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  1. For balance the weed whacker should've only had a limited amount of power in it, and super slow. Perfect for cutting down doors and people, but you'd have to use it wisely. As the for spear gun, it'd be good for a one use, one hit kill weapon. Except Tommy, who it just brings down to a limp. Could find both of these in random areas around the map. Only one or the other per map. Shame these didn't come to fruition.
  2. Since the new patch, that glitch that happens when Jason performs certain scenery kills has been happening more often. I've had too many matches where I'm getting 10/8 kills because it's so frequent now. I'm going to list out the ones that I've found out so far that don't work. I've reported these bugs too. - Door slam kill - Coat hanger kill - Both kitchen knife kills - Screwdriver kill If more are discovered I'll update this post. If you know of any others, feel free to add on.
  3. I'm with you on this. BUT, the party leader should be able to toggle certain things, like rain. I do think there should be a kick vote system, like Left 4 Dead had. If the player does get kicked, Jason gets the kill.
  4. I think the small maps are fine, it does bring more action to the game since everything's so closed it. The issue I have with the small maps is that it makes the difficulty of the game much more easier for counsellors, whilst becoming much more difficult for Jason. All of the cars and items are in such a close proximity to one another that most/all the objectives are completed before Jason's perks have fully spawned, it's entirely unbalanced. If the lobby is full of experienced payers who have memorised all the item and objective locations, Jason does not have a chance, the car's off before he can even shift. The solution for this is clear, I think, the spawn time for Jason's perks need to be halved, and the re-spawn time of the perks needs to be cut down by about 25%-30%.
  5. I disagree, I think dumb Jason is better than no Jason. It can still be fun, I'm more about the fun than the seriousness in this situation.
  6. This is a good strategy, but you've got a 1 in 3 chance of finding the right one, unless you can see the radio tower in the intro or sus where it is immediately.
  7. This is very true. The counsellor bots are pretty dumb already. Still, even if that were the case, it would be fun. It'd be a good way of getting practice in to.
  8. It's a cheap tactic, but that's what most of the game has come down to now, really. It's near impossible to find a full lobby of people who want to play the game like it''s intended. If it's not baiting Tommy, it's the rooftop glitch, if it's not the rooftop, it's a gang Vanessas with Thick Skin and Medic perks, if it's not the Vanessas, it's running around the cabin room with the tall shelves in the middle, if it's not that there's something else. There's always going to be something, for us seasoned players it all boils down to outsmarting these people, in almost every match now. If there's a death squad trying to be Tommy, kill every other counsellor on the map first, and under any circumstances do not give them what they want. 9/10 times they've already called the radio. I avoid playing on either Packanack maps now, I don't want to, I don't mind those maps, but I know every time there's always going to be at least one person who will get on that roof. If I'm on Jarvis House I make sure to grab every throwing knife I can and save them all for that one person who wants to sit in the vacation house exploit. I refuse to grab people inside the Higgins Haven main house upstairs, because counsellors with PKs are always trying to morph through the walls into unreachable areas. This is what this game has devolved into now, and it seems like it's going to stay this way, as when we ask the devs to fix these legitimate issues, the response we get is "we made Victoria's ass bigger lol." Ah well, there's always a way to get around these people. Though, to be fair, the Tommy death squads and Vanessas with the OP perks aren't the dev's problem. Just somethings we must outsmart, cheap exploits and nothing more.
  9. Hey man, throw down what you got, I wanna hear them ideas. This is open for everyone.
  10. I'm glad you guys like my ideas, in which I thank you both. The point of this thread though is to move on from the whole lawsuit ordeal, yes, we all know none of this is going to be implemented. You don't have to mention it. This is just for the fun of throwing around any ideas we all have, and get some cool discussions going. No one needs to hear about the lawsuit any more, move on.
  11. In before "but the lawsuit wah wah wah." Yes, we all know. This is just a nice discussion about ideas you have for the game that you'd think would be neat. I'll start. First Person - I thought this would've been implemented early on. When in the car or hiding in a closet/under and bed, it goes first person. Why not the rest of the game? Not for Jason though, I think that'd just make it more difficult. Hardcore Mode - For a real challenge. No mini map, no player indicators on the big map, first person only, counsellors only take two hits to die, items are more scarce, Tommy only spawns after 10 minutes, Tommy's radio location shows on Jason's map, no music. Of course, for balance, all of Jason's perks will be nerfed greatly, Sense will be weak, maybe only highlighting houses, Jason will have to rely more on the noise counsellors generate, possibly remove Stalk? All Jasons have a limit of 3 traps, throwing knives will be more scarce, he doesn't get alerted when his shack is infiltrated but if successfully de-masked and sweater'd, the progress bar does not reset when hit the first time. This mode will have players relying more on strategy, co-operation, and communication. A mode that will incite fear in players, and make Jason scary again. The casual mode can be kept just the way it is, if people want a real challenge? Hardcore mode it is. Free Roam - Just a mode where you can explore the maps totally Jason free, just for the fun of exploration. Maybe a Jason(s) is around, but he doesn't hurt counsellors. Just a little fun. More weapons for Jason - For more variety. We've been stuck with the same eight weapons for a couple years now, and Jason has used a plethora of weapons in the films. I'd like to see the motorised weed whacker from Part 7 be put to use. Instead of bashing doors down he has to saw them down. It could be a lot easier to kill counsellors with, but he has to rev it up first, which'll make him more vulnerable. Regular pitchfork maybe? Also more kill animations. Voorhees House - A new map idea. The Voorhees House from Part 9 and the surrounding forestry. When the radio is called, who comes to the rescue? Tommy? Not this time. Creighton Duke. And when it comes to killing Jason, do you grab the sweater? No, you must acquire the Voorhees Dagger instead.
  12. I think Fox is. She has pretty much the same stats as Adam, but she also has the benefit of grabbing the sweater.
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