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    Glad to be on the forums. I have loved horror movies since I was a kid. I'm in my 30s now and love the fact that Gun media and so many more are carrying on the genre of horror from 80s films to video games. I watch all the horror, zombie stuff you can think of and Jason, MM, Leatherface, and Freddy are my faves. New Line and Paramount really had the genre nailed. Nice to meet everyone.
  2. I read a post on here with great suggestions about a future F13 part 2 game. My input would be to keep places like Crystal Lake and Packanack etc... but add in stage level layers throughout multiplayer. Examples would be: Starting chosen area- counselors have specific camping duties to complete, like popping popcorn and calling over some campers in other houses. Simple stuff that could go uncompleted as checkpoints if Jason shows out of nowhere by the Players choice being Jason, I agree with another post that Jason's powers should automatically be available. A second layer would be bot police adversaries showing up varying in number depending on how many counselors have been directly alerted to Jason's presence at the time. A third layer: The main objective I remember from the movies is that the counselors think Jason's a Myth, so until they are alerted to his presence and not within a mile of an exit area they are given the ability to flee as soon as they realize through kills or blood Jason has splattered from a victim, they instantly get the ability to escape. i love the Jason kills and the homage to the movies through counselors and layouts of camp grounds. A last suggestion: If Jason manages to stealth kill and hide all the bodies to the last victim, then the last victim gets a rage kill Jason mode and Jason equally gets a almost uncanny God mode. It should be hard to kill Jason, so killing him should at least take 5 minutes, perhaps shooting him, stabbing him, pushing him in fire areas and then the chosen level weapon would be awesome. But to add to that, Jason also can still catch possible spawning officers showing up to save the last victim. I know it's a lot of work and the game really is my fave for PS4. But those are some extras I wanted to put out there. If anyone has anything more to add then please do? Thanks for your time.
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