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  1. Oh I completely understand that. Didn’t want to put my true emotions in here and keep it PC. Everyone else is handling that part it seems lol. If a new collectors edition can come out ( mask, poster etc) AND the trailer wasn’t edited showing new content it’s clear that the lawsuit is the scapegoat. Just pass the game on to someone who wants it to succeed devs!!! And if they sold it to someone else they would still be getting money. I bought two versions and was about to buy my friend a third copy but then they announced it’s dead and well now I point people to other alternatives instead. I absolutely would have bought this collectors edition but for what? No new content but we can make an exception with a mask and poster? So crazy. It’s just a shame when we want to play with Jason Voorhees and the F13 franchise
  2. @wesI understand you guys said the game is finished with no more updates. It seems there is a true dedicated fan base here as well. If you don’t want to continue updating it, why not sell the rights to a company that may be interested in continuing the games development? Hell im sure some awesome techies would even work in it for free not to see it go down the drain. Is there ANY alternative? There’s another Friday the 13th game that is still producing content and from what I read the lawsuit doesn’t affect this game but I could be wrong. Just trying to not see the game die a horrible fate and could maybe go into the hands of someone who would be willing to continue working on it. I understand that, say the smoke clears and everything is ok to build upon again, you don’t want to pay people to wait around on a maybe but this is what I’m saying. Pass the baton to someone dedicated to keep the legacy going. Thanks for taking the time to read
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