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  1. Of course this comes after I just spent 140,000 cp last week.
  2. Played a lot of games today and didn't get any interaction lock ?. Also didn't get the usual 200-500 ms ping spike when Jason would be near. Wasn't able to join any matches from a PS4 community, kept getting the bypass server fail message. Quick match connected <30 seconds multiple times. When Jason would quit it kicked me back to the main menu but found another server <60 seconds. Didn't have any problems cancelling a search when a lobby would end & the insta-search started. May be placebo effect from not having the interaction lock but it felt like block was working again (didn't get any stuns through blocking like I usually do), although it could've been due to the ping issues being fixed. Pretty happy with day one of the servers, I almost wish I could change my name on here now. ALMOST.
  3. Are you on PC or a console? If you're on PS4 give your gamertag. I'm an older gentleman as well, maybe we can play together sometime.
  4. Anytime I get the interaction lock it turns into a guessing game of which (if any) button pressing combination is going to fix it. I've had many times where R2 didn't work to correct it for me, although it may have been due to me carrying a car part at the time. In a recent game I found a battery in a cabin, but the lock happened after I picked it up. I was trying every button but couldn't open windows or unbar the doors, drop the battery, etc.. I was stuck in the cabin until Jason broke the door down. I'll pay closer attention next time it happens & see if R2 works. I still get it every game as Jason, & usually while trying to use combat stance to deal with Jason fighters. Now that I think about it, it usually happens after I block an attack & try to swing back (but R2 doesn't work). Someone said use R1 for when it happens to Jason, but I have to waste a shift or morph to fix it when it happens to me. Stalk & sense don't fix it. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  5. I've lurked on here for a while, never posted before. I'm not here to argue over the internet with strangers, only post my experiences with the interaction lock.
  6. I'm on PS4 & the interaction lock happens to me almost every game online as counselor, & every game as Jason. Just played a game as LaChappa, hit Jason with flare gun, couldn't drop the gun, couldn't pick up another weapon, couldn't climb through windows or open doors (but it did let me close a window), only the sprint button was working until Jason eventually grabbed & killed me. Sometimes it happens after climbing through a window, or after opening a drawer, or entering combat stance, or shooting a gun. It happens multiple times every game I play as Jason, then it's a guessing game on how to get the buttons to work again. Sometimes it happens after I enter combat stance & then I can't swing or block or do anything. Sometimes I have to morph to fix it, sometimes shift. This happens to me all the time, which is why I'm posting here. At this point the only way I can play the game is offline.
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