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  1. He can serve a role on a team but his speed & stamina are really rough if you're playing solo. He's the hardest repair counselor to use solo IMO.
  2. Statement on Recent Server Issues 7.10.2020: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28437-statement-on-recent-server-issues-7102020/
  3. True, but as @SirMang said the same would apply to other repair counselors. Lachappa however has better luck and strength than Deb and AJ which allows him to fight in a team longer without breaking his weapon and contribute a bit more to a de-masking effort (though he's of course still not ideally suited to that).
  4. Lachappa might be marginally more effective in a squad (can't really speak to that from personal experience but the stats bear it out) but Deb's superior composure, speed, stamina and stealth are all helpful if you're playing solo. A solo Lachappa is a walking feast for any decent Jason whereas Deb will often avoid detection and won't be reaching for her inhaler while cabin hopping.
  5. You’ve basically created a weaker AJ with those stats. 7 repair is more than enough against most Jasons and she’s effectively a 10 repair with Speed Demon. Her higher speed, stamina and composure are all helpful OTOH. I do agree that LaChappa needs a rework though. He’s only good for a challenge or some laughs (those piggy sounds ).
  6. You've done the exact same thing when 'debating' with me multiple times. Including on this page. So what you're saying is that you've only faced trash stealth players?
  7. Yep, I don't get it. I haven't done particularly well with my (almost) No Fear Jenny build for example but that doesn't mean I'm gonna jump to assuming that everyone who swears by her is playing bad Jasons. Great, now I can get back to running out the clock after stunning Jason during Rage thanks to Sucker Punch. Won't need Medic or Thick Skin since I'll just hide in the closet with a bunch of fear reduction & sense avoidance perks. Jason will never find me! Maybe I could outrun him too if I add a stamina perk... /S
  8. You haven't actually read through the thread, have you? I never hide as AJ, I have MEDIC equipped, I don't bother trying to kite once Jason is on me during Rage if I have no PK or plausible means of escape (I find trying to run the clock out incredibly tedious) and I acknowledged in my very first post in the thread that speed & stamina (not stealth or composure) are the most overpowered stats in the game. I've explained all of this in previous posts in the thread. And to suggest that I don't know that Sucker Punch is worthless during Rage is just laughable. Sucker Punch might be wasted on a fast counselor who always has a friend to knock them out of a grab but it's a literal life saver when you only have yourself to rely upon during pre-Rage encounters with Jason. If we're making assumptions about other people here, I'm gonna have to assume that you never play solo with slow counselors. My build is very effective pre-Rage, especially for someone who prefers to play alone and focus on repairs, and has limited effectiveness at the beginning of Rage. Never claimed anything beyond that. And again, this is based on almost two years of constant play in public lobbies. If there are 'Top Tier' Jasons who have deigned to slum it in public lobbies, believe me, I've seen them. They have yet to scare me away from my play style.
  9. But... she won't. Jason's gonna be drawn to Vanessa like a moth to a flame right up until Rage hits and he'll stay drawn to her until she dies/escapes so long as I don't give him a reason to leave her. He might like to focus on a weaker repair counselor like myself but I don't give him, or Vanessa, that choice. I have made a critical mistake at some point if I'm near a Vanessa during endgame with no immediate chance of escape.
