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  1. Pam looks great soaking wet and Megan has a beautiful smile & natural chemistry with Tommy but Ginny’s the complete package. Smart, cute and a survivor.
  2. I enjoy walking over them in online matches. Feels like one last indignity. This pose happened on its own however. That’s why I found it particularly humorous.
  3. Yes! I would love to be able to move the bodies like in Metal Gear Solid; blocking doorways is an especially inspired idea. And maybe a couple traps that you place under tree branches that would pull unsuspecting counselors up. There could be a 30-60 second timer until it breaks where they'd be vulnerable to getting their throat slit or intestines spilled out.
  4. Killed a bot at the head of the stairs in the main Higgins Haven house and they ended up looking like this. Reminds me of when the final girl finds a bunch of dead bodies hanging from trees during the films. I really like the kills where you hang the counselor on a tree; would be nice if you could hang them like this as well.
  5. Yes and no. I almost never work with other people when fixing the boat and a good Speed Demon makes a significant difference getting a head start against Jason; and if you get past him he won't catch you. Boats carry two people max so I don't see leaving solo as being particularly dickish, especially since I'm usually the person who puts both items in anyway. I see a lot of people dismissing the boat as a means of escape, especially after they added (brought back?) the boat startup sound, but it's a great option with Speed Demon thanks to the lower chance of mistakes with the propeller and faster speed on water. With the car, I use the faster solo speed to get Jason to waste a Shift since he can't catch up to me when I'm driving at top speed; most dangerous time in the car in my experience is right after you start it so being able to get the hell out of dodge is quite nice. Once I'm clear I'll try to pick up any nearby counselors. Yeah, a dick could just leave Jason and the rest of the lobby in the dust with a vehicle speed perk if they want. Pretty irritating if that happens early with the four-seater but not such a big deal with the two-seater or if most of the lobby is already dead or gone. Still, the main benefit of Speed Demon is definitely slower repairs. Super, super helpful if you're not great at QTE.
  6. Problem for me is the prop and battery are frequently clear across the map on Pinehurst and thus require crossing multiple bridges both ways. It's ridiculously difficult for slow repair counselors to do their job other than the occasional lucky spawn for a quick phone repair. OTOH, I have no problem disappearing with AJ and gathering all the med spray, map and walkies I need but that usually just delays the inevitable if no other counselors are contributing. So it would seem that Pinehurst manages to f*ck over multiple play styles. Boat is indeed tough on Pinehurst but openings do occur, especially after Jason's already drowned someone. Otherwise you've gotta get lucky with morph cooldown timing after a flawless repair to have a chance; my Speed Demon also makes it more likely that Jason will have to guess which exit to defend.
  7. Pinehurst is definitely poorly designed but I still enjoy it even as a counselor as a change of pace from playing Packanack Small 5+ times every night. I think it would be better balanced if they got rid of the southern portion (house & three cabins) and made sure the propeller & battery are relatively close to their respective objectives. I do always groan when it’s the random map immediately after someone chose it the previous round. Happens quite often for some reason. Once a night is enough.
  8. Update: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28690-patch-status-server-issues-update-as-of-852020/
  9. I've actually been more inclined to help others and sacrifice myself since getting 150. People who need positive & negative incentives to play 'right' are probably just assholes.
  10. It used to be worse before the Rage buff. You'd regularly see lobbies with three or more high level Chads bullying Jason the entire match and rage quitting if he ever got the upper hand. Occasionally they'd take breaks to dance, teabag and smack other counselors. Seriously, WTF is up with that? I just leave the lobby if I see someone picking Packanack Small twice in a row now.
  11. @RetroJason89 Watched your latest video and thought I'd make a few suggestions: First, switch to a longer range weapon if you have weapon swapping available; fire axe is a good choice if you want to stick with an axe. The regular axe is garbage for slashing during a pursuit. Second, shift slashing (and just shifting often in general) is a good way to put maximum pressure on a counselor during pursuit; fast counselors will out-jog Jason all over the map. Finally, if a counselor is really slippery you can drop back and go into stalk before shifting; even if you're not great at shift grabbing it can be very effective at landing a few cheap slashes, especially if you swap to a weapon with longer range.
  12. Eh, Jason had time to double trap a phone, grab a knife and destroy a closet before the grab kill so he had plenty of time to get the hell out of dodge if he wanted to. Door was also left wide open to the cabin. Sucks being killed quickly but I blame the counselor 100% in this case.
  13. I haven’t had one call go through since I started doing that a few weeks ago. So nice not being pressured to get to the phone house immediately when a trap goes off early in a match.
  14. I saw nothing unsportsmanlike with Jason’s approach. He slashed a Vanessa sweater girl, two people together (including a Tommy) and an AJ who was probably in a team with the asshole glitcher. Plus he had +Weapon Strength so you’d be stupid not to slash when you think it’s your best option. Several grab kills too so some decent variety. Loved seeing the glitcher furiously try to spray himself at the end btw.
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