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  1. 1 hour ago, PackASnack_Lodge said:

    This isn't a new glitch, this has been around for a very long time. Of the times it has happened to me is when in the lobby it switches your Jason to random and also causes a random counselor select when the match starts.

    Are you saying that this happens when the lobby turns your Jason/counselor to random?

    Sign me up for new glitched skins ^^

    Btw i've once encountered an leatherface Jason , it looked very creepy. :D

  2. 14 minutes ago, gtdjlocker311 said:

    Impossible?  No.  Fun?  Also, no.  It's one thing to be challenged as Jason.  It's another to feel totally impotent.  While playing as a monstrous, unholy killing machine.  Against a group of teenage girls.

    Nobody could've said it better.

    Edit: Wait we have the OP Rage , there is nothing to stop our Dog Jason from killing.

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  3. On 5/13/2019 at 3:43 PM, Somethin Cool said:

    As far as random counselor, we only get that on PS4 when someone's trying to glitch Jason.

    What?? I've once seen a leatherface Jason :D

    On 5/12/2019 at 3:48 PM, Somethin Cool said:


    Edit: Victoria's ass is larger but her pants are glitched so that only the blue ones can be selected.





    Hmmm ^^ gotta check that out as Jason ;D

  4. 1 hour ago, SonofOdin6039 said:

    That's quite true, too. For every wanna be bully,  there is always someone bigger and badder to run them off. Bullies only succeed when they think the deck is stacked in their favor. And as far as those who harass,  it's best to ignore them until they go find easier prey. Until there's a way to reach through the system, grab them by the throat, and rip out their vocal cords,  ignoring is the best option

    Please don't get too violent , you may disturb my sleep :(

  5. On 5/4/2019 at 2:25 PM, SteadyGosling said:

    I feel like I’ve never brought this into a public scale with the forums, but here’s a short way to simplify what I’m trying to say.

    For the past year, as a female player i really cannot tell you I’ve Gone a day without getting called vulgar and inappropriate shit (even after I tell them I’m 15 and to stop clearly). This is what the main driving away factor is currently, isn’t the game but honestly the fan base... 

    Im 15, but even after i point that out, I still get called sexual and vulgar shit on here. 

    Also here’s a main point, Every single time I’ve played this game, which could be around thousands of times now, I can’t get by without being targeted after clearly they’ve made me uncomfortable, and though my friends I play with who are a bit older than me know better and always defend me, this toxic part of the fan base (College guys who think everyone wants them), atleast I’m presuming, is probably one of the biggest forces driving players away that we never talked about. 

    We need a real report system, and we need REAL BANS. Especially when shit like this happens. 


    I hope I didn’t trigger anyone, and I’m sorry if I did something wrong with this post or it goes against your opinion, but I’m honestly done with this shit, and I feel like bringing it here publicly will help me start conversation about this and help me almost cope in a sense. Thank you!

    1. No need for appologies .

    2. Don't take anything personal or serious.

    3.Troll back.

    4. Enjoy.

    If these don't work , Great God (Wes from Gun Media) gave you the mute power, don't be shy to use it.


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