and it would loose the fun of everyone being a unique and different counsellor, instead you'd just have 7 Bugzy's running around killing each other with machetes. Once again though, I love all your other ideas and would love to see them added.
  21. Very true, I doubt I will give up on it anytime soon since I have several irl friends who play, so I could still do private matches with them, even if not I'm still suprised by the amount of people who still actually play the game, F13 is so unique because now it's only really played by its true fans, and I think most of them will continue to be loyal to it for a long time.
  22. Yes, it's the sad truth, but hopefully if they can get through this lawsuit more content would be implemented to save the game. However, this is very unlikely and I assume the game will die out soon, but I am still hoping that enough players will continue playing the game to keep it going.
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