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  1. why it make difference what it be if it no release? seem like taunt to hungry child with picture of sandwich. does nothing to please either side.
  2. i not know alot. i new here. thank to official adam for be nice and make good post. i feel game maker need speak to people and this bring them ease on mind. everyone human and all understand feeling of ignorance. open talk eliminate ignorance.
  3. i not know much on this but sound like person who first invent Jayson and write original story should share in money. it take both man to create such wonderful movie so why not both man share profit and glory?
  4. i ask this and told copy link to post in to my post. it not work so i not try again. i try this next. thank you
  5. i want buy game but no good if just dance. i see dance movie and it good but i want play Jason. will game maker fix before buy on Amozon?
  6. so if i want his post or you post to show in my post to reply i just copy post or i copy link to you post? how i get link to only post not all post on page?
  7. i will watch. Tell me how make my post show in you post? Simple copy?
  8. To read here makes think game not worth to buy. I read no content and lot of issue with game coming. I want to buy amozon deal for game and mask but money is alot for game that not not work and not be fix. I probably wait for new game you mention. when it come out?
  9. i see list at bottom of page. it show my name. other name to. some name in red. what red name mean?
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