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  1. Well those sure are some good news , love the franchise , you never know who's the killer
  2. Worst remake: Cult of Chucky...
  3. Are you saying that this happens when the lobby turns your Jason/counselor to random? Sign me up for new glitched skins ^^ Btw i've once encountered an leatherface Jason , it looked very creepy.
  4. Gun gets a license. 1 year later... Lawsuit!
  5. Nobody could've said it better. Edit: Wait we have the OP Rage , there is nothing to stop our Dog Jason from killing.
  6. Whoever made this thread must be mentally ill. There are no new Jasons , no new features , abilities , nothing. This list would be the exact list from 2018 , if there is one...
  7. So , there is a try hard Jason pack , if so , is it sweaty try hard? The type you would need a towel over ur back so u wont destroy ur sofa?^^ or just lite try hard , wont look anywhere else but at the screen?
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