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  1. Speak for yourself^^ i don't want anyone to know my deaths, 150lvl players , like tommy , don't die!
  2. How?? Need tutorial! How come as a 150lvl player i never discover cool glitches , ffs , the only ones I've discovered were the shitty ones that gave advantage to my opponents
  3. Vanessa needs her butt meat redesigned!! Add more width , im serious , she is thicc in her concept art , real rival to Jenny.
  4. See guys? The game has hope, i can see it , this butt meat rework must be kept on going and Vanessa needs it too! #Vanessa #buttmeat #emergency #needswidth #bigbutts
  5. Which bloody skins do you use? I use skins... that pay the bills 😂😂😂
  6. Many others might been written , but got cancelled right afterwards.
  7. It is. I fully agree. I think Vanessa needs a butt meat rework , with more width ^^.
  8. The question now is , after Victoria's butt buff , what rank is she gonna get ? Or a better question , how big her booty will get ^^
  9. That poll is the definition of clickbait and false statements, ever since i've signed on this forum i haven't seen such poll , send me the link in private. Tiffany is 2d , her butt looks good from one side which would be back and front. Jenny is 4d , her butt looks good from the back, front, sides and inside ^^ Like if u agree ;D
  10. What?! Jenny myers wins all the way Vanessa Jones should hold the title of butts n tits ....
  11. Actually its not new content , it could count as fixing , cuz the number and features of counselors will remain the same , sort of . I fully support bringing big butts to the game I think any new slot/ Name/number of Jason/counselors or new stuff throughout the map would be considered new content ^^
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