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  1. If these glitches for Jason aren't fixed the game will die. take action!
  2. in first video - Jason teleports with counselor, i couldn’t even save my partner, more and more people are using this glitch, Do the developers know about this? in 2 video jason want teleporting with counselor but not grab him this is the first, he already used a shift in the corridor, six seconds passed and it is clearly visible that he uses the shift again then teleports and uses the shift again, the stalk at this moment only recovered. watch the video carefully before talking about the effectiveness of using abilities
  3. https://youtu.be/yRiVGIvM6No will it fix? so impossible to play https://youtu.be/dsToUQ5S9xg?t=3838 what a hell is this? again infinite shift?
  4. how long should we wait? Again month or maybe two? This is a serious problem the game does not work and they are still studying
  5. I'll repair the boat and you come with your friend kill me and swim away. Do not make me laugh and do not write nonsense, go better in the shooters play. this is a team game, counselors vs Jason
  6. he had enough time to go into that room in the stalk while you were sitting. or use stalk and shift. he got it randomly he thought you were hiding under the bed
  7. Just jason noob and you noob, the door is broken in the house and you are sitting
  8. I do not know I have the same problem but no one answered me I think that it's all about the game itself not in your provider or internet connection
  9. This is no good, I want to play but I can t because hosts on ps 4 always leave the game. When I host my server no one sees, I don't know why
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