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  1. Alright , alright . Wanna know how to deal with these long time no tick players? There's a solution for this as i found out long time ago , there is a trick , some sort of magic that WILL solve this issue , no matter what anyone thinks or believes... Are you ready? Get yourself a microphone, do NOT attend to spam X as these fantastic creatures (including myself sometimes) react very primitive , troll kind of way to such actions , so , give them a little time , turn your mic on and after ask them politely with a calm manner to ready up followed by a please , if they wont do it , give them a warning and wait until 0:20, then say "Alright , you all brought this on yourselves , Abracadabra! " (make sure you cast the spell at 0:16 for best results ) Spamming X works sometimes
  2. While my first post here , i found out that someone , somewhere around this forum was saying something about R2 while glitched, which works 100% BUT if this glitch happens after using a flare gun, you wont be able to fix it unless you are lucky to escape Jason's grab (it happened to me 3 times and got it usually when shooting awkwardly low jason between his legs , and the weird thing was that the weapon was dropped and i could get into combat stance and able to sort of "hit" with an invisible weapon which didn't had any effect, and could only dodge or run ) Every since i learned how to fix it easily by R2 this game got a lot sweeter to me ^^
  3. Console: PS4 slim Since the engine update , and lately , almost every single match , sometimes even 3 times in a single match , i get this issue that cannot pick anything , cannot open/close/lock/unlock doors/windows , to undo it i use to press every single button from my controller like a retard to unlock it , most of the times i gotta WASTE/drop firecrackers , pocket knives , health sprays etc... in doing so , which is annoying af. And guess what sometimes like today i couldn't unlock it at all by the retard combo express . And i simply can't understand when i see 150 "pro players" that seems like they never encounter these issues and i'm very jelous because of it ;( PERKS or Combat Stance Hits are not the cause of it ! I tried to play without perks and i got the glitch by shooting jason with the pistol between his legs Neither the couselor or map does matter !! How do i know ? I get it almost every single match with different locations , different counselors Please fix it.
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