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  1. Quick rage fixes: Make fireworks and flare stun. They are one time use items. Maybe let another weapon stun but if it does it will break. Make the stun long enough that you can actually do something. For example a knife does not give you enough time to start the car. Long term solutions: Adjust rage making it more of a weapon/defense instead of invincibility. Make it a talent. Rage happens when Jason takes multiple strikes in a short time-frame/something gets fixed (battery/gas/prop/fuse). Make it last 30s. This makes bullying dangerous. Also add full rage in the final 2m of the match OR Make rage an ability. Replace stalk or make it under the abilities menu and trigger or some unused combo. This way you can implement rage when needed. Imagine getting bullied and implementing rage, or going to the fuse where three people are attempting to fix with stalk/rage. Maybe add a perk that gives an additional 1-2 shotgun shells. Make it use stam when you interact/swing at Jason. Bullying will be harder since you will use stam swinging and may not be able to get away. As a good Jason the rage is terrible. As a counselor rage means unless something is done nothing will be. For me nothing is a challenge now and it sucks. I actually enjoy the challenge as Jason against a team or coordination. When playing on a team it just means get it done earlier and less scouting for sprays/knives, and if rage starts the game is immediately junk. Rage should be a talent aiding Jason, not a gimmick to help make it easier. GUN needs to make interacting with him dangerous, not a joke (first 10m) massacre (rage). Also, it's a game, stop saying "like the movies". It has to be balanced and fun for everyone. You have eight players, remember. Jason is also loaded. The average Jason has 4 abilities/5 traps/5+ knives~/block and there is a learning curve that is harder than most games. Once you get good at it the hunt is amazing, and fun for everyone.
  2. @TheHansonGoons just something for progress. Like I said I have pretty much everything else done and CP is useless. With the lawsuit and possible no new content just a little carrot, and something that identifies long term players. Also like I mentioned you would easily be able to tell the people that may be good or play a lot in the lobby. @mattshotcha thanks for the response. Glad to hear it's still on the table. With the rage update, other ideas include: In addition to shotgun stun add a perk that has 1-2 shotgun shells that takes up a slot. Enable fireworks (and/or flare) to stun (since it is a one-time use) and now pointless after rage. Maybe make/mod a weapon that has a low chance to stun, and if it does it breaks. Our concerns regarding rage is all objectives are effectively dead. No way to start a car (especially if it is stopped), fix the fuse, and the boat with the start notification makes it pretty tough. I love the Jason buff, but unless your with a team or get some randoms that actually know how to play/use mic's objectives will be even more nonexistent. This may also increase Vanessa's, P2 mains, and speed looting, and rage quitting. And if everyone starts using stam counselors repair goes down too, which in turn makes the game kite Jason or die.
  3. Can we get a dev response if they will ever lift the 150 cap please? I love playing the game but also like to see/work on progress. Currently players that are dedicated don't have much to work for. Most games now have Prestige, or another method to show the time you put in. It may be cool to have a logo that changes every time you hit a level by your name. It helps pre-game understanding who may be good (or plays a lot). You can't check rank if you get second screened or in-game, and sometimes it's a pain to check each name. Not a big deal but much more important with the rage update. I don't care about CP - I have the perks I need and enough CP to retire comfortably. Badges are mostly complete beyond boat flip. Same with achievements excluding the 1000 matches as Jason. Again, a lot of dedicated players are in the same situation.
  4. Here's some ideas that would really help and would not change content or be a burden. I'm trying to avoid big ticket items, or things that are a lot of work or complicated like fixes. Feel free to add/comment. Level Limit: raise the cap from 150. This is simple and really necessary at this point. Salt mines: Since the game crashes, and when people fast click on the menu you can get banned. Please change the salt mines from separate lobby to you cannot be Jason or host for the time period. This way you cannot negatively impact the game but can still play. For perks, make a way to actually get useful ones or have more perk roll weekends. It takes so long to roll (even in a lobby) and the odds are so low. Then you can't carry inventory and have to keep deleting and rolling. Outfits: a way to customize colors or change a little. Since no more outfits will be implemented at least let us change or have variations. Additionally, let us mix outfits from counselors costumes. AJ's skeleton top with her default pants for example. Host election process: Person in lobby with the lowest ping to the MS/Gun infrastructure becomes host (I'm assuming they are doing something to be able to find other f13 players) automatically, instead of people with soup can internet. I'd also consider variables like ranking and amount of game quits. This could also be remediated by #2.
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