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  1. Thrasher

    Buff Jason

    It's great that there are ways to work around this, and believe me I know them, but my point is that shouldn't be the case. Plus, the window grab only works if they are just climbing through the window. You only get about one second before they are magically immune to being grabbed, despite being only halfway through the window.
  2. Part 6 all the way. Roy is totally useless.
  3. Yeah, I find it hard to be immersed with these illogical, crowded, and nitpicky rules.
  4. Thrasher

    Buff Jason

    I agree with the less pocket knives. Also, one major issue I have with Jason that needs to cease is the fact that if Jason is mid-animation (grabbing, swinging weapon, raging through door), he is completely open to attacks. Whereas if counsellors are mid-animation (climbing/diving through window, getting in or out of car, etc.), they are totally immune to any attack on them. Makes no sense. Also, his grab window is far too small. Being a mere millimetre of the extremely precise mark and you've opened yourself up for a free hit. I've seen so many counsellors right straight through Jason's hand, it is baffling.
  5. Part 8 is my go to guy. Part 7 is my number 2. Both have slightly different play strategies but with both I nail most of the matches. Part 8 has the destruction, which is great help. However, Part 7 has the machete, which makes for faster swinging, so breaking the doors down don't take nearly as long as say, part 6, or 9. The -traps for Part 7 are not a hindrance for me, one well placed trap is really all you need for each objective. The additional two can help, but most of the time are not needed. The boat is never a worry because the +water speed has that covered completely. Part 7's +sense is a great deal of help, one thing that cripples Part 8 for me, however, not a major issue. Part 8's +stalk doesn't really come in handy though, regular stalk is just fine, and very useful, a few extra seconds don't really make a difference for me. All in all, I agree, Part 7 is nearly on par with Part 8. The are my two favourites, and in my opinion, the two best in the game. Plus, Part 8 equipped with the machete? Killing machine. He's like a superior Part 4.
  6. For real. I don't think it's fair for anyone playing as Jason. Counsellors are not deterred by committing suicide, or losing 1000xp, or being taken to the salt mines. A lot of players would rather kill themselves, or leave the match, then just admit defeat and have Jason kill them when it finally comes to it. It's especially unfair when one of the players do not want to play the game properly and spend the matching killing other counsellors, making Jason lose out on even more kills. Thoughts?
  7. Thrasher

    The Car

    The car is fine. But what does need to be changed is the fact that even the lightest tap from the car can kill someone. I'm sick of losing 1000 xp because some idiot runs in front of the car just as it's about to drive off, getting themselves gently nudged to death. Lose some health? Fine. But an immediate kill from a light tap is ridiculous. Makes sense if I'm going full speed, but not when the damn thing is hardly moving.
  8. Or is this another glitch. Kind of annoyed that happened.
  9. Jason's shack has a working toilet and it makes me laugh.
  10. Most bad ass moment was quite recent. Was Part 8 Jason on Pinehust. The boat got fixed in a matter of minutes, four people were crowded around it, with two already in the boat. I jump into the water just as the boat was jetting off, flipping the boat over and drowning one of them. I hit Stalk, and swim off, just as planned one of the counsellors decides to try the boat again. I flip it once more, and drown them too. The remaining four remain, I head onto land and they all decide to fight back. I grab one of them and just manage to punch his head off before a counsellor hits me. Swing the axe at another, and another. They knock me down, I get back up and start swinging again. Hit one counsellor a few more times and they die, before getting stunned. One of them runs off, as soon as I recover, I grab the remaining one and punch his head off too. After that I quickly Shift on over to the one running away and grab them immediately, hacking them to death with the axe and chopping their head off. Boom, 6 counsellors in about 3 minutes. Felt pretty good.
  11. Tbh I like them the way they are, makes them look more menacing. Like Part 2 Jason ain't supposed to be that tall, he's way smaller in the movie, but this way it makes him look scarier.
  12. Oh yeah, I'm sure just about everyone who plays this game agrees. Seems like they're only fixing the things that no one is asking for. None of the important stuff that does affect people.
  13. Just trying to keep it light, but thanks. I have adapted, I know which Jasons are best for me. I have my tactics. Still, there is only so much one can do before the general bugginess of the game kills your playing ability. I'm pretty good at catching up to counsellors, just always a bit of a gamble on whether or not the game engine wants to recognise that they have actually been grabbed.
  14. Yes, I am all for this. The cutscenes are nice but boy do that get irritating after having to watch them for the 15th time. Free roam would be brilliant. This needs to be a thing. I'd love it so much. Include some random NPC spawns to keep it entertaining. If they escape or if they die, some more enter the map. Would be cool.
  15. He has a weird hunchback and his pantaloons are beige, they are supposed to be grey. Please change this little thing.