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  1. Hey, I'd like in on this too, please. Looking forward to just playing some nice, normal games without all the drama. I'm Bare_Lean on PS4.
  2. Have done, bud. Just letting people know.
  3. I'm not sure if this is a new one, but I'm going to post it here just in case, just to warn you lot. There's an out of map exploit at the bottom right of the map. On the right side of the entrance to Franklin Canyon, there lies a waterfall, some rocks, and a wooden fence. Counsellors can bypass an invisible wall there, and are untouchable. Not even knives work, they phase right through the counsellors. Right at the top of the waterfall, there seems to be some rocks that can be climbed upon, where lies a gap in an invisible wall that only counsellors can fit in. Once there, there's no way of getting them, they can stand at the top of this waterfall, on a large rock, or behind the fences beside it, and nothing can be done. Also, in the part of the waterfall which is accessible with no glitching, counsellors are completely immune to any grab kills. Despite there being nothing in the way to stop Jason, grab kills cannot be performed in the flowing water. If I can find a way to send pics and vids from my PS4 capture gallery, I'll show what's going on.
  4. Why is it that when a counsellor is in mid-animation they are completely invulnerable to any attacks, but when Jason is in mid-animation he is complete open to any and all attacks? Where's the logic in this?
  5. It's great that there are ways to work around this, and believe me I know them, but my point is that shouldn't be the case. Plus, the window grab only works if they are just climbing through the window. You only get about one second before they are magically immune to being grabbed, despite being only halfway through the window.
  6. Yeah, I find it hard to be immersed with these illogical, crowded, and nitpicky rules.
  7. I agree with the less pocket knives. Also, one major issue I have with Jason that needs to cease is the fact that if Jason is mid-animation (grabbing, swinging weapon, raging through door), he is completely open to attacks. Whereas if counsellors are mid-animation (climbing/diving through window, getting in or out of car, etc.), they are totally immune to any attack on them. Makes no sense. Also, his grab window is far too small. Being a mere millimetre of the extremely precise mark and you've opened yourself up for a free hit. I've seen so many counsellors right straight through Jason's hand, it is baffling.
  8. Part 8 is my go to guy. Part 7 is my number 2. Both have slightly different play strategies but with both I nail most of the matches. Part 8 has the destruction, which is great help. However, Part 7 has the machete, which makes for faster swinging, so breaking the doors down don't take nearly as long as say, part 6, or 9. The -traps for Part 7 are not a hindrance for me, one well placed trap is really all you need for each objective. The additional two can help, but most of the time are not needed. The boat is never a worry because the +water speed has that covered completely. Part 7's +sense is a great deal of help, one thing that cripples Part 8 for me, however, not a major issue. Part 8's +stalk doesn't really come in handy though, regular stalk is just fine, and very useful, a few extra seconds don't really make a difference for me. All in all, I agree, Part 7 is nearly on par with Part 8. The are my two favourites, and in my opinion, the two best in the game. Plus, Part 8 equipped with the machete? Killing machine. He's like a superior Part 4.
  9. For real. I don't think it's fair for anyone playing as Jason. Counsellors are not deterred by committing suicide, or losing 1000xp, or being taken to the salt mines. A lot of players would rather kill themselves, or leave the match, then just admit defeat and have Jason kill them when it finally comes to it. It's especially unfair when one of the players do not want to play the game properly and spend the matching killing other counsellors, making Jason lose out on even more kills. Thoughts?
  10. The car is fine. But what does need to be changed is the fact that even the lightest tap from the car can kill someone. I'm sick of losing 1000 xp because some idiot runs in front of the car just as it's about to drive off, getting themselves gently nudged to death. Lose some health? Fine. But an immediate kill from a light tap is ridiculous. Makes sense if I'm going full speed, but not when the damn thing is hardly moving.
  11. Or is this another glitch. Kind of annoyed that happened.
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