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  1. Maybe if they try to dodge or block hits , put traps where they must be, you wouldn't see that thing happening so often . The thing is sometimes there are huge gaps between levels and that can affect it , i think it would be impossible for a new jason not to die against players over 100(lets not even mention 150), i've see jasons who killed us all in less than 10 mins too which means depends on who plays.
  2. Wouldn't it be nice to be able when playing as Jason to wear or unwear the mask , just like in the third movie when Chris was in the barn with Jason ^^ It would be fun to approach jenny players like "remember me?"
  3. DeadDuck

    Why the Lack of Communication

    Why so much negative energy towards these developers ? They might be glitched in stalk and shift at the same time and we don't even know it Somebody tell the host to leave ! Jason's glitched ^^ Edit: patches are coming ^^ pc gamers already have them , cant wait for ps4
  4. They should make a sequel of F13 the game A Scream or Chucky game would be very interesting ^^
  5. Stay away from kids that are between the ages of 11-13 (in some extremely rare occasions they could be 9, these are going to be Alpha when they get a bit older), they're in their MLG ESL Dreamhack prime ^^ If you dare to ask them for anything , you'll receive a cute anger driven "Noooooooo" Avoid these creatures at all times! As most of the times they operate in clans. If you encounter a group , make sure you don't flinch and stay still. Under any circumstances DON'T make eye contact with the Alpha kiddo.
  6. DeadDuck

    Oh for the love of god

    The only horror thing about this game is its bugs 😱😱
  7. This thread is so racist 🤣🤣 Italians are very fun to play with in f13 from what i saw ^^ Americans are competitive but fun Some brits that i've met in the game were epic trolls and some were tryhards French people that i've met in the game were tryhards beyond recognition But since we're here to tell with who we don't like to play with ^^ Whats the point with all these grown men , which in my opinion they should go to work and pay their bills instead of acting "tough", making life threats when being trolled and ragequit when they are proved to be pathetic
  8. If they add even "one inch" to any mask or change their colours, it's considered "New Content" ^^
  9. Stop worrying so much! It is what it is , enjoy the moments you have left in this game , and when it dies , it dies , that's it. We will get a sequel based on this game or maybe even better than this one , who knows ^^ And if not there will be other games with much more passion , like dying light 2 , resident evil 2 remake and so many more Don't worry , game producers will be the very last people to leave earth , they won't go far from their gold mines ^^
  10. Hey guys , why spoil this thread when there are private messages ^^ Don't be afraid to use them , unlike our planet's resources , PMs are unlimited ;D . You can post there all your creative ideas and not only ^^ , you can set a whole playlist in there .
  11. Hey bro ^^ , i've finished posting , hurry up, now is your turn , make sure you don't stay too long cuz i gotta post some more 🤣🤣🤣
  12. They are coming soon , just wait , and wait some more . Don't worry ! Cuz everything , is gonna be alright ^^ I think they are going to show up with news a bit before that ultimate slasher release .
  13. DeadDuck

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    The autopsy of Jane Doe 10/10 Wonderful storyline , soundtracks , amount of horror , acting and all. Perfect if you wanna watch a chilling horror movie and not get trauma afterwards.
  14. DeadDuck

    Your First Video Game

    Mario or Kirby ^^