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  1. All I know is it seemed like they knew when the deadline was,and they timed the whole "engine upgrade/must stop working on content" pretty conveniently.
  2. Link to the article It's sad it's come to this. What does everyone think? Agree? Disagree? I think it's refreshing to see a major gaming outlet report accurately and fairly on the problems of the game.
  3. Much like this game,DBD is not for everyone but i recently found out its for me,i love it. Shame you just missed double bloodpoints!
  4. Got it now on PC. Enjoy it man,there is no wrasslin game like it!
  5. Finally jumped fully into DBD and I'm actually loving it. Got Meg and Claudette fully leveled so I can work on other perk builds.
  6. Had to google cheerwine,looks great! I'd go with Cherry Coke or Goya Ginger Beer
  7. Everyone needs to CHILL out.
  8. I dont want to see unreleased stuff. Its a tease plus honestly even in its unfinished state,Grendel didn't look fun to play at all. I would not want to be Jase on those maps.
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