  10. And once again you completely miss the point even after I spelled it out for you. Lighting up like a Christmas tree is irrelevant if you've kept a few counselors between yourself and Jason. You know, the most fundamental aspect of the play style. Not gonna continue to belabor this point with you. As for your comment about not caring whether you escape or not after repairs, I've gotten to the point where I really don't anymore. I still do my best to survive and dying is certainly never fun for someone as competitive as me but I do get plenty of satisfaction out of helping other counselors escape (which I guess is what motivates people who sacrifice themselves in team play). Early phone calls for example are especially high risk but they put Jason in a world of pain for the rest of the match if you successfully pull one off. And it's always fun to let Jason know it was you who made a critical repair right before he kills you. Oh yeah, screwing with cocky teams can be great fun. Holding on to a pair of keys for example is a must when you can't trust a team. And man, I was never Tommy when my AJ had both Lightfoot (15) and Preparedness (9) equipped together. You're almost guaranteed to be the last person alive with that AJ build but you're also more reliant on a good lobby since either repairs or traps are gonna trip you up when you have to choose between a health perk and repair perk (Speed Demon) to round out the build. I have to be more careful with my fear management and take more risks with my map exploration at the beginning of games now but it's worth it. And like you say, the challenge is part of the fun. A lone wolf repair counselor has to be alternatively aggressive, opportunistic or patient. Lots of long ass paragraphs to follow. First, when to be aggressive. The very beginning of the game is the best time to get a part, or parts, in a car or the boat with minimal risk since your fear is low and Jason is forced to trap most objectives after morph cool downs (ironically one of the overall weaker Jasons, Part II, complicates this due to his +Morph). The vehicle you work on could be his third or even fourth stop if he traps the Tommy house. I used to delay these repairs due to my character's repair, not to mention my own QTE ability, not being the best; messing up a skill check early on often leads to repair counselors getting tunneled. But my Speed Demon (-15 repair) now gives me error-free repairs about 90% of the time so I'm comfortable being much more aggressive at my spawn location. Boats can be done solo and quick car escapes are possible too when someone has the same idea as you and doesn't get in the way of the repair. Quick police calls are definitely possible but you really are relying on Jason being a potato to do that unless you luck out and find a PK along with the fuse. Now for opportunism. Jason is not the only player who should be checking his map or listening to mic chatter for intelligence. It is usually very obvious where the action is occurring at any given time and a stealth repair character needs to always be on the lookout for objective openings. That can either involve slipping in after counselors have dragged Jason away or choosing an objective that's as far away from the action as possible. Sometimes the choice is taken out of your hands when objectives are already partially finished. Sometimes you get lucky and can piggyback on the work of another repair counselor or team and, again, it's usually very obvious when this is a good idea and when it isn't. How you should approach traps at this point in the game is a risk/reward calculation that depends on the situation. If I just need to tank one trap in order to escape I'll often do it and attempt the repair as well; otherwise the decision of whether to tank & repair, just tank or ignore the trap & simply drop the item depends on how how limited my other options are and/or whether I feel relatively safe at the objective location. And as @Laotian Lam says, if you have a PK it's a no-brainer to use it and do the repair in public lobbies. By the time I'm done with my 5 second repair I'm already sprinting away with no noise pings and minimal fear. No exaggeration, I am almost never detected after using a PK. Even phone calls are usually successful after using a PK, especially if I've already got my path to the phone lined up and an exit route in mind (preferably with other counselors to dump Jason on). Finally we come to patience. AJ's greatest strength is her ability to stay hidden from Jason and a lone wolf's greatest strength is having no obligations to any other counselors. Taken together this allows you to calmly wait out a match if necessary. There will almost always be teams, Jason trollers or fellow repair counselors taking out traps and/or putting in parts in every game and by the end of the game (including during Rage ) there will usually be very few traps left and several items popping up on the map. Occasionally you'll get lucky and get to vulture a completely finished vehicle. This is when AJ needs to quickly swoop and take advantage of these new possibilities before Jason has killed everyone else. How much time you have generally depends upon the skill level of whoever else Jason is paying attention to. This is where Speed Demon really shines as it gives you both the error-free repairs and quick top speed you need to get the hell out of dodge when Jason is bound to quickly catch on to what you're doing. As for the suggestion that I rely on Jasons who tunnel: quite the opposite actually. I'm often able to shake good Jasons who recognize it's better to stop a phone call or moving vehicle rather than continue to pursue me after getting lucky with a morph. But a dumb Jason, or perhaps one who's pissed off at me for whatever reason, will just tunnel me until I die even as several other counselors are escaping or setting up an escape. As I said regarding being aggressive at the beginning of the game, a good Jason has to manage multiple objectives and multiple counselors if he wants to keep his kill count up. It is the job of a stealthy lone wolf repair counselor to take advantage of every opening created by Jason not being able to be everywhere at once. I get that this play style will not appeal to those who like working in teams or fighting/trolling Jason but I assure you that it is effective against the vast majority of public lobby Jasons.
