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  1. I think ever since the rage update , teaming is the new troll way , some of them are so obvious and they are the worst kind , just had one match of f13th yesterday and in that match 2 counselors or more were teaming with Jason , trying to block our ways and to slow us down so their sissy Jason would have a chance against 150lvl Gods , bad thing is that most of the times it happens when im chill
  2. Are cheaters on pc still news? I think every game on pc has hackers.
  3. Are you serious? Having an invisible sweater? Whats next ? Add Harry Potter as a counselor so we can make him cast power spells onto our precious dog Jason? My god!! You sure don't have any love for Jason. Probably a 150lvl player Jason gave you nightmares
  4. Am i the only one thinking that Vanessa Jones is the hotest counselor they showed with their first looks? Btw @Redrum138 i like your idea of creating our own counselor in a survival battle against the AI fearsome looking dog Jason.
  5. Haha , part 7 Jason is the slowest jason on the terrain , however that dog can sure swim , no doubt about that. I think each jason is special for specific maps.
  6. Get out with your funny comments !! Get out! But i agree with u . The new grab doesn't make sense sometimes. Makes me feel like Jason really is a dog, i mean a lot of times i've turned around to face the counselor and guess what , Jason's grab goes right around the target , giving them a tickle on their necks , or grab totally elsewhere , out of nowhere jason decides to grab air from his right side instead of whats infront...
  7. @Ahab I couldn't agree with you more over your last 2 posts here. THEY can't do anything about party chats or 3rd party programs , so let's put that nonsense aside cuz: 1. It can be fixed by something as simple as a phone , which 99% of whoever has a console or pc has a phone (you idiots) 2. This change will just bring more frustration due to its nonsense. It will hurt the player base, and increase the troll numbers a lot. Plus lets keep it real , ITS A GAME , NOT A JOB!! You can't tell people what they can or can't outside the game itself.
  8. Listen up people, some of your ideas would suggest that you've got tunnel vision on them trolls , which i agree they're bad , but fuck it , most of us here are lvl 150 for a long time , we know how to give an ass whoopen to a sissy teamer , don't we? And with toxic annoying trolls , let them do it , they will find a way anyway ,i dont think its worth making the game so hard that would feel like a job instead of a game , just so you can see less trolls , there will be a secondary reaction to that. The thing that kills trolls the most is not giving them satisfaction at all, trust me that would kill them way worse than most of these ideas.
  9. Or listen here , remove circles but only on the whole map , leave them at least on the mini map. The walkie-talkie idea is not bad tho.
  10. I think it would do more damage than good , think about them solo new players (1-50), they wont have many ideas of what to do anyway , taking the circle away from them , and they would be a blind prey. And the biggest of all , think about people without mics , how they'll be affected ^^
  11. By removing the circles on the map , you wont make a big difference , if they wanna cause trouble ,they will do it anyway , there is nothing you can do , else than choose another counselor and keep on dodging jason with windows , stupid creatures that they are , they'll get a tunnel vision onto you and if you're skilled enough , you could make them waste at least 10 mins on you . Giving the other counselors time to call the cops or escape. Edit: i wouldn't be surprised if you would come up saying that you heard someone telling jason ingame chat to let him/her go and kill you or others.
  12. @badassgixxer05 @Ahab I can't believe how much of a noob i'm at the fear section of the game Thanks guys for making it clear for me , now just like thanos , I've earned a new infinity stone from F13th ^^ (which is fear)
  13. That would spoil all the fun and risk of actually repairing. We might as well just skip the whole game from the intro to the outro , flip a coin and hope that we'll see ourselves alive or escaped , nevermind the actual gameplay. Plus, most of the times , cars are spawned close to cabins , boats depending on the map.
  14. I'll try fear related perks , hopefully they will allow me to hide properly. Do you have any fearless perk built that i could use , i ask you that cuz there are lots of fear related perks . Not for closets and beds , just around the corners and behind doors Thanks a lot.
  15. I haven't seen a significant difference . Plus my gameplay consist more of running and dodging , i mainly use the marathon , spray spawn and medic perks. Btw , that doesn't explain why screaming after half an hour of clown fiesta nor when Jason is a mile away from me and clearly a wall with no windows in between.
  16. This is a real issue that stands in the way of a more enjoyable gameplay. Its so annoying when counselors scream even when they don't really see Jason, or when doesn't really make much sense. For example, i'm in a cabin , Jason comes to me and break all windows around me , clearly the counselor im playing should know what's Jason up to, and scream then rather than staring at him and when im hiding (in small cabins i would hide behind the door and most jasons would pass me, going into the next room), she screams , giving away my position to the fearless rabid dog of Jason. Hide and seek at this point is almost impossible.
  17. You snitch^^ Edit: dang it , why did you put the video of actual gameplay last? I met those sissies too , but thank god , im a 150lvl god king , and i know how to spin around ^^ In most of the cases they suck badly , my advice is to get better at the game , get the medic perk and abuse them windows .
  18. I personally enjoy this game a lot more now , they fixed some issues that had to be fixed ( suiciders wont play as Tommy, interaction lock , packanack's roof ) I fully support the rage changes , i think it changed all the gaming experience and made it as its supposed to be (you run away from an immortal killer , you don't chase him till he quits). The red hockey mask popping onto the mini map its cool af, cuz now you know when the racoon has rabies. It mainly brought us high level players a concern about our survival , before i used to play careless , now? I think twice^^ ,plus it gives new people more hope and fun while being the killer.
  19. You can call me Dad (jk) A nickname ? Whats better than dead fuck , its from the 4th movie , im surprised that you haven't figured that out ^^ And gosh im still sad about getting kicked that way , i had to tell a noob that once the person she's trying to join , is into a match , she can't join unless she waits for the game to end, now cuz of that i got kicked , lost some cool funny people that had mics and now i get to play alone , no one uses microphones
  20. Add one more minute to that fucking iddle timeout , 2 minutes ain't enough , make them 3 minutes! I just lost a lobby full of fun people that i could've made friends with , the map i wanted and an invincible inventory of 2 sprays and one pocket knife . And the worst , F13th doesn't show you with who you have played before , so thanks a lot! That stupid 2 minute ruined all my evening plan of playing f13th.
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