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  1. Yes, this happens will all of my item perks.
  2. Ones that get I get to use, instead of not showing up when the game starts. Seriously, anything like Epic Thick Skin, start with a map, start with a walkie - anything remotely useful. I'll probably just end up using some of it on unlocking kills though.
  3. When placing a trap outside the door, closing the door caused my character to elevate and become stuck on the floodlight outside the cabin, and in the wall. As you can see, the trap also elevated and is ontop of the light. Two images attached - one was from the kind person who took a screenshot for me from another player's viewpoint, the other is what I saw. Xbox GamerTag is Brando83
  4. I love all the car achievements. The top achievement I submitted was similar to "The Final Girl." We'll see what they put in, I guess.
  5. Yeah, I think it is easier to put nudity in DLC rather than a retail release.
  6. Whatever you do, just don't make a mistake and swear on mine, OK? Thanks, Wes. I don't ask for too much.
  7. The Virtual Cabin is a developer diary. The idea is for it to be updated (to be fair, not sure if it has in a while). For Xbox and Playstation, they have to get each update approved by each company.
  8. Brando

    Beast Wars

    Everything comes back in time in some form, especially things with popularity. Unfortunately, vehicular Transformers are still selling (they haven't looked back since going back to cars in 2001), so... no Beast Wars redux for now.
  9. Brando

    Beast Wars

    As a Transformers fan, it's a ridiculous question. The show existed - you didn't dream it!
  10. As someone who has produced probably about 50 fandubs, I feel inclined to give some feedback. Amazing what people can do with video games. At the same time, there are limitations too. The realtor really likes to point, doesn't he? The flashback stuff is excellent. I also like how you pan the camera left to right and zoom in (it's a video game, so of course you can...). I liked the use of music. You used the right tracks at the right times. SFX could use work... It would really make some of the thumps and crashes feel more impactful like the objects have more weight to them. Volume leveling is one of the harder things to master. I'm going to leave the acting alone because I know it's mostly you and your friends doing it. You might want to consider investing in USB mics, though. They're fairly cheap and definitely do the trick.
  11. Nice... I've watched a lot of these videos to that song. This one sticks to 6-8, which I found a little refreshing, I guess. I can only watch Crispin/"Jimbo" dance on "last dance" so many times. Hope most of you watched at least one F13 movie (I watched 4&6), seeing as how we don't have the game to play yet.
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