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  1. For sure, I'm wary of cars offering rides in vulnerable positions if I have other options. Not much choice late in a match with AJ however. Just had another CA server match with a driver baiting to me to get in front of the car near the exit. Didn't give them the satisfaction this time. Almost seems appropriate that Canadians prefer to troll passive aggressively. 🇨🇦
  2. Eh, not entirely fair I guess. Small sample size but I have dealt with several trolls/teamers since being forced onto the CA servers after the last update. Not many mic users either. Edit: And now someone stops to pick me up only to suicide us both with the car moments later. Not the first time I've been baited into the car by a Canadian server user these past few weeks. 🙄
  3. 10 minutes+ to get to CA servers now. 2-3 minutes to get to CA servers after the last update. Canadian players are assholes too.
  4. I presume this is from a Jason player's perspective? *** To answer the OP's question, it used to be Chad before they nerfed his ability to troll Jason but now it's Vanessa. Current #1 choice of trolls and irritating to stealth/repair characters even when she's used properly. As Bonker said, she's only useful to me as canon fodder.
  5. I'm seeing very few Chads these days whereas before the update they were trolling Jason (and sometimes other counselors...) in about half of my matches. I think the update went a bit far in limiting his effectiveness even if I do welcome the greater focus on repairs. Seeing Fox more often for some reason and a marginal bump in people using AJ and Deb (though I swear that half the time Deb players get chosen as Jason 😠). But honestly, I think I'm mostly just seeing even more Vanessas now. 🙄 She probably needs a nerf.
  6. @Ahab Honestly not bothered enough about this to reply at length. Party chat users bug me but it doesn't stop me from playing and I don't expect the developers to spend any time getting rid of it. But there are walkie-talkies in the game for counselor to counselor communication and thIere are countless real world means of engaging in 'private conservation' without playing freaking Friday the 13th. I'll repeat that a) I don't sympathize with people unwilling to play the game as intended and that b) I don't expect banning party chat to stop cheaters. But you know how I don't reveal personal info while playing Friday the 13th? I don't bring it up and I don't respond to personal questions (even basic stuff in the lobby like 'Anyone have a mic?'; I'm using the mic to play the game, not chat with strangers). You know how I deal with toxic players who use racist, homophobic, sexist, etc language? I mute them and then leave the lobby after the match. There's always private matches for people who want to talk but don't want to engage with the rest of the community. Finally, yes, I agree that high pitch screamers are incredibly irritating (but also rare when I play). They get muted. But garden variety players who are just having fun and reacting to being pursued by an unstoppable killer are often quite entertaining and worth a listen over the mic. It's one of those little things that makes the game so damned fun to play late at night.
  7. As I said, I'm not really worried about keeping cheaters from talking as they'll always find a way. Can't say I sympathize with groups of friends that don't want others hearing them though. The game is meant to be played cooperatively and it's not good for the community IMO for lobby after lobby to be filled with people obviously talking amongst themselves but not with the rest of the counselors. Gives certain players an unfair advantage and reduces the fun for the rest of the room from both a gameplay and entertainment perspective (I love just listening to some players freaking out or giving feedback for example).
  8. I've dealt with this kind of shit often, including multiple times last night, and it is indeed quite frustrating. But as an AJ who relies upon monitoring counselor locations to maximize my effectiveness I have to strenuously object to the OP's proposal. The developers seem to have promoted pushing repairs with their latest patch and crippling AJ's stealth (by having her run around blind and thus constantly run into loud counselors like Vanessa) would nerf one of the game's best repair counselors. I strongly favor banning party chat however. Let the trolls work around that restriction if they want to but your average player should have to communicate with the rest of the room, period. Mute other counselors like the rest of us if you're in a group and can't tolerate people talking over your friends.
  9. Took another look at the stats and I'd probably be Mitch. 😂
  10. 100% agree regarding Pinehurst. That's the one map where I'm often content to let runners take items to vehicles. Also the only map where I'll go for the sweater early. That's still risky for a slow and unlucky character like AJ but I've found that I can often sneak off over the bridge when the shack spawns in the NW. AJ and Deb have the same speed but AJ has slightly better stamina. I sprint pretty much all the time when outdoors and have found the Deb starts huffing and puffing noticeably sooner than AJ. That plus the sound pings Deb makes when she sprints makes her less ideal for my play style.
  11. Lightfoot (-15% sprint noise) and Preparedness (-10% fear). I'm honestly not sure how much the fear reduction helps (I will say that I rarely become hysterical) but having the full map straight away allows me to immediately target areas without counselors and thus make the most of my stealth. I previously used Restful (+10% stamina regen) for a long time before stumbling upon Speed Demon. It works well when coupled with silent sprint since you'll be out of stamina often after sprinting between buildings; also helpful when trying to ditch a Jason that's found you. But Jason finds me less often now that I'm not making repair mistakes so the stamina regen isn't as critical to me.
  12. I dislike Vanessa because she gets my AJ killed. She renders my stealth useless and will usually run from Jason when he shows up rather than fight him like a Chad or Buggzy. That leaves all the slower counselors left behind vulnerable to Jason. She also seems to be favored by trolls and newbies who just run around like chickens with their heads cut off and hoard items. I know I'm gonna be in for a tedious match when the lobby is full of Vanessas. Could be a matter of QTE skill. I'm not great at them and even with only 3 checks I'd often mess at least one up with AJ at standard speed. My -15% repair Speed Demon has made QTE much easier for me and now I rarely mess up. It's effectively turned my AJ into a top tier repair counselor right up there with Deb and Lachappa. OTOH, I rarely find that I need more speed when driving solo. If I've gotten a vehicle started alone it's very likely that Jason will be too late to stop me thanks to my stealth and repair.
  13. Yes, it's Speed Demon. The 'punishment' of slower repairs is far more helpful than the solo vehicle speed boost IMO.
  14. Said this in other threads, but a great choice (the best choice IMO) for lone wolf play in QP is slowpoke AJ with the right perks. You MUST avoid Jason if you want to get multiple solo repairs done quickly and ideally also get a vehicle going/fuse box fixed without Jason being alerted to come over. Stealth, high repair and a large map are how you keep clear of Jason early on. Precious time is wasted ditching Jason when you're loud AF or make mistakes during repairs. A good Jason will also camp vehicles that he knows have been partially fixed and those areas become death traps when that happens. And while AJ is slow with low stamina, you can silent sprint with a good Light Foot and rest while searching houses for parts early. I've never felt I needed her to be faster early during a match whereas the more often recommended Deborah feels slow (1 less stamina) and vulnerable (no silent sprint) by comparison IMO.
  15. AJ was already built to be most effective during the first half of the match so my need to adapt has been minimal. One change has been that the bat/PK combo used to serve me pretty well when heading to the police late in a match but now getting there is much more difficult without a gun or other counselors to help my slow and unlucky ass. Fortunately that issue hasn't come up so often since objectives seem to be being pushed earlier by other counselors now. I also usually go for the sweater now if I'm still alive with little prospect of escaping late in a match and Tommy's on the map. Finally, I'll push repairs when I'm Tommy late in a match and no potential sweater girls have mics rather than immediately make a beeline for a counselor group like I used to.
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