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  1. Exact same here So i've been Jason , dominated them , got all female counselors pregnant , and by the end of the match , this dude sends me a message that he'll leave the match as the host , kicking me out without any points for pounding those female counselors hard. I repplied with a simple "Don't care, me play 4 fun" , and guess what! He didn't do it. I still played 3 matches with them even tho that dude kept on acting like i was in his property You see? I handdled the situation like a man 😂😂 unlike yourself. The following matches against those sissies were easy!
  2. DeadDuck

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Listen up everybody! Let's take a moment to appreciate the fact that now suicidal players can suck it! They won't come back as Tommy. Btw @HaHaTrumpWon i agree on that. Piniata parties are up to extinction.
  3. DeadDuck

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Its not really nerfed , i mostly kill all counselors before rage activates The only thing that changed is that now as a counselor you can really feel the danger that you're in and if you don't act wise and quick enough you'll die, unless you're a bunny and know how to avoid jason's attempts to shift grab you. Plus you can't complain now that interaction lock is finally fixed.
  4. DeadDuck

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Yes , i've survived one match by running around tables , windows😂😂 Damn feels good not having to press a billion times to perform an action cuz of that stupid interaction lock.
  5. DeadDuck

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Finally Interaction lock is fixed ! I love this patch! The game came back to life , its so spooky when jason goes into rage . And those scums that suicide just to come back as Tommy can suck it now btw why so many people say its impossible ? If you find the parts , fix stuff and try to avoid hitting Jason is still easy to escape .
  6. DeadDuck

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    "Tommy Jarvis - Players who kill themselves cannot come back as Tommy Jarvis. " Now that's something i wanted to see in a long time. One more thing has to be done about Tommy which i think all of us agree , if whoever comes back as Tommy is AFK the game should spawn someone else as Tommy. It happened loads of times that the game spawns an AFK Tommy which gets kicked and we can say bye bye killing Jason or help.
  7. In response to the title of the thread , its low budget
  8. Stop snitching guys! I don't like seeing this thread onto the activity page :D . Move on⛽
  9. DeadDuck

    Is there a trick to the Jason stuns?

    Swift attacker , marathon and sucker punch are the best perks for fighting Jason.
  10. Whatever cook/snitch , go in the kitchen and wash the dishes. Btw I'm a dead duck here on the forums since summer , good luck cooking me snitch. (I smell worse than Jason's mom)
  11. Maybe its just clickbait ^^
  12. DeadDuck

    Savini jason voorhees ps4 code

    Gosh dang it Gun Media , make another BBQ Jason for us too ;( , we want fire and ki ki ki ki! Ps: @Dragonfire82877 you destroyed my erotic dreams