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  1. I have the solution my kind friends , lets bugg the gun to shoot a gym in F13Th . Jason will be fit in no time. Most important equipment would be for the NECK. THICK NECK = GOOD No THICK NECK = NO GOOD
  2. Ki ki ki ki ki Welcome to the club ^^
  3. Are 150lvl gods driving you insane ?^^ For the most of u , if in their place i bet u would've done much worse. Most of your changes would make this game a "Hell Nooo" title. Like reseting all the achievements after reaching the top is just disturbing , i'll have nightmares tonight . No duplication of any counselors when there is only one mode and 5 counselors in total , and if most people like specific counselor they can play that once in a year , omg , gotta buy a Teddy Bear for tonight ;( .
  4. I would say that whenever u see someone doing these type of glitches , get urself out of the mentality of killing , and have fun ^^ I once or twice met a few counselors that were walking on water throughout the lake , and as Jason i couldn't do anything Maybe i should've listened to that eminem - walk on water song , and see the light of invisible glitches ^^
  5. I know what could be done , and everyone would be happy. Why not? make a passive buff or nerf that would activate as the following: As a specific range around Jason that could detect if there are 3 or more counselors in the nearby 30 m range , a buff would be applied , increasing Jason's chances of not being stunned. Or each counselor would have a specific range and if 3 or more are connected in any shape of form , the game would recongnise them as a "bullying group" and a nerf would be applied by decreasing their chances of stunning Jason .
  6. I want to go to Mars in the upcoming 2030s missions ! Wish me good luck , and btw i'll send you a picture once i get there ^^
  7. If bugs and glitches couldn't make u uninstall the game , being kicked out from public matches on and on and on , sure will !
  8. Welcome to the club ^^ If pressing the attack button won't fix it , then ask Jason politely to grab you and let you break free , if not good night , you'll soon be in the afterlife along with Michael Jackson and Kennedy ^^
  9. Player base? Really? In this game it takes a day to get through a damn window , i gotta spam it in order to do so, the same thing applies with picking up stuff . We should be able to stop from performing emotes whenever we want , not wait a day to finish itself and get killed by jason. This game is broken beyond repair. Sometimes you cant even get into a match , it would say "joining a game" and would be loading untill next year . And lets not even mention Jason's broken grab which sometimes grabs people from a mile away(even over a couch) , but at the same time likes to tickle them instead of grabbing , or couselor's hit that sometimes goes Through Jason .
  10. Announcements like "wait , wait and wait some more" We like to be reminded , thank you ^^
  11. Trick or Treat Halloween 1/2 IT (1990 or 2017) Scream 1/2 Don't be afraid of the dark The autopsy of Jane Doe The Rite Childs play 1/2 Friday the 13th 2/3/4/5/6/7 Annabelle creation (unneeded trauma) Lights out The taking of Deborah Logan The boy (cool ghost that steal girl's clothes to see her naked^^)
  12. Yesssssss !!!!!! Im not alone ! Welcome to the club , wait 7 days for nothing , if u dont have any f13th friends already , try to make some whenever you can, cuz getting into matches alone is almost impossible sometimes. One time i was rolling perks , cuz i had 40.000 cp and in the background , the game was searching ... 20 mins later with 20.000 cp gone on perks, i got alone into a lobby like before the update ( no official server sign) , quit that lobby , hit the quickplay one more time for further 20 mins of same result , in the end all my cp was gone , and no chance of getting into a match what so ever.
  13. Seems like once you're in a match, friends can't join you , one of mine kept on getting this "Bypass Failed! Server is not accepting new player sessions." And when i made a party to play with that friend , we had to wait 2 mins for nothing , closing the party will result "canceling" , which will never stop and you won't be able to fix it , to play other matches , unless you restart the game . I have a feeling that there's more to find , and i am horrified into finding out whats next.???☠?
  14. Hey guys n girls ^^ New issue !!!! Canceling takes forever !! Im sooo not excited to meet the rest of those new issues that i bet will show up ???
  15. So much passion around spicy topics ^^ Ummm i think its great for the game , i think it'll change it , bad thing that the devs have dropped this project . First things gotta be fixed are glitches , bugs , connections ( a 80ms player is way more likely to easily beat a 240 ms) . The balance its great , might need a little work on the grab but other than that its fine , playing against a group is not that hard , use knives , block and counter.
  16. Everything's problematic with it , grabs are press n pray , sometimes i cuddle counselors instead of grabbing them . Arrived at 150 a month a ago and hate the game more than ever.
  17. Whenever you see something that shows to be pickable , and you can't do it , press R2 once or twice and try to pick it , you'll see its going to work . Btw if you ever have to shoot Jason awkwardly , and after you shot , you still have that shutgun or flare gun in your hand (sometimes invisible 0 dmg weapon) , i recommend you , to either pray , find a teammate to stun jason after he grabbed u or if u have a pocket knife dont worry ^^ , cuz untill you get grabbed by Jason , you CAN'T FIX IT. Tip: when that happens you can get into combat stance and dodge jason for fun.
  18. Connection timeout , connection timeout and guess? ^^............... The host has left the game Lag , Lag , Laggy , Lame , Jason has left the game . Connection timeout , quick play (what a joke), get into a game , find try hards , ohh wow , they: u suck bro . Its harsh This game is somewhere close to dead IF u dont have friends to play with or a good connection for hosting other players. (i know cuz there are times , 90% of the times lately i can't get into a match alone)
  19. Barbecue Jason ^^ omg , i gotta have it , im lv 150 , and i wanna ki ki ki ki ki heat
  20. Ohh my ^^ Am i the only jason to go on dates with female counselors ? ^^ Most of the times i play with friends (cuz alone i cant , no matter how much i want , cockblock destroys me , with : failed connections , quiter hosts , and on top of that , quick play for most parts isn't quick) and i use my mic to have fun with people around ^^ or kill them in worst ways ;D
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