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  1. Ohh my bad , went through the title quite fast and missplaced raises with losses. Just like i said it's summer , people buy games in summer.
  2. 3k loss in 2 days ? Damn Maybe make such thread after a week or a month , don't you think its summer? People go on holidays.
  3. New Jasons , counselors , maps , items , features , skins , play offline as counselor and more maps.
  4. What?? I've once seen a leatherface Jason Hmmm ^^ gotta check that out as Jason ;D
  5. Why isn't Victoria's butt meat rework on the list??
  6. 1. No need for appologies . 2. Don't take anything personal or serious. 3.Troll back. 4. Enjoy. If these don't work , Great God (Wes from Gun Media) gave you the mute power, don't be shy to use it.
  7. NY? Swing or slash ?^^ I've been having issues finding matches eversince the graphics update , i need at least one friend to get myself into a public match...
  8. Come to mommy Jason , come to mommy!! From now on , you only get to play with a spoon šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
  9. Imagine if they would get a Leprechaun Jason into the game.
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