  11. Let's take another look at that long ass paragraph: "Lobby with a few solo loud runners/fighters who waste Jason's time". These types are in almost every lobby and they're useful to a lone wolf the entire game. Pre-Rage they'll drag Jason around the map, allowing you to look for parts and do repairs without ever getting noticed unless you're unlucky. At the start of Rage he'll usually continue to pursue them for at least minute or two which gives you time to either go to an escape or make a last minute repair. Why would Jason leave potential victims right in front of him to look for a counselor who might be working on something on the other side of the map? Obviously I'm very vulnerable if I make a repair mistake during Rage but that's why I have Speed Demon. And if you're starting/restarting a car, at an exit or going for the kill you can form ad hoc teams with them to give your weak ass a fighting chance; no communication needed btw, just players who happen to be in the same place at the same time with the same objective. Something else from that long ass paragraph: "in a lobby with a team", not in a team. It's very obvious when a party joins a lobby and works as a team even if they don't use game chat. These teams are double edged swords for lone wolves: they'll monopolize Jason's time/attention and get objectives done but they're also often cliquish & will leave without you even if they know you contributed to the escape. But a smart lone wolf can swoop in on their repair or focus on whatever objectives they're not working on (and that'll be obvious just by looking at your map and objective screen; again, no coordination/communication needed whatsoever). And occasionally I'll come across a team that's friendly & open to working with randoms. Just because I primarily lone wolf doesn't mean I'm opposed to working with a team when it benefits me. "Open mind" and all, right? As for things I'd "never mentioned": I really shouldn't have to explain how public lobbies work in painstaking detail to a supposed "Top Tier Jason". There are seven counselors in every lobby, is it really so hard to imagine that more than one of them is likely to be a lone wolf who will end up working on different objectives? I can't begin to count the number of times I've been in the middle of a repair when all of a sudden I hear that the cops have been called or see that someone's got a vehicle started. Or I'll be taking care of one repair at a vehicle and someone will run up with the other part and/or the keys. Uncoordinated pushing of multiple objectives & ad hoc teamwork toward a common goal are absolutely inherent to the game's design. The fact that you don't need a rigid team oriented approach leads to every game playing out differently; it's that randomness and unpredictability that makes the game so replayable and addictive for me. Regarding your PS: I have explained how silent sprint/high composure AJ's effectiveness can leak into the beginning of Rage multiple times, including in this post. It's the play-style/tactics that the build makes possible immediately before Rage that matters, NOT the stat itself during Rage proper.
  12. This is not what you'd said previously. I have already acknowledged multiple times that I struggle against excellent Jasons in bad lobbies. Any player would struggle in a lobby where they're the only one doing anything no matter their build; only a high stamina/speed character stands a chance when they have to fend for themselves against a good Jason let alone a "Top Tier" (is there a leaderboard I'm not aware of? ) Jason. But a lone wolf with in a lobby with a team? A lone wolf in a lobby with a few solo loud runners/fighters who waste Jason's time? A lone wolf in a lobby with other competent lone wolf repair counselors (you are aware that multiple lone wolves can push multiple objectives simultaneously with no coordination, yes?)? A lone wolf who finds randoms who contribute to fixing and defending in ad hoc groups (usually without any communication whatsoever)? Something tells me you rarely play in public lobbies because you're way off base if you think they're all just filled with chickens running around with their heads chopped off. Most have one if not multiple counselors who fit into one of the above groups. There's no way in hell I would have kept a stealth repair build if I had to do everything in most games, which is to say that I often end up taking care of my own escape completely by myself anyhow because my build is indeed quite effective. And my feelings are hurt? No. I just think you're myopic and insufferably condescending to boot.
  13. To the bolded: That's not what "can't really contest" means. And yes, my own experience of two years with the game and over a thousand counselor matches in public lobbies with my build. Or are matches in public lobbies no longer relevant? I can't keep up. Was it you who said, "Well if you’re in a pub lobby with a top tier J then you’re gonna get wrecked because teamwork is needed. So have fun in pubs"?? It would have been one thing if you'd left this at claiming I wouldn't do well in organized league play (that's where "can't really contest" applies) but you didn't. My "experience" applies to the very best and worst Jasons you'll find in public lobbies, nothing more and nothing less.
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