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  1. This is one of the most brutally honest replies I've seen. Since my post I did a bit of research regarding the lawsuit and have lowered my expectations greatly. Here's hoping for the best but expecting the worst as who's going to waste time developing for a game stuck in limbo. I probably wouldn't have found it without Jason as the lead but it's a shame we can't just replace him as the killer add a few new maps and keep this ball rolling. If it was sold as summercamp as it originally started we might not have had to face all the legal bs. Shame as well as this is the first game I ever found and followed because of Kickstarter
  2. To start off I played a lot of this game at release. I lost a bit of interest after the free Jason DLC in response to server problems. Didn't seem fun playing with Jason sounding like a retro amusement park and everyone having it. I have come back once or twice since to be disappointed with the changes to the teleport and other things. But when I booted it up on Friday the 13th for no other reason than what game do you play on Friday the 13th, I was not impressed by the massive amounts of graphical dumb downs that have occurred. I maybe could have looked past the graphics looking worse if the game play ran smoother... I don't know how you add less graphical assets and make a game run so much worse. I know there must be a reasoning behind it but it isn't fun trying to time a grab when your game runs at inconsistent frame rates. The game was honestly much better at release, I'll take a few bugs any day over something that I really struggled to play. I am also in no way a graphics purist I will play a game for mechanics, I feel both have been tampered with too much in this game. This game is so much better then DBD but I feel it lost too much of its community to a sub par game. If anything DBD looked like a rushed game to compete with this game. Now you both look very much the same. I wanted Friday to feel dark and gritty now there's no inbetween it's either too dark I can't see, or my brightness is up that high it makes badly rendered items look even worse. Pease revert the game The things I feel killed this game where as follows, lack of instruction on how to play the councillors or Jason effectively, the addition of Arcade mode is one of the few I really appreciate. But the big killer was making players host lobbies, I shouldn't feel obliged to keep playing because other players will get kicked, it also puts me off looking for new games after a bad batch of lobby leaders. There should have always been the ability to pass on leadership or it passes on when a lobby leader leaves. Also meant salty lobby leaders would just quit as soon as they died.... To me that attribute alone started to effect your player base and without a player base a game like this dies. I never felt like the matchmaking has been done right. So instead of messing with what you had done very well, why don't we fix a few of these issues that would put players off and advertise the game during Halloween and Friday the 13th? I feel not enough people even know about this game
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