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  1. AJ with Epic Lightfoot (15), Preparedness and Restful. You are almost guaranteed to not be found in the first 10 minutes if you're not unlucky with other counselors or a repair and can thus get shit done. I've been thinking of replacing Restful with something to reduce fear once Jason has Rage but cabin-hopping is definitely an option for AJ with a good Restful perk. And there are times when I need to get from one side of a map to the other (item appears on the map for instance) and Restful is very helpful for a low stamina counselor in those instances.
  2. Kids are most likely to annoy with their voices (not their fault of course) but I generally find that they try to play the game as intended. Most trolls I've come across are either immature grown men or, more often, completely silent.
  3. That's exactly how I approach the game as a lone wolf. I will almost always keep running and try to slip away if it's early in the game but don't bother when I'm in a situation where I know Jason's gonna stay on my ass no matter what I do (endgame, crippled and/or tunneled). A good Jason's gonna kill me 90% of the time but: a) most Jasons aren't very good these days and b) stealthy characters don't see much combat and I welcome the opportunity to mix things up when cornered.
  4. Counselor skill seems to have returned to pre-influx levels. Jason skill has not however. Still rarely seeing effective trapping of key objectives. As for locking doors, that just slows my stealthy AJ down early on. I only lock when I'm out of stamina, in a particularly vulnerable cabin (northern Jarvis House cabin comes to mind) and/or being pursued by Jason. It's also very helpful to: a) know which cabins to skip when hunting for items and b) have easy access to cabins when being pursued by Jason.
  5. Eva Watanabe

    Is Jason too easy to kill?

    Like any objective, it's much harder to kill him when Jason bothers to trap the shack. An organized kill team will still get the job done of course but you don't see too many of those in QP. Some Jasons don't even bother morphing to the shack when you enter and that makes the kill ridiculously easy if the Tommy is competent. Trapping the Tommy radio house power generator is also effective if you don't get someone like me spawning right near it. It is so damned irritating that Tommy is almost never called on the rare occasion when I die early. Seriously, don't people realize that even if Jason does find them during the call there's a decent chance they'll come back as the game's strongest character?
  6. Eva Watanabe

    Counselors committing suicide

    I only willingly die when I'm out of options (ie, limping with no health spray or weapon and Jason in hot pursuit). If the Jason is respectful/skilled I'll dance in front of him and tell him to have fun with his kill. If he's an asshole (non-stop slashing or verbal abuse) I'll try for a suicide. It's a lot easier to irritate a troll Jason than a troll counselor in this game. 😁
  7. Eva Watanabe

    Best Jason Music?

    Retro and Savini scare me the most because they're the quietest and I tend not to hear them until it's too late to slip away undetected. Someone mentioned the discordant quality of the Savini theme and I'd agree that that makes it feel a bit creepier. Sounds a bit like Penderecki.
  8. That's possible but I had already been limping in front of him for some time and had easy access to a window if I had wanted to prolong the chase (and give myself more than enough time to heal with a med spray without wasting a PK). The guy had done nothing but slash me previously and the kill rundown showed a bunch of other slasher deaths too so I feel pretty confident in my assessment that he was a lazy slasher. Like I said above, he killed everyone by slashing and I wasn't taunting him. He's one of several Jasons I've seen recently who rely heavily on slashing and it most definitely is boring from a counselor's POV. The whole room was laughing at the guy after he knifed me. --- I did play a match last night where the Jason resorted to slashing multiple times and it was fully justified in both cases. The first was a dickhead Chad troll (what a surprise) who repeatedly dodged his grabs, stunned him and then danced over him every time without running away. Eventually the Jason lost patience and just slashed the f*ck out of him. Later he was dealing with a Deborah who first escaped with a PK and then started looping in and out of a cabin. Jason eventually ended the tedium by slashing them and we were finally able to move on to another match.
  9. Full credit to you if you can kite well with AJ, especially later during a match when your stealth advantages don't let you slip away once Jason's found you. In the several months I've been playing I've probably seen one other AJ do it well. I'm often the last or second last counselor left so I get a lot of opportunities but since my stamina drops relatively quickly I can't run too long and can only jump through one or maybe two broken windows without crippling myself. Couple that with her luck/strength making her weapons either break quickly or do little damage and she simply isn't built for kiting like a Vanessa, Chad or even a Tiffany. I also generally don't use cheap hiding spots or bother running in circles around obstacles which I guess are things any counselor could do regardless of their weaknesses. FWIW I also tell other counselors how to play even if like you say it usually doesn't help. 😝 Tiffany insisting on doing a repair right next to my far better repair counselor or a Vanessa following my stealthy counselor will get an earful from me. Those are both legit play choices as well but they're still irritating. You're gonna slash the last counselor when they're slow, limping, have no weapon, aren't near an exit, aren't close to running out the clock and haven't been taunting you? That was my situation when I gave up and asked the guy to have a little fun with my death. He'd already slashed my health away and saw that I had no spray so there wasn't even the excuse of worrying about a PK buying me time to heal myself (and even then the time it takes to heal usually leaves a slower counselor like AJ vulnerable to more slashing or a grab kill). The guy was a textbook example of a boring slasher and a quick check of his kills after the session was over confirmed that. I'm glad that most Jasons make the effort to kill with a bit more style. I've been seeing this a lot more when I go into combat stance this past month or so (and I usually go into combat stance when I'm cornered and thus not confident, often without a PK). Used to be most Jasons would dance with you once you challenged them but many more just go for broke and rush me now. Most rush cabins rather than trap windows/doors too. I prefer the cat and mouse game myself and always make sure to tip my cap to a Jason who outsmarted me.
  10. To be clear, I lone wolf as weak ass AJ and almost never go one-on-one with Jason until I'm one of the last few counselors. I don't chain stun, teabag or even kite (at least not effectively given my lack of stamina without resting). I've played enough to know a skilled Jason when I see one and the Jasons who do nothing but slash me (and if they're slashing me they're usually slashing the whole room too) ain't skilled. All appropriate slashing situations. Agreed that respectable slashing is situational.
  11. Slasher kills ARE boring and I see no problem with telling a Jason that so long as I don't resort to childish insults such as those that were directed at the OP. No buildup, no great music, no over the top gore and thus no satisfaction. The game would be a shadow of itself without these grab kills:
  12. It's legit of course but it's also boring, especially when it's the only kill method used by a Jason. It's anticlimactic to have a character simply crumple to the ground when they're killed in a Jason video game. 😐 I congratulate good Jasons when they kill me creatively or shift-grab me but on the flip side I make sure to let slashers know I'm not impressed. And I frequently either never find a PK or have used it on a trap so it's not me being salty about not getting to use one. PK escape doesn't do me much good with my play-style/character anyhow. It also betrays a lack of confidence on the part of the Jason player: I remember a few nights ago I was the last player alive and the Jason player had me critically wounded and without a weapon. I gave up, started dancing in front of him and told him to at least kill me creatively. He proceeded to throw a freaking knife at me. 😂 Less boring than a slash death I suppose but I can't imagine being a Jason and choosing to knife someone who's given up rather than use my favorite grab kill on them.
  13. Eva Watanabe

    Is Tunneling the New Trolling?

    Always kind of surprising when I get effectively tunneled to be honest. My AJ has Epic+ Light Foot and Restful so I'm either invisible to begin with or able to disappear quickly. I also run Preparedness so I always know where other counselors are; that way I can either avoid them (it's almost always being around louder/incompetent/trolling counselors that gets me in trouble) or dump Jason on them while I go off to continue hunting for items/repairs. I think the Light Foot/Restful combo really f*cks with some Jasons since AJ is supposed to be a slower/low stamina counselor but I'm usually able to ditch them in the first 10 minutes so long I can regularly regain stamina through cabin-hopping. It's also important to be ready to leave immediately when you hear his music when you spawn near the phone or a car. A less stealthy counselor should probably just get out the moment they see the phone or a car at the beginning of the game if they don't want to be tunneled; even with AJ it's only once I got silent sprint that bad spawns stopped being a death sentence when I hung around too long. And I saw someone suggest that Jason should listen to counselors to figure out their plans. That goes both ways: I've seen multiple Jasons fooled by a counselor telling someone to finish an objective when no-one was actually near it. 😁
  14. Eva Watanabe

    Do you like Tiffany?

    Most Tiffanys I see are pretty innocuous. They rarely do much but run around and whimper but they also don't actively make my job harder. Brandons and especially Vanessas are the ones I always steer clear of as AJ. Doesn't matter if they're experienced or not, there's a good chance they'll keep me from properly clearing an area or worse yet get me killed. Chads are dick trolls about half the time. I main as AJ myself but am careful around others using her: newbies mis-use her and just hide whereas experienced players are smart enough to know there's a good chance they'll survive if they leave you holding the bag around Jason; she also seems to be the 150 Jason teamers' preferred character. Deb is the one character I love working with when doing repairs. No one seems to troll with her and she doesn't get me killed. Rest of the characters are either blah teammates for my play style or I rarely see them used.
  15. I've had this happen a few times these past few weeks. Would usually have been a death sentence for my AJ previously but I've actually limped halfway across the map to a med spray thanks to the Jasons being as bad or worse than the counselors recently. People seem to like trapping the NW house at Crystal Lake especially for some reason and that's particularly problematic for me since that section of the map is frequently ground zero for both car parts and the phone. Pretty irritating when you make a clean getaway from calling the cops or fixing a car only to run right into some idiot's trap.