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  1. So is there no chance of playing together for the foreseeable future or is it more that we have to keep trying and eventually it will work. Just not sure what low priority matchmaking means
  2. Hi, I’ve had Friday the 13th since launch on Xbox 1 and really started getting back into the grind since summer came and the servers have been awesome. I told my friend to get the game since I thought it was a steal at $40. When he got the game we tried to play together but it wouldn’t work. It would put us in a lobby by ourselves. So when I joined a lobby by myself and invited him to it where there was 5 other people, it told him he was “low priority matchmaking.” I know about the salt mines but there is no chance he is in them since he had never played the game beforehand and I am almost positive I am not in the there either, the only times I quit are due to my tin-foil WiFi. Can someone help explain what’s going on because it has been three days and we haven’t had a lot of fun posting games on the social part of the game hub 100 times for a private match and only getting one other person to join. thanks
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