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  1. Eva Watanabe

    Do you like Tiffany?

    Most Tiffanys I see are pretty innocuous. They rarely do much but run around and whimper but they also don't actively make my job harder. Brandons and especially Vanessas are the ones I always steer clear of as AJ. Doesn't matter if they're experienced or not, there's a good chance they'll keep me from properly clearing an area or worse yet get me killed. Chads are dick trolls about half the time. I main as AJ myself but am careful around others using her: newbies mis-use her and just hide whereas experienced players are smart enough to know there's a good chance they'll survive if they leave you holding the bag around Jason; she also seems to be the 150 Jason teamers' preferred character. Deb is the one character I love working with when doing repairs. No one seems to troll with her and she doesn't get me killed. Rest of the characters are either blah teammates for my play style or I rarely see them used.
  2. I've had this happen a few times these past few weeks. Would usually have been a death sentence for my AJ previously but I've actually limped halfway across the map to a med spray thanks to the Jasons being as bad or worse than the counselors recently. People seem to like trapping the NW house at Crystal Lake especially for some reason and that's particularly problematic for me since that section of the map is frequently ground zero for both car parts and the phone. Pretty irritating when you make a clean getaway from calling the cops or fixing a car only to run right into some idiot's trap.
  3. Eva Watanabe

    More buggy lately?

    I've seen the 'can't use a weapon' and 'can't open door & windows' glitches off and on since I first started playing but they've been happening a bit more often recently. The far more irritating bug, and one I'd never seen before the past month or so, is being given a random player when it takes forever to get a new player into the match at the loading screen. Expecting to play as AJ and getting Vanessa instead is not ideal. lol I actually had some decent success when I was given Victoria however.
  4. I'm honestly happy to see the game get new players with all the doom and gloom surrounding the lawsuit. And I main as AJ with Lightfoot 15, Restful and Preparedness so I effectively lone wolf pretty much all of my matches unless there's another competent stealthy player with a mic. But that strategy becomes much harder when newbies: 1) Hold on to items and/or don't mark them on the map; 2) Insist on repairing with poor repair characters; 3) Ignore requests to make the phone call when they're in the phone house as you're fixing the box (I don't need help per se but it's much more likely Jason will check the house out with a loud character around); 4) Follow you around asking you questions (seriously?); 5) Escape or die quickly as Tommy. All in all though I'd say my survival rate has actually increased with the newbies because Jason has been even worse lately especially when it comes to using traps (I've been reminding rooms to trap the fuse box after matches just to get a bigger challenge). I'm usually the one doing all the work but I don't mind that so long as I can find the freaking items. And yeah, I've worked with a few new players willing to learn and that's definitely a good feeling. It's really the 150 trolls that ruin things. They couldn't do as much damage when the rooms were full of experienced players but when no-one else is working on objectives the trolls have much better odds at destroying a match by getting to items before me and either holding on to them or using a car (which I usually fixed) to run the rest of us over. I prepare for the worst when I see a 150 in a room full of newbies now. And I just bail when I see more than one since in my experience that often means they're teamers.
  5. Don't think this deserves its own thread so I'll ask it here: Has the baseball bat been nerfed recently (last 2-3 weeks)? I main as AJ and generally hunt for items/repair most of the game but will go on the attack near a police exit if I have a PK. I've always used the bat as my go-to weapon since it gave me a guaranteed knock-down stun but recently it's only had about a 2/3 success rate. Has the bat or AJ been nerfed or is luck just finally catching up with me?
  6. The game has become borderline unplayable on the PS4 this past week or so. Pretty much every single game is dominated by inexperienced players who have no idea what to do and more importantly don't listen to advice/instructions. The latter point is crucial as I don't mind newbies if they're willing to learn but these new players seem willfully ignorant. Even so, I kept playing until the 150 trolls returned. Throw an experienced troll into a newbie room and the game is pure pain. I had that happen 2-3 times tonight and it led to the first time I just gave up on the game before getting tired. I can't be sure but it feels like the decline in quality of play coincided with the release of RDR2. I myself held off on playing that until after Halloween but came back to F13 tonight when I got the itch to play again. I suspect I'l be taking another break now. Seems like many of the quality players, both experienced and newbies, are spending their nights in the Old